Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People



We offer you a selection of all the wonderful testimonials for New Insights received over the years.

All testimonials are 100% authentic and verifiable.

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First, we pay a quick tribute to all the amazing people we had the privilege to train to become New Insights certified life coaches, during the course of calendar year 2023. Well done!


We have a selection of testimonials for `New Insights, in both video and written form:

video testimonials
Video Testimonials
written testimonials
Written Testimonials

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(Una Somerset - GLENCAIRN)

"offers clients real, progressive and long term change"




(LucyMay Burger - RANT EN DAL)



"being able to do this in my own time was amazing!"
(sharlene mcgilvray – pietermaritzburg)



"the material was eye-opening, insightful and inspirational"
(Deneera SINGH - Lenasia)

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More on the certification programme

Written Testimonials

"I cannot speak more highly of my learning experience"

Clesia van Zyl

Hi, I'm Clesia van Zyl from Mossel Bay.

When I enrolled in the New Insights Life Coach Training programme, I was unsure of what the outcomes would be. I knew I wanted to develop and understand who I really was, and I knew what my life goals were. I jumped at the chance to realize those goals. I jumped at the chance to realise those goals. In the present world where there is so much noise with everything, including modern-day business and commerce wanting to grab your attention, the benefits of the New Insights Life Coaching Programme became self-evident.

The Programme was engaging, based on a personal approach, attention to detail, and a friendly environment that was conducive to meaningful learning about where individuals find themselves in their life, and what steps they can take to advance themselves professionally. It became a journey to self-discovery, but also the discovery of how a person can face issues and apply that to work, and life and bring about balance in terms of how to create happy outcomes for oneself and teach it to others.

I cannot speak more highly of my learning experience, it was useful, reinvigorating, approachable, and very welcoming, the programme is relevant to life today, especially because of the support and invaluable techniques that the programme provides for their life coaches in training.

Coaching sessions with my mentor (I chose the PRO track) were a very positive experience. They involved challenging my own set of beliefs and encouraging me to seek new paths in terms of my outlook on key areas of my life, and developing a more comprehensive understanding of the communication process. My motivation was also challenged. It was a thought-provoking and interesting process; one I will be sure to pass on to my clients. I thoroughly enjoyed each session. It showed me the benefit of allocating a designated time slot to engage in coaching. I felt motivated and inspired after each session. Thank you for your support and guidance.

The work on values helped me lay the foundation for future choices and helped me balance the different aspects of my life. There were a lot of fun and practical suggestions which helped me move forward with my own creative process. This was an excellent opportunity to take time to reflect on my own journey and find ways to improve my skills.

The guidance and support that came with the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme provided me with avenues that I had not previously thought of and made me focus on important issues and potential solutions and find areas in which I can bring about a positive influence in the lives of others, through life coaching.

All in all this was a challenging and thoroughly rewarding process.


Wayne Gimingham

Hi, I'm Wayne Gimingham from Pinetown in KZN.

I decided to record a brief video testimonial which you can view separately, but I also decided to write one so I could include more detail.

I'm guessing you are trying to make a decision as to whether to do the New Insights life coaching training programme or maybe some other similar course ... which was the boat I was in just over a year and a half ago. Being more of a logical buyer than an emotional one I tend to need a bit more convincing before i take the plunge?

The quality and value for money for this programme is exceptional and of a very high standard and I can guarantee you'll get the results you are looking for, as long as you trust the process and complete all the requirements for the programme.

Below are some of the outcomes I achieved by completing the programme and working with my VIP coach ...

• The ability to set powerful goals and achieve them
• The ability to break down beliefs that didn’t serve me and replace them with ones that do.
• A better understanding of my values system and how they impacted on my life.
• Increase in my motivation levels.
• Overall improved self-awareness
• A Non-dependency of external affirmations
• Overall improved communication
• Overall increased versatility
• The ability to take full and personal responsibility for everything in my life.
• The realisation that everything that I needed could be found within.

I would suspect similar or the same outcomes for you and possibly others so even if you decide not to become a life coach, you are likely to achieve a complete transformation in all areas of your life.

