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Please BE SURE TO read before posting

What's this all about?

New Insights trainee life coaches are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the requirements for their certification. 

They are required to find a number of volunteers to practice with and to help them we have put together this page to link them with members of the public who may wish to volunteer for coaching sessions.

Am I eligible to post here?

Yes, as long as you are either:

  • a member of the public wanting free life coaching (a volunteer CLIENT); or
  • a bona fide TRAINEE life coach who is registered and in good standing with New Insights

If neither of the above apply to you we will not approve your post.

Is the coaching really free of charge?

Yes, our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances, some may request a nominal fee to cover any costs they may incur.

 What can I expect as a volunteer client?

Well, firstly, please bear in mind that these are trainee life coaches.

They are neither qualified, nor experienced coaches. If you want or need an experienced and certified coach please visit our Life Coach Directory. If you're thinking of training with us and want to try out a session we recommend this approach.

Secondly, coaching will be conducted in the trainee's personal capacity. Although the coach may use the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is not in any way responsible for the quality of coaching you will receive.

Thirdly, depending on your requirements and your negotiations with the trainee coach, you may volunteer for just the initial life evaluation and goal setting session(s) or a full transformative programme of 13-15 sessions.

Coaching is likely to be conducted using a VOIP technology like Skype/Zoom, although this can be negotiated with the trainee coach.

How soon will I get a response?

We do not guarantee that you will receive a response if you post on this page. It all depends on our trainees. Other than approving the posts made here, we do not monitor the page.

How can I register my interest?

In the form below, in the field marked 'Title of post', please enter your detail in the following format so it displays correctly:

If you are a volunteer client enter "Client:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g:

Client: Joe Soap, Midrand, Gauteng.

If you are a New Insights trainee coach please enter "Trainee:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g.:

Trainee: Freda Bloggs, Knysna, Eastern Cape.

Once you have done that please click on the link below the box to complete the post ((there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Post here:

Please enter the title of your post in the box below by referring to the instructions above. Then click on the link below the box to complete your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Current Posts:

Here is a listing of current posts from trainee coaches and volunteer practice clients: Please click on the post title to read it, and any responding comments in full.

Client: Johan, Alberton, Gauteng 
I am a 40 year old white south african male who wants to make sense of the current climate in south africa.

Client: Kgopotso, Johannesburg 
Hi I really need a life coach who will help me gain more self confidence and leadership skills.

Client: Bonga Ngcobo, Johannesburg  
I'm really interested in life coaching and looking to learn more about it.

Client: Faith, Midrand, Gauteng 
Need someone to help me with my anxiety.

Trainee: Alida Brynard, Durbanville, W Cape 
Dear All, I am looking for volunteers to conduct Coaching Session 1 on Goal setting. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to meet and complete my …

Client: Amy Holden, Johannesburg 
I want to learn to deal with anxiety and stress using meditation and other alternative methods. I also want to gain more motivation and happiness through …

Client: Akhona, Gauteng 
I am an aspiring life coach, seeking experience on life coaching.

Client:Juanita Nell, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I am in the middle of a custody case, and also I would like to become a New Insights Life Coach.

Client: Haaniem, Cape Town 
Hi there, I would like to be a free volunteer client, where I am looking for a life coach for my child, who is in grade R. We live in Lotus Area, Cape …

Trainee: Debra Stevenson, Fourways, Gauteng 
Just joined the New Insights Life Coach Course, looking for eager and able clients who wish to journey the 14 weeks with me as your trainee. I have a strong …

Client: Lonza, Midrand 
I would like to be a volunteer, as I want to venture into a career of being a Life coach.

Client: Lucia, Midrand, Gauteng 
I am a trainee life coach with new insights and would like to receive life coaching. I want to get the feel of the course before I start practicing

Client: Pearl, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Since graduating I seem to have hit a brick wall and I am not sure where I should go in terms of my life and my career. The pursuit of the best version …

Client: Sarah, Kempton Park, Gauteng 
I would like help with personal development.

Trainee: Vaness Quinn, Boksburg, Gauteng 
If you are looking for direction and need help and guidance in any area of your life. Contact me for your free first session. …

Client: Tebogo, Johannesburg Central, Gauteng 
I would like to be guided on issues affecting my career and personal life. I am at a cross road and need to make some life changing decisions.

