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Please BE SURE TO read before posting

What's this all about?

New Insights trainee life coaches are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the requirements for their certification. 

They are required to find a number of volunteers to practice with and to help them we have put together this page to link them with members of the public who may wish to volunteer for coaching sessions.

Am I eligible to post here?

Yes, as long as you are either:

  • a member of the public wanting free life coaching (a volunteer CLIENT); or
  • a bona fide TRAINEE life coach who is registered and in good standing with New Insights

If neither of the above apply to you we will not approve your post.

Is the coaching really free of charge?

Yes, our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances, some may request a nominal fee to cover any costs they may incur.

 What can I expect as a volunteer client?

Well, firstly, please bear in mind that these are trainee life coaches.

They are neither qualified, nor experienced coaches. If you want or need an experienced and certified coach please visit our Life Coach Directory. If you're thinking of training with us and want to try out a session we recommend this approach.

Secondly, coaching will be conducted in the trainee's personal capacity. Although the coach may use the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is not in any way responsible for the quality of coaching you will receive.

Thirdly, depending on your requirements and your negotiations with the trainee coach, you may volunteer for just the initial life evaluation and goal setting session(s) or a full transformative programme of 13-15 sessions.

Coaching is likely to be conducted using a VOIP technology like Skype/Zoom, although this can be negotiated with the trainee coach.

How soon will I get a response?

We do not guarantee that you will receive a response if you post on this page. It all depends on our trainees. Other than approving the posts made here, we do not monitor the page.

How can I register my interest?

In the form below, in the field marked 'Title of post', please enter your detail in the following format so it displays correctly:

If you are a volunteer client enter "Client:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g:

Client: Joe Soap, Midrand, Gauteng.

If you are a New Insights trainee coach please enter "Trainee:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g.:

Trainee: Freda Bloggs, Knysna, Eastern Cape.

Once you have done that please click on the link below the box to complete the post ((there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Post here:

Please enter the title of your post in the box below by referring to the instructions above. Then click on the link below the box to complete your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Current Posts:

Here is a listing of current posts from trainee coaches and volunteer practice clients: Please click on the post title to read it, and any responding comments in full.

Client: Polina, Midrand/Sandton, Gauteng. 
I am interested in the process of Life Coaching and how this process can accelerate my growth and understanding of where I can be standing in my own way. …

Client: Nontobeko, Durban 
I need help regarding success in entrepreneurship and losing weight. I am about to finish my company website, but I have enxiety because of previous failures. …

Client: Nkosinathi, Katlehong, Gauteng 
I'm looking for help deciding on a career path and getting into a relationship. I have anxiety every time I think of being someone's boyfriend. As …

Client: Sheree Jardin, Honeydew, Johannesburg 
I would like to complete your New Insights life coaching as a client, with a trainee gaining their experience.

Client: Alistair, Cape Town 
I have a case of anxiety,a wandering mind and loss of focud and direction that require guidance

Client: Jason, Colchester, Eastern Cape 
Looking to develop and work on personal goals so I can experience authentic growth especially in areas of self-acceptance. Need help in considering various …

Client: Kopano, Johannesburg  
I require a life coach to help me with counseling and the setting of my life goals as I deal and I overcome my life struggles.

Client: Thuli, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng 
I would like help on how to reach my full potential and strategies to help me reach my goals. I would like to cultivate open mindedness and life long learning …

Client: Annie, Rockville, Maryland, USA 
Client Annie, Rockville Maryland. Assistance needed in interviewing skills and career exploration. Changed careers 3x and feeling lost. Also hard to pinpoint …

Client: Nirmala, Durban 
I have qualifications and experience. Need some guidance in utilising my skills.

Client: Bianca, KZN 
At 32 years old i have finally decided where i want to go with my life. I need help juggling my family, work aspirations and education. I tend to lose …

Trainee Karen Moyle, Darling, Western Cape 
I offer free solution focused coaching to develop self-awareness, to unleash your inner power to create the life you desire.

Trainee: Vicky Young, Cape Town 
Hi There, My name is Vicky Young - trainee life coach. I would love to help you go on a journey of self discovery so that you can find your purpose, …

Client: Nokuthula, Johannesburg 
I am in need of life coaching to a direction in my life in terms of my career(incorporating with school) and personal relationships. I am looking to having …

Client: Julius, Wynberg, Western Cape 
I need someone who can help with my relationships issue ,career and goal setting

Client: Olivia, Johannesburg 
Client Volunteer :Coaching on Career .Business .Family .Money .Setting Goals

Client: Mari Shanti, Cape Town 
I am an aspiring millionaire in need of the services of a life coach.I am a multi-faceted individual with varied interests and talents. I am at a crossroads …

Client: Violet Gudumi, Mokopane, Limpopo  
I need someone who can help me regarding my Career. I am open for online consultations.