When it comes to the options of whether to go with the CLASSIC or PRO I highly recommend going with the PRO track if your budget allows, for these reasons:

• You will experience what it’s like to be coached
• You will be mentored on how to run the New Insights Life Coaching System
• If you want to earn a living through coaching and expect others to pay for your services, you should be prepared to do the same, what better way than to have that component built into the programme.
• By doing the PRO track and having two of your coaching sessions evaluated by an experienced coach is priceless as it helps identify areas of improvement that may not have come up in your feedback forms from your other practice coaching sessions.

Overall, this training program is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it...

So as Nike says, just do it!!


Liz Pretorius

Hi, I'm Liz Pretorius from Cape Town.

I was looking to gain some coaching skills to put me in a better position to help others and enable them to achieve their goals, but what I gained from New Insights was so much more than what I was expecting. 

The theory is insightful, in-depth and thought-provoking and allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself ... but what really stood out for me was the practice coaching. It is easy to learn theory and never get to the application phase, but with the compulsory practice coaching, you are forced to take that leap, step out of your comfort zone, and experience firsthand how amazing coaching can be. 

The impact that this programme had on me – and allowed me to have on my clients – was incredible, and the skills that you learn as you apply the knowledge that you've gained is invaluable.

If you are considering a career change or just want to get to know yourself better, definitely consider New Insights, it is well worth the investment.


Rob Slater

Hi, I'm Rob Slater from Kenilworth.

When starting the journey to complete my certification, I knew that I did NOT want a course that you complete in 1 month and then get a certificate. I wanted something real, substantial and properly accredited.

That was when I found New Insights.

When I started the programme, I wrote down that I wanted to complete it within 1 year ... Well, 3 years later, here I am! I would say that the course itself helped me to complete it. And I am so very happy that I did, and that I never gave up.

The content is very well written and designed. At times, it was not always easy – I did not want easy – but it challenged me to think and dig deep. That said, I never knew life coaching could be so complex.

I know now that as a client, I would definitely want a life coach who is certified and really knows what they are doing.

New Insights has set me up to start my own practice, which has now allowed me to coach my first official clients! The future looks bright for my practice. I have the tools to provide in-depth coaching programme options that best suit my clients needs.

Thank you to Bill and New Insights for a great certification programme!


Nobulali Shude

Hi, I'm Nobulali Shude from Mitchell's Plain.

What a transformational journey this has been! The New Insights certification programme is one of a kind … a joy to go through. It boasts seven modules, full of gold and life changing insights, and additional material to help you start your own life coaching practice.

With all the support and prompt responses from Bill and his team, you will not only come out with a certificate, but also with a newly transformed mindset after applying the learnings on a personal level. I also like the emphasis on ethical coaching, it gives both the coach and the client peace of mind.

Therefore, if you are looking for an in-depth life coaching course where you will come out not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge, this institution and programme is for you.


Leani van Zyl

Hi, I'm Leani van Zyl from Hermanus, Western Cape.

This has been one of the most powerful courses I have ever done.

I am incredibly grateful to New Insights for allowing me unlimited opportunity and awakening me to the power of creation. I now understand what it means to be empowered, and through this I am able to help others see their own light and become aware of the strength that exists inside of them. I’ve been given new insights that can never be taken away – once you see, you cannot unsee!

I completed this course, including working online and conducting practice coaching, while trying to escape a lockdown in China and then moving through two more countries (and various quarantine situations) before arriving home in South Africa.

Had it not been for the support, understanding and patience shown by New Insights, things probably would have gone very differently.

Thanks for believing in me. I am forever grateful."

“I now feel confident, brave, capable, resilient, fulfilled …”

Melissa Bouwer

Hi, I'm Melissa Bouwer from Newcastle in KZN.

My journey with New Insights began in November of 2019 when I volunteered to become a practice client for another trainee life coach.

I felt called to become a life coach and had already done a huge amount of research on training providers.