Client: Nashiyah, Cape Town 
I am 44 years old and a single mom of two. I have been single for 9 years and would really like to find love I came out of a bad relationship, could …

Client: Soul Center, Woodstock, Cape Town 
Soul Holistic Health & Healing Center in Woodstock is looking for a Trainee Life Coach who would like to gain practical experience by offering voluntary …

Client: Nana, Cape Town 
I am at a crossroads in my career and personal life and need some assistance.

Client: Helena, Noordhoek, Western Cape 
Hi there, I am interested in doing some life coaching around setting clear career intentions. I am working in the addiction field and I am finding myself …

Client: Lucky, Soweto 
im looking for a coach to help me to deal with my anger

Client: Chris Berriman, Ruimsig, Gauteng 
looking for a life coach to help get my life beliefs,mind set,habbits in order.

Client: Cindy, Jhb North, Gauteng  
Christian foundation life coach needed please

Client: Maverick, JHB South, Gauteng 
I have so many goals that I want to achieve however I find it difficult to find a balance. Hope that a life coach could help me direct my efforts to gain …

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Client: Jana, Durban 
No direction and a proscrastinator. Ininiate a program and never complete or follow up. Highly qualified in my field and get interviews however fail them …

Client: Suzan Herbert, White River, Mpumalanga 
I am hoping to do Life Coaching myself, and have made enquiries about the course. In 2018, there was a series of unforeseen events through which I returned …

Client: Danielle, Sandton, Gaiuteng 
I manage a team of 50 staff who are in the marketing and sales field and are agents who deal telephonic ally with the public. They are of all religions …

Client: Maria, Durbanville, Cape Town. 
I am interested in volunteering as a volunteer client. My ultimate goal is to help others but my life has been turned upside down and I'm struggling to …

Client: Tlhogi Rangaka, Vanderbijlpark 
My life feels stuck, I want to run my own company so bad, I have truckload of ideas and I need help to unlock them. I need to build my career, I need to …

Client: Kelly Gifford, Vredehoek, Cape Town 
I am 29 and in the process of starting my own company/considering being a life coach. I find myself excited to do new things, but struggle to keep momentum …

Client: Les Montana Pretoria 
Would love to clear/pave certain paths in my life and understand the type of person i am. Interested in the free 13 sessions

Client: Tshego Mosweu,klerksdorp,North west 
I am a qualified counselor and would love to run an npo and be self employed instead of working for the government, where do I begin

Client: Yonela, Centurion, Gauteng 
I need assist with finding my true career path,I'm currently depressed and unhappy with where I am and what I do. I have been changing jobs and still I …

Client: Spoki Nyati, Mdantsane, East London 
I need coaching to build up my self confidence and also for personal development

Client: Vesh, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I need coaching in all aspects of my life

Client: Presholin Govender, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer as a client

Trainee: Debbie McIntyre, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Good day As a trainee life coach, my purpose is to assist others in achieving their dreams. Please contact me in order to make your dreams a reality. …

Client: Refilwe, Kempton Park 
I want a life coach to help me with my personality... I really want to learn how I can develop a strong personality and to not be so overly sensitive. …

Client, Thomas Matlakala, Polokwane, Limpopo 
Hi, I'm available for all 13 sessions. I can be contacted on 0729025783 or

Client: KB, Somerset West, W. Cape 
Hey I am a professional, but have so many passions. But currently I am in some kind of whole where I lost my will and passion to follow up on anything. …

Client: Nasy, Johannesburg 

Client: Prince, Johannesburg 
About 3 years ago I was addicted to crack Cocain for 14 years, I even lost my home. I got into depression and stayed on the streets cause I couldn’t face …

Client: Cheryl, Johannesburg 
Personal development coaching

Client: Reshni, Johannesburg 

Client: Gregory, Cape Town 
I am looking for a life coach to guide me through some life altering decisions that I need to make and in so doing hold me accountable to the change I …

Client: Emily, Orkney 
39year old married female in need of emotional intelligence training and communication skills

Client:Vongani Machimana, Kempton park, Gauteng 
I would like to participate on the Free coaching program, I am very eager with so many programs regarding women and youth empowerment and will use a push …

Client: Bernie, Randburg, Johannesburg 
Hi there I am looking for a coach that can assist me on building my confidence and learning to speak up at work. I am a young training manager and alot …

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Client: Lily, Claremont, W. Cape 
I'm a 27 year old woman looking for guidance with improving my focus in life. I'm a confident go-getter and have done many of the things I've wanted to …

Trainee: Jane Vincent, George 
HI I am Jane Vincent, a Trainee Life Coach. I would love to offer anyone, who is looking to find direction in their lives, free Life Coaching Sessions. …

Client: Salomia, Randburg, Gauteng 
Feeling stuck in life. Used to have goals and ambitions and always achieved those. However now I feel like I am shrinking and want to get back to being …

Client: Kentse Segwana, Bloemfontein, Free State 
I need to be a coached on how to kick start career in Coaching as I have done most of the basics and even marketing but fails just to start.