Client: Ndumo, Malvern, Gauteng  
Hi, I am a 50 year old male. I lost direction of life messed up my love life with my wife and children. I have a sexual disorder outside my marriage …

Client: Lindiwe, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I am a client seeking guidance with regards to the direction of my life. I am an Economics graduate, currently pursuing an Honours programme in the same …

Client: Lebohang, Johannesburg CBD 
Good day I am a 28 year old african female seeking a life coach. I seem to have lost passion for my work and life in general. And this is now starting …

Client: Sian 
Please contact me as I am looking for a life coach to help me get to the next level in my personal life and in my career

Trainee: Rob Slater, Cape Town, South Africa 
Hi, I am Rob, If you are looking for a life coach, please feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you and take you through steps that …

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Client: Corinne, Cape Town 
Hello, I would like coaching in order to heal and grow as an individual. A coach with relationship coaching insight or interest would be nice, as my …

Client: Leigh-Ann, Fourways, Gsuteng 
I have considered becoming a life coach, but am not totally convinced. Trying to understand what my life purpose might be.

Client: Karen, Northriding, Randburg, Gauteng 
I seem to be stuck in a rut with my new direction forward in my career, need to find my life purpose and eager to get it started so would look forward …

Client: Claire Hewer, location not provided 
I am looking for assistance with new direction in my life and am really battling to find an affordable life coach. This came up on Google and I would so …

Client: Roger, Randburg, Gauteng 
Greetings, I'm currently a young adult working as a data extractor. I'm transitioning into a entrepreneur but for a long time I've been crippled with information …

Client: Maleeka, Crawford, W. Cape 
Am experiencing challenges with a number of areas of my life and would appreciate free life coaching to assist me in moving forward. I look forward to …

Trainee: Yvette Coetzee, Parys, Free State 
Good day all, A short note to introduce myself..... I'm passionate about life, about leaving a legacy of hope and kindness…. I’m daily moved by beauty, …

Client: Jack Senzeko, Kempton Park, Gauteng 
I have been engaging in school leaver groups and would like to empower myself more and help in the communities I would like someone to coach me in confidence …

Client: Austen Smith, Benoni, Gauteng 
I would require life coaching assistance to move on from an addiction - substances. I have been to 3 rehabs to date and have been clean since November …

Client: Saadick, Grassy Park, Western Cape 
Good day, i am 40 years of age and been feeling lost for quite a number of years, overthinking my purpose in life and unable to implement progression, …

Client: Tabitha Tabor, Russellville, Kentucky 
Hello i am 25 years old and due to a huge series of unfortunate events and really bad traumatic childhood i have no idea how to alot of things i know i …

Trainee: Travis Bernard, Alberton, Gauteng 
Dear Client, my role as a trainee life coach is to work with you to discover your life purpose, and there is no better way then through a structured step …

Client: Name and location withheld 
Hi there i am female seeking a life coach to deal with a emotional break up and also new life goals thanks.

Client: Raeesa Karbary, Western Cape 
Hi there I am in need of career coaching and finding my life purpose.

Client: Tshepiso Gabaocoe, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
I am looking to evaluate my life and set goals going forward. I am looking for direction for my career and life in general.

Client: Gillian Lloyd, Randburg, Gauteng 
I would like to move into a new direxrtion in my life and would love to have guidance in this process.

Client: Sisego, Orange Farm 
I'm 25 years old and I can't help but think I have more to offer and I know deep down I can achieve more.But due to some bad choices I have become easily …

Client: Anikie, Alexandra, Johannesburg  
I struggle a lot with confidence and I'm also not sure about the course I've choosen .easily demotivted .need help chposing the right career and getting …

Client: Melissa Bouwer, Newcastle, KZN. 
I am interested in the New Insights life coaching certification and would like some idea of what the practical side of the course entails. I would therefore …

Client: Musa Masango, location not stated 
Hey i need assistance with changing careers.i have been in my current career for more than two years

Trainee: Annette: Northriding, Gauteng 
I am at a place where I am ready and able to help you discover who you really are and what might be hindering you from being, doing and having what you …

Client: Shaquiel, Durban 
I am 17 and trying to start my business. I am looking for a life coach to set goal and get motivated. I'm based in Durban< Musgrave.

Client: Sympathy, Cosmo City, Gauteng 
I am 30 years of age, considering being a life coach but struggling to reach my goal. I would like assistance from someone to guide me in creating steps …

Client: Karabo Malatji, Polokwane, Limpopo 
Hi I’m a volunteer client, I would like to improve my public speaking and confidence. I stay in Polokwane, Turfloop Limpopo.