I found New Insights to be, in my opinion, way ahead of their competitors. But I wanted to make 100% sure I was making the right choice, so volunteering to be a practice client for a random trainee coach seemed like the perfect ‘try before you buy’ opportunity. Well, it turned out to be SO much more than that. My coach helped me discover and embrace hidden strengths, shift my mindset so I could get out of my own way and take charge of my life in a way I never had before.

In February 2020 I invested in the New Insights Training & Certification Programme and became a trainee life coach myself. I wasn't looking for ‘quick and easy’ training. I wanted to qualify knowing that I had a firm foundation in both theory and practice.

That is exactly what I got!

But once again, I ended up getting SO much more. All of my questions were answered promptly by the New Insights team and the support I received went above and beyond. The theory was so logical and well-presented that it was a joy to work through and some helpful business practice support manuals are included as well. Practice coaching was daunting at first, but I'm so glad that such a big emphasis was placed on practical work. I fitted in as many practice clients as I could and gained so much confidence as I progressed.

It has been exhilarating and humbling to receive such positive feedback from my practice clients. The coaching system we are trained to use is absolutely incredible and my mentor coach also played a massive role in my progress towards greater confidence and flexibility.

In summary, the programme is challenging, comprehensive, hands-on and a LOT of fun! I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to make a difference and live their purpose as a life coach. If you're willing to put in the effort, you can't go wrong with this programme.

At the start of this journey I thought of myself as a timid, fearful person who lacked the self-confidence to chase my big dreams. I now feel confident, brave, capable, resilient, fulfilled and ready to keep growing and learning.

Thank you New Insights! I've had the time of my life on what I have to call a miraculous journey!


Anzel Rheeder

Hi, I'm Anzel Rheeder from Stellenbosch in the Cape.

The layout of the programme makes it easy to complete in your own time and leaves you with a space to keep on growing at your own pace. The material was also very approachable and relatable to everyday life. I never felt lost during my training but it was wonderful to know that the Forum is there for support. Whenever I did send an email, my questions and queries were dealt with quickly and thoroughly. 

It was uplifting and empowering to see the value of what just one life coaching session could have on the people nearest and dearest to me. I soon realised how people, who weren’t even sure what life coaching was about when they met me for the first session, left the session fascinated and inspired. I feel proud to know that I am now certified to work in a community who understands and sees the need for life coaches.

Completing the New Insights programme was the best investment I could have made for my own wellbeing and future. The personal growth and business opportunities are endless having this certification.


Tembeka Sizani

Hi, I'm Tembeka Sizani from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

At retirement age it seemed somewhat daunting and unsettling taking a decision to become a Life Coach. 

However, I chose to train with New lnsights and I can now look back with pride on how far I have come.

I will forever be grateful for the transformational journey of discovery and personal development that New Insights has enabled me to complete. I am now equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to live my life to the full and I look forward to serving and helping many others to do the same.

The training was absolutely immense. Through the techniques and skills I acquired in how to plan my practice and sell my services I have already got three paying clients and this is just the beginning.

If anyone is thinking about becoming a Life Coach, please don’t look further. The New Insights Life Coach Training Programme will give you all the necessary step-by-step know how you will need.

I can proudly say that completing the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme is one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made.

"Words can not begin to express how valuable this course was TO ME"

Motse Ramathe

Hi, I'm Motse Ramathe, currently living in Canada.

Words can not even begin to express how valuable this course was for me. It came at the right time and forced me to ask myself the right questions that have forced me to accept certain truths about me that I knew were the reason for my shortcomings.

More than that, it allowed me to challenge myself in these areas and as a result I have seen some growth in my life. I now have great hope for the future because I know what I am capable of doing when I am focused so, once again, thank you New Insights for putting together this wonderful training material that I believe measures up to the best material in the field of life coaching.

for me. It came at the right time and forced me to ask myself the right questions that have forced me to accept certain truths about me that I knew were the reason for my shortcomings.

More than that, it allowed me to challenge myself in these areas and as a result I have seen some growth in my life. I now have great hope for the future because I know what I am capable of doing when I am focused so, once again, thank you New Insights for putting together this wonderful training material that I believe measures up to the best material in the field of life coaching.