Client: Natasha Davis. Newclare, Johannesburg 
Good Day, I have always been very interested in life and relationship coaching. I truly believe that we are all placed here on earth to serve and assist …

Client: Timmy Cloete, Wellington, Western Cape 
I always wanted to become a life coach myself, but unfortunately financial position not so good.Have a full-time job but believe with life coaching I would …

Client: Mandie, Kempton Park 
I am a single mom with two boys. They fight all the time, does not listen and have no respect for me or my family

Sarah, KwaZulu-Natal 
Hi there, I have been considering training as a life coach with New Insights for a while now. I am passionate about helping people and have always wanted …

Client: Kaya Mangena, Roodepoort  
I need coaching on how to approach life. I'm 19 years old and I'm angry towards everyone. I'm going through a lot and blaming everyone.

Client: Kelly van der Westhuijzen, Sandton, Gauteng 
I have been retrenched and not wanting to work for someone but instead start my own thing that can hopefully employ others and feel a little stuck how …

Client: Japhtaline, Pretoria 
I'm offering my time and commitment. I'm japhtaline from Pretoria I'm 21 years old. I'm overweight and I'm looking to volunteer so that I can help myself …

Client: Nadia, Cape Town 
Hi, My name is Nadia, I am currently working in IT, however, I'm not sure if this is what I want to pursue. I enjoy working with people and I am really …

Client: Piyush Bansod, Mumbai, India 
I need to find a career meant for me. If you can help please message me :) thanks

Client: Bianca, Johannesburg 
Hi All I'm stuck in my life, in my career with a lack of self belief. I would really appreciate assistance. I'm very happy with a skype session, it …

Client: Laela, Khayelitsha 
I need to find a career meant for me. I would like to receive free coaching.

Client: Nikki, Location unknown 
I have been through life’s ups and downs I have been depressed and I have a lot of self doubt an I need a life coach I dnt no where to start putting my …

Clien: Khuli, Johannesburg 
Good day I like to have a free life coach. Let me know what you would need and how we can work it out Thank you

Client: Jane, Durban 
Warm Greetings I have bought a sub franchisee with INTESOL (Offer training to students to become teachers of English to speakers of other languages. …

Client: Lucia Bredenkamp, Cape Town 
I need assistance with career coaching. I have an eclectic academic background and more than 20 years working experience in an education setting. I need …

Client: Siphokazi, Somerset West 
I am Siphokazi and I based in Somerset-West. I am looking for a life coach and would love to avail myself for free coaching.

Client: Sakalengwe Selemale, Pretoria 
i really need life coach to improve my life and have no money to to pay for one.

Client: Michelle. Pretoria 
Hi. I need a (Trainee life coach) to setiously help me improve. I am so depressed these days and full frustration and anger, including self doubt. …

Client: Philile Cibane, Kwamashu, Durban 
I don't really have the money to pay for life coaching sessions. I was watching a video and this guy was talking about the benefits of having a life coach. …

Client: Kaz, North Riding, Johannesburg 
Hi, going through the final stages of a divorce. Thought i knew the direction of my life but really don't know anymore so would like to sit down with …

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Client: Itumeleng, Oakdene, Johannesburg 
I am 34 year old originally from Pretoria, working as Head of Administration at at printing company. I have long been less motivated by everything that …

Client: Clint, Cape Town 
I am an aspiring life coach and motivational speaker . Currently life is a challenge and Im living hand to mouth . Im usually a very upbeat motivated person …

Client: Jacqui, Centurion, Gauteng 
I have recently started in a position of Learning and development Lead for a school brand. I am not feeling like I am reaching the goals I need and feeling …

Client: Raeesa Barker, King Williams Town, Eastern Cape 
Hi,I am looking for a life coach mentor able to guide me please. I've been using my bad experiences as a catalyst for spiritual growth and self development …

Client: Dhiren Naidoo, Durban, Kwazulu Natal 
Require coaching to successfully deliver my work and study part time.