Client: Melanie, Gauteng 
Hello, I am 17 and I am wanting to have a better relationship with food

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Client: Kholeka, Pretoria, Gauteng  
Hi am in my 30ties and still running around in circles have dreams and goals that never take off. Recently left my job and back to where I started. Also …

Trainee: Lynda Wright, Cape Town 
If you would love to discover the marvels of life coaching, I would love to offer you this opportunity. You will very likely find the experience life-changing, …

Client: Flavia, Nylstroom, Limpopo 
To receive free life coaching/transformational coaching. Mostly want to deal with limiting beliefs. Basically I want to become a life coach myself but …

Client: Gift, Durban, KwaZulu Natal  
I feel stuck in life. Instead of progressing I see a lot of regression in the past three years. I need a breakthrough as I am a student. I need goal setting, …

Client: Rosina, Mamelodi 
I am an educator by proffession and would like to train as a teen life coach to help teenagers in our society.

Client: Salesh, Richard's Bay 
Goal setting, communication and getting past historical mind blocks

Client: Rashieda, Parklands, Western Cape 
I am a 52 year old female suffering with moving forward after disappointments in life. I feel frozen and unhappy and I just need to feel happy and positive …

Trainee: Deneera Singh, Lenasia, Gauteng 
Hi, I am a Trainee Life Coach. I've reached a stage in my training programme where I am willing and able to assist you in uncovering some new insights …

Client: Samke, Secunda, Mpumalana 
I have been unemployed for years with my certificate..i have been trying to think of another course to study but cant seem to have a breakthrough.please …

Trainee: Gwynneth Davids, Cape Town 
Im still busy with theory training but would like help as many people as possible with goal setting and discover your power within as I did for myself …

Client: Lee, Boksburg 
Career Guidance

Trainee: Thembela Gazi, East London, Eastern Cape 
I am training to be a Life Coach and I have now completed the Skills Training Theory part of the programme. I am looking for people to coach for my practical …

Client: Nosiviwe, Johannesburg  
I need coaching on self discovery,low self esteem and personal growth.

Client: Lyn, Pretoria 
Would love yo learn about this profession

Client: Kabelo, Randburg, Johannesburg 
How to deal with anxiety and personal growth.

Client - Jabulile, East Rand, Gauteng 
coaching on self love and self esteem self discovery goal setting

Client: Rudzani Ravhengani, Alberton, Gauteng 
I've carry around a lot of psychological scars, mostly from a bad childhood. With those scars comes a lot of hate and anger and fear an low self-confidence. …

Client: Kgomotso, Johannesburg 
Hi I need to find someone who can teach me how to start using my gift.Iv been asking God to show me my gift as everyone in this world has their own …

Client: Lorraine Mackie, East London 
Im am interested in life coaching but need to become aware of self discovery . I feel i may learn from your students by the prompting questions that they …

Client: Latoya Masango, Midrand, Gauteng 
I am looking for life coaching to assist advancing my career goals and also to help me establish a healthy work-life balance. I am specifically looking …

Client: Lisa, Knysna 
Need assistance with empty nest and growing older.

Client, Thembi, Nyanga, Western cape 
Educational coaching, life coaching

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Client: Ronald, Cape Town 
Good day, My name is Ronald Simani and I am a prospective volunteer client who needs urgent assistance. My life is not progressing on various fronts …

Client: Alain, Johannesburg 
Hi there Im willing to accept free coaching sessions from trainees preferably telephonically, unless there is a very good reason to meet physically. I …

Client: Martin Nero, Lephalale, Limpopo 
Hi I'm needing coaching to get me more outgoing and build character. I've been working for 5 years and feel it is time I step up in a leadership position …

Trainee: Marcelle Opperman, Vryheid, Kwa-ZuluNatal 
Good day, I have loved, laughed, cried these last few years, BUT most of all, I have learned! The concept of Life Coaching does not fit everyone.... …

Trainee: Alida Brynard, Durbanville, W Cape 
Dear All, I am looking for volunteers to conduct Coaching Session 1 on Goal setting. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to meet and complete my …

Trainee: Debra Stevenson, Fourways, Gauteng 
Just joined the New Insights Life Coach Course, looking for eager and able clients who wish to journey the 14 weeks with me as your trainee. I have a strong …

Trainee: Vanessa Quinn, Boksburg, Gauteng 
If you are looking for direction and need help and guidance in any area of your life. Contact me for your free first session. …

Trainee: Debbie McIntyre, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Good day As a trainee life coach, my purpose is to assist others in achieving their dreams. Please contact me in order to make your dreams a reality. …

Trainee: Andre du Plessis, Boksburg, Gauteng 
I made the choice to become life coach as I do believe in second chances. Please join me on my journey to become a life couch. Let's find the real you …

Trainee: Moira le Roux, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. 
Hi My name is Moira and I have been studying for a few months. I am ready to give free life coaching (Especially for session 1 - which is the important …

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