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Annette de Bruin

Hi, I'm Annette de Bruin from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

I qualified as a life coach through the New Insights certification programme. Words are not enough to completely explain the journey!

It was, and still is, the most valuable personal experience I have been through for personal growth and development. The New Insights skills training content and training process helped me to become a professional trained and educated life coach. NI assisted me with the tools to set up my own practice with ease and confidence.  

I have grown so much and learnt so much about myself and people in general and now I am equipped to share my knowledge, experience and training with all people. This is the most valuable journey and I can recommend it to any person that is looking to enable themselves with the skills and knowledge to become the best version of themselves, may it be in your personal capacity or with a view to becoming a practising life coach.

Being a life coach has been so rewarding for me, especially experiencing the development in my clients and the benefits that life coaching can bring to bear.  

Thank you, New Insights for this life changing journey and experience in my life and for enabling me to be a competent life coach to assist others.

"I am now a different, better, more confident and more self assured person."

Teresa Guzman

Hi, I'm Teresa Guzman from Fourways in Johannesburg.

Some time ago I looked into life coaching to enhance my role as an HR Manager.

I did quite a bit of research and New Insights stood out among all the providers I investigated.  

It took me a while before I took the plunge but once I did and the material arrived it was so exciting! The information was comprehensive, thought provoking and easy to read. Even before I started doing the required practice coaching I was sharing and using techniques with and on friends and colleagues at work.

Working with the practice clients, especially the full session clients was so rewarding as I could see the benefits of coaching and the changes the clients were experiencing.  

The certification process and the support from New Insights has been great: enough to keep me on track, not too much to make me feel pressured.

I'm very excited to be a New Insights certified life coach. The experience has been very rewarding and I am now a different, better, more confident and more self assured person. I would highly recommend New Insights, whether you want to become a life coach or you want to learn, grow and make a positive change in your life.


Mark Csabai

Hi, I'm Mark Csabai from Bloemfontein, Free State.

I chose to train through New Insights Life Coaching as I believed they were the most reputable life coaching training organisation in South Africa.

The course material offered is the most in-depth training programme available today. The curriculum is a very well balanced mix of theory and practical application, making the learning experience so much more powerful and effective.

The training consistently engages the student by challenging them to clarify and find their own answers. I found the methods and techniques used, extremely educational and empowering.

The information and knowledge I have acquired through New Insights have been invaluable to me as a coach. 

I am confident and certain my clients will receive the most comprehensive and high-quality coaching that any life coach can offer.

"no nonsense, well organised and supportive"

Dimitra Dinos

Hi, I'm Dimitra Dinos from Boksburg, Gauteng.

I am a 43 year old teacher, mother and entrepreneur, so as you can imagine time is of the essence for me. When I decided to become a life coach in order to assist teenagers find their purpose and path in life, I was looking for a no-nonsense, well organized and supportive training programme. New Insights promised to provide all that.

In my experience, they have delivered on that and more. Not only have I achieved my goal of becoming certified but I have gained a level of self awareness I never had before.

For that reason I would recommend New Insights – not only to those who wish to be equipped with the skills to become an effective life coach – but to all those who wish to gain the skills required to live a better, more purposeful life.

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"the best financial investment I ever made"

Liezl Pape

Hi, I'm Liezl Pape from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

I want to express my gratitude for the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme.

I know the market is flooded with life coach training courses  but, honestly, few will be able to tick all the boxes like New Insights does. The material is extremely thorough and covers every possible scenario that a new life coach might have to deal with.

New Insights does not offer a short cut to certification like many other institutes. I gained a lot of experience and confidence through the practical requirements which amount to at least 50 hours of one-on-one coaching. I was in awe to witness the change, growth and results in my practice clients.

This programme works! I cannot wait to introduce it to all my future clients.

I must also mention that New Insights include a lot of valuable material focussing on the practical implications of setting up a business. I found it extremely useful seeing that I don't have a business background.

This was without a doubt the best financial investment I ever made.

"opened my eyes to a whole new world of endless possibilities"

Japhta Mokoele

Hi, I'm Japhta Mokoele from Groblersdal, Limpopo.