Client: Simmi, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I am a 40 year old mum with a disabled 16 year daughter, and three other kids. I also have a full time career and struggling to manage work life balance. …

Faith, Soweto,Gauteng 
Hi,I would like to volunteer as a client. I have been having some issues concerning my confidence and career choices. I would really appreciate the assistance …

Trainee: Andre du Plessis, Boksburg, Gauteng 
I made the choice to become life coach as I do believe in second chances. Please join me on my journey to become a life couch. Let's find the real you …

Client: Daevine (location not provided) 
Good day, I am 20 years old, i suffer from depression. There are so may time when i try to hide it but it for some reason it comes back. There are …

Client: Naledi, Bloemfontein  
I need free life coaching lesson it's like I have a low self esteem because I'm married to someone who doesn't appreciate everything that I do or who I …

Client: Paulinah, Pretoria 
I would like to have some coaching please.I'm a 34 year old mom of two girls. In the hanging devorce initiated by my husband from 2016. He just decided …

Client: Magness Vanqa, Benoni, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer as a client for your free service. I have never had a life coach so the experience will be very important as I would also like …

Trainee: Helen Hattingh, Somerset West, Western Cape 
HI I am a trainee coach and would love to offer free sessions to whomever may need it. I would love to help

Client: Patience, Johannesburg 
I'm really interested in the coaching industry and believe this would be a viable opportunity to understand the sector and see if it is truly a path I …

Client: Cobus, Durbanville, W Cape 
Need to find or balance my purpose again, want to be more focus and more motivated, I've reached a high position in my career and at some stages I have …

Client: Amanda Malabi, Orlando East, Gauteng 
Im interested in becoming a coach myself. I want just to understand and get the feel of how it works to be coached. I've always loved helping others it …

Client: Lesedi Mooketsi, Germiston, Gauteng 
I would like to become a life coach but would first like to have guidance/mentoring from someone who is already practicing, preferably around the Alberton …

Client: Javed Khan, Location not stated 
My long term vision is to become a life coach. However, before, I begin my journey, I want to have some basic knowledge and requirements. Hence, I am on …

Client: Zimangazenkosi Mthimkhuu, Jukskei Park, Gauteng 
I'd like the free life coaching with a trainee

Client: Aleena Bharuth, Bryanston 
I have always had a passion to voluntarily help people and have helped, I therefore look forward to obtaining the correct tools to continue. I feel the …

Client: Brandon Alan, location not provided 
Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Family man - Requires life coach to get things up to the next level. If you up to it, ideally please email me your …

Client: Lehlohonolo, Pretoria 
Hi,I'm 29 year old women who is at a point in her life where she needs a supercharge to reach her next level in life and would like some assistance with …

Client: Tania, Diepkloof, Gauteng 
I would like assistance from a life coach possibly a full prgramm of 13 sessions to assist me with personal life and other areas such as my career path …

Trainee: Mark Csabai, Bloemfontein, Free State 
Have you ever wondered: "What is coaching all about?", "What does it feel like to be coached?" and "Does coaching really help?" Here's your chance to …

Client: William Mofeli, Maseru, Lesotho 
I really want to be a life coach. Having seen what life coach is capable of doing in other people's lives I am really moved hence.

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Client: Lerato, Soweto, Gauteng 
I'm 29 years old, can't seem to decide whether I would like to study medicine or go into the arts both are challenges because I am unemployed and my self …

Client: Zuanne-Marie, Paarl. Western Cape 
I'm thinking of becoming a life coach (food and substance abuse addictions) maybe it is best to be a 'Client' first to be sure that is the way I would …

Client: Rene, Kimberley  
I would like to break my pattern of negative thinking, always being offended and feeling like I am always on the losing end of the stick. I want to disxover …

Client: Palesa, Midramd, Gauteng 
I'm drained and can't take it anymore my love life is a mess finding my line of career boring yet I still love it my spirit life is a rollercoaster, I'm …

Client: Naydine, Grassy Park, Western Cape 
Hey! I have been out of work for the last 6 months, hit major depression, spent time and Vandenberg mental hospital for a month. Have generalized anxiety. …

Client: Michelle Nkhata, Midrand Gauteng 
Hi, my name is Michelle and I am interested in free life coaching. I am l. I have been struggling with my business and finances for many years and I feel …

Client: Cynthia Nyoni, Edenvale, Johannesburg  
I am feeling stuck in my career, relationship and spiritual life. I need to be focused and break forth

Client: Lindsay Sass, Brooklyn, Cape Town 
im stuck in my life where i want to change careers but just dont know why i cant move

Client: Jason Le Roux, Cape Town  
I am interested in being trained on setting new realistic goals and a good vision. I also would like to be criticized on these goals on how to achieve …

Client: Crystal Fourie, Johannesburg 
I would like to voluteer to for a full program of 13 sessions with a trainee life coach.