My life was basically stuck, frustrating and full of laying blame or justifying my failures, but training with New Insights opened my eyes to a whole new world of endless possibilities and a new way of successful living.  

New Insights gave me tools to set great and achievable goals and helped me to uproot my limiting beliefs, while adopting great new values, rules and beliefs for my ultimate success. The tools are helping me in real life relationships, business and my work in general.

Thanks to this training, I am able to assist my clients to change the questions they are asking themselves and, most importantly, to assist them to achieve their goals and find their purposes in life.

I am grateful for the opportunity, support and motivation throughout my certification journey.


Sue McShane

Hi, I'm Sue McShane from Pinetown, KZN.

I found the New Insights course easy to follow when using all the material provided and I received great support the whole way through.

The content and exercises really helped my practice clients feel comfortable that they could take it one step at a time and have the tools they needed to make the transitions necessary and to reach their life goals.

I'm very happy to have this programme to use to fulfill my passion of guiding and supporting people in a way that empowers them to live the life they want.

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"THis programme has coached me!"

Joy Odera

Hi, I'm Joy Odera from Nairobi  in Kenya.

When I started the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme, I was looking to get the skills and certification to pursue my dream of coaching young adults to pursue their dreams. I do not believe I had put too much thought into it and the work it would require but under the guidance of and his team I have achieved both and much more!

This programme has coached ME and helped me to rediscover my passions and put me on the path to my life’s purpose. I could not think of a better coaching program than the New Insights one. It has a way of becoming ingrained in your daily way of thinking and doing very effortlessly.

It’s become part of my consciousness!

"The material is mind blowing..."

Carmen Jones

Hi, I'm Carmen Jones from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

The support is easily accessible and very prompt and I have been made to feel part of this community while studying.

The material is mind-blowing and worth every penny I spent.  The New Insights programme is the best value for money investment you will ever make in yourself.

I am already on my way to having a thriving practice because of the support I have received.

"What a Journey!"

Lukas and Tammy Loock

Hi, we are Lukas and Tammy Loock from the Free State.

What a journey! We are so grateful to New Insights and the people who made it possible to do this course. It truly has brought an amazing change to our lives and we know for the first time in a long time we have found purpose and pleasure in what we do.

It has opened up a world of possibilities and adventure. To be able to share and teach what we have learnt is the most fulfilling thing ever.

When you see people get it and their lives change through it, it truly is so satisfactory!

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"Sessions are so rich with information"

Molly Zulu

Hi, I'm Molly Zulu from Ulundi in KwaZulu Natal.

Material is written in a clear and easy to understand manner. There are books which change your whole life around completely. Tests are marked promptly and feedback is given clearly; your queries or cry for assistance is attended to in an instant. The sessions are so rich with information and so relevant to the present and future society.

"I had so much fun doing this course"

Barbara Haasbroek

Hi, I'm Barbara Haasbroek from Pretoria.

I have had so much fun doing this course, it is the most amazing way to get to know yourself and also help others.

Doing the New Insights course has developed my awareness. I have become more confident and I am able to communicate with people from all walks of life. This course has opened doors for me, mainly because I can now recognize them as open and expect the best before I even step into the new and exciting challenges.

If you have any interest in life coaching I would strongly recommend the New Insights programme.

"I'm so glad I made this decision"

James Lizamore, New Insights trainee life coach

Hi, I'm James Lizamore from Cape Town.

Earlier this year I took the plunge and signed up for the New Insights programme.

I am so glad that I made this decision as I have enjoyed every moment of reading and working through the material. It was very thought provoking and put me into a reflective frame of mind within the first few days. I soon realised that I was not only learning and working on becoming a life coach, but I was being coached through the content and exercises.

I feel – enlightened, excited and raring to go on and become a top life coach. The skills training material, together with the exercises and the “Extraordinary Coach Action Steps”, have, without doubt, given me more than enough grounding to do just that.

“Packed with information of high quality”

Penny Holburn, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Penny Holburn from Johannesburg.

This was one of the most - if not the most - worthwhile courses I have ever completed. 

The New Insights Life Coach Training Programme is packed with information of a high quality - and even if you decide not to become a coach, the material will change your life.

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"The coaching system really works"

Sharon de Beer, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Sharon de Beer from Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal.

As a certified coach, every time I work with a client I am even more convinced that I have chosen the correct path and also the correct life coaching course. 

The coaching system really works. My clients invariably walk out with a huge smile on the face and a spring in the step.  This builds in me a sense of pride and accomplishment at having empowered my clients and set them on the road to more confident and successful lives. 

Thank you New Insights for having impacted my life in such a positive and inspiring way.

"New Insights is as good as it claims to be."

Vernon Johannes, New Insights trainee coach

Hi, I'm Vernon Johannes from Cape Town.

I'm writing this as a trainee life coach, 10 months into my training.

When I first came into contact with New Insights Africa I was a bit sceptical because what they were promising sounded too good to be true. I read the testimonials and couldn't help wondering whether people had been asked to say something "nice", rather than encouraged to be honest.

Having progressed as far as I have, I can now attest to the fact that New Insights really is as good as it claims to be. If people are your passion and you want to make a success out of being a life coach, then this is the course for you.

"I have found fulfillment and real work/life balance"

Tobo Thabede, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Tobo Thabede from Mthatha.

Training with New Insights to become a life coach is the best thing I could ever have done for myself.

I have found fulfillment and real work/life balance, my practice is easy to run, my work is never boring and I get to experience continual personal growth.

What more need I say?

"A very professional training programme"

Arjan Bogaers, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Arjan Bogaers from McGregor.

I found the decision to undertake a profound career change both risky and somewhat frightening. Coupled with this was the confusion brought on by having to choose from the many coach training courses on offer.

To this day I am very happy that I chose to train with New Insights. The advantages for me were and still are:

  • a Fully designed home-study course: no attendance at lectures or written exams necessary;
  • An affordable course, and well worth the fee (I did make several comparisons);
  • A Rigorous practical requirement through practice clients;
  • Very good co-ordination: the mentor and administration are easily to contact and feed back detailed and prompt;
  • Very effective training, using both coaching-related tuition and a very comprehensive coaching programme;
  • No hidden costs or additional investments;
  • An internationally acknowledged certificate at successful completion;
  • Detailed business advice.

All in all, this is a very professional training programme, offered with personal attention and care.

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"The service is wonderful"

Hi, I'm Cornelia Rammuki from Arcadia.

The service from New Insights is wonderful. I have always received a quick response to my questions, concerns and queries. The contents of the study material has changed my perception of life in general. I am really empowered!

"The most exciting time of my life"

Bev Morrison, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Bev Morrison from Edenvale.

I was looking for something that I could start doing that would encompass my passion for people, sharing and personal development.  A friend of mine recommended that I look at becoming a life coach and steered me in the direction of New Insights.  I looked at many courses and this one appealed to me because it was self paced and there was a lot of structure and support.

I have to say that this has been the most exciting time of my life. I qualified in September 2008 and have coached numerous people. The personal growth that has taken place during this journey and the wonder of people sharing their dreams with me has been simply awesome.

Thanks Bill for your encouragement and support and to anyone who wants to become a life coach ... this is the course to do!

You will love every minute of it and you will start the journey of a life time.

"The training material is excellent"

Sharon Moller, New Insights trainee life coach

Hi, I'm Sharon Moller from Fish Hoek in the Western Cape.

I highly recommend New Insights to anyone who wants to train as a Life Coach. 

The training material is excellent: packed with valuable, high quality information, yet easy to work through and understand.  Trainee support has surpassed my expectations.  New Insights has consistently provided fast, efficient and professional service in all aspects, from delivery of training material, to assessments and feedback from content-related queries.

"More than I could have wished for"

Andries Fourie, New Insights trainee life coach

Hi, I'm Andries Fourie from Durbanville.

Thanks, New Insights, for a brilliant programme that gave me more than I could have wished for.

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"The tools and skills to empower others"

Hi, I'm Trish Judson from Fourways, Johannesburg

I've been a counsellor for many, many years.

Studying the New Insights Life Coaching programme has taken me on THE most fascinating journey!

With New Insights I now have the tools and skills to empower others to live their lives with passion and purpose and reach their dreams. I now know there are no limits on what you can be, do or have!

"The most comprehensive, structured and professional approach"

Geoff Feldon, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Geoff Feldon from Durban.

In researching which life coaching company to train with I felt that New Insights provided the most comprehensive, structured and professional approach. I have not been disappointed in any way during the course of my studies and training.

Not only is the material comprehensive and the practical training requirements ensure that you have some good experience before New Insights grants you certification, but their support structure is fantastic and Bill Burridge is always there for you whenever you have a question or need some help.

"I appreciated the practical application of what I learnt"

Amy Kleinhans-Curd, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Amy Kleynhans-Curd from Randburg

Now that I have completed the skills training theory I feel very confident and empowered. I have enjoyed the learning process throughout the journey. I have learnt so much about myself and have grown and expanded my awareness of how people function and why.

What I really enjoyed is the way in which the New Insights course stretched me and pointed out specific areas in my life that I can improve on in order to live a more fulfilled life. I also appreciated the practical application of what I learnt.

I can personally testify to the amazing results from doing the work! I feel very inspired by the New Insights course and I am ready to be one of the best life coaches in the world.

"Blown away by the content"

Colleen Deyzel-Louw, New Insights trainee life coach

Hi, I'm Colleen Deyzel-Louw from Everton, KwaZulu Natal

I was absolutely blown away by the course content. With every page I turned, every note I made and every diagram I drew, I realised that – after the birth of my three sons – this has been the most significantly positive experience of my life!

"I'm really happy in what I do"

Jacques Gouws, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Jacques Gouws from Mafikeng.

New Insights not only changed the way I live my life but resulted in me finding my purpose and now – after 53 summers – I can finally say I am really happy in what I do.

The support during and beyond my training period is a testament to a professional business. The advanced training workshop was an experience to be savoured for ever.

Thank you Bill for a wonderful product.

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"The programme has taught me to fly!"

Yolande Olhaus, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Yolande Olhaus from Bassonia in Johannesburg

I searched for many years for a study programme that would complement my line of work and my passion in life ... PEOPLE! I came across New Insights whose programme appealed to me because it allowed me to complete it in my own time frame.

The practical element of the training has been mind boggling and has backed up everything I learned in the manuals. It threw many challenges at me and it made me see myself and my fellow human beings in a different light.

The New Insights programme is comprehensive and exposes the trainee coach to "real-life" coaching situations.

I believe the New Insights coaching program has taught me to fly!

"A wonderful tested platform on which to build a coaching practice"

Piet Bosman, New Insights certified life coach

Hi, I'm Piet Bosman from Kokstad in KwaZulu Natal.

I have been coaching with the New Insights programme since 2008 and am still extremely impressed with the personal touch and dedicated support Bill and his team provide.

The programme also provides a wonderful tested platform on which to build a coaching practice and each time I review it, I learn something new about myself and truly gain new insights worth sharing with others.

"A journey that one needs to take"

Hi, I'm Lizelle van der Walt from Centurion.

I am a trainee life coach but am also in full time employment. Because of this it is really helpful to know that all my questions and inquiries are attended to immediately. I also receive constant reminders and motivational letters from Bill which gives me the energy to continue with each new step in the programme.

I have learned a great deal about myself and others through this programme. The learning topics are written and explained in an easy-to-follow, yet very insightful manner.

This is a journey that one needs to take if you want to understand the meaning of life and living. Once you get to the point of understanding, you can coach others to understand it as well.

"Warm, caring support"

Hi, I'm Ursula Strydom from Durbanville.

If you are looking for Life Coaching training that is thorough, practical and professionally presented, look no further. New Insights excels at delivering warm, caring support combined with professional training material and a host of online resources to help you become a very successful Life Coach.

I did a lot of research before deciding on New Insights and I can honestly say that the support and encouragement I received kept me motivated and focused. When I stumbled along the way, Bill was there to gently nudge me in the right direction.

I remain forever grateful for the support and exceptional service even after completing my certification.

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