Client: Monica, Krugersdorp Johannesburg  
Hi I currently lost my mother and now left two young siblings, my 1 year old and my sister's child who is 5 years. I feel lost in terms of which role …

Client: Mohammad, Cairo 
For the past months I have been suffering from a post sudden-discard trauma by my ex (maybe a cluster B personality disorder) and I just do not seem to …

Client: Mangaliso Mokoape, Fourways, Johannesburg  
I am in the process of exploring career in coaching but I feel that I need to be coached as well before I embark on that journey.

Client: Dana, Pretoria Gauteng 
I need help with self-esteem, confidence and I don't know how to express my self or communicate with people properly.

Client: Eben, Somerset West, Western Cape 
I feel quite lost in the world and unsure as to where i am going in my life. With regards to work, i feel that i have not found my calling as of yet. …

Client: Nicolette Cockcroft Villieria Pretoria Gauteng 
Financial / Goal Setting/ Life Management

Client: Brenda Ramokoka, Pretoria 
Hi I would like to have sessions where I can be able to build a career path from training, understand the methodology of Coaching.

Client, Obvious Dumani Diepsloot 
I need life coaching to keeo me in line with my personal goals

Trainee: Yolanda Classen, W.Cape 
I am a trainee coach and would like to offer my services. My purpose is to help clients find their purpose, to live life on purpose!! I do this via …

Client: Sarah, Kempton Park, Gauteng 
I need help with self-esteem, confidence, drive and motivation.

Client: Sarah, Kempton Park, Gauteng 
I need help with self-esteem, confidence, drive and motivation.

Client: Rayne, Cape Town 
I would like to build confidence and learn how to engage in a more personal as opposed to a professional level. I have struggled with defining social boundaries …

Client: Maryam, Pretoria  
I am a second year Industrial Engineering Student. I currently feel lost and without purpose. I believe that every person is born with a talent and I need …

Client: George Quartson, Randburg, Gauteng. 
I need a coach to assist me in setting up a life plan, help with family relationships, finances and elf-discovery. I've started a business and want to …

Client: Colleen, Johannesburg 
Hi I just need direction and an accountability partner. Life us really needing a revamp

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Client: Mark Csabai, Bloemfontein, Free state 
Hello, I have just started my training with New Insights. I would like to offer myself as a volunteer client to help with your certification. …

Client: Buying Mkhizwana, Durban KZN 
I would like to volunteer and be a client to a trainee life coach.

Trainee: Carmen Smit, Randburg, Gauteng 
Hi there I have been training at New Insights for a while and would love to set up a Skype meeting with you so we can work together on improving your …

Client: Nathi, Sandton 
I'm in need of clarity of vision and execution thereof. I need a coach to help me overcome this hurdle. My email

Trainee: Moira le Roux, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. 
Hi My name is Moira and I have been studying for a few months. I am ready to give free life coaching (Especially for session 1 - which is the important …

Client: Ms J Mlongo, location not provided 
I am a single mom with a middle management job. I find it difficult to communicate proper with people and my son. That's why I have failed strings of relationships …

Thanduxolo, Parktown, Gauteng 
I am a final year Honours student in Business Sciences in Advanced Financial Risk Management & Insurance at Wits. I intend on focusing my strength here …

CLIENT: Sandiso Jevu, Pretoria 
Hie I'm a client looking for a free life coach to help me find a direction in life,help me with career choice and always motive me to do knew things everyday …

Client: Ruth, Johannesburg 
I would like to volunteer for a full program of 13 sessions with a life coach. I am also interested in becoming a life coach but would like to grow more …

Client: Cindy Rodriguez, Germiston, Gauteng 
Personal full 13 sessions please . I need to immigrate in a year ...have to over come some hurdles. Many .

Client: Bianca, Johannesburg 
Hi I am a 36 year old female diagnosed with depression, ocd, an anxiety disorder and adhd. I have a law degree and a postgraduate labour law diploma. I …

Client: Aisha, Cape Town, Western Cape 
In need of a coach to assist me in setting up a life plan, career advice, help with family relationships, and finances. Self-discovery is a priority. I …

Client: Melissa, Pretora East, Gauteng 
I have moved here from Durban, battling to form relationship and feeling depressed from it.

Client: Phumzile, Durban 
I would like to gain experience in coaching and training people.I am an Accredited Facilitator and Assessor who would also not mind being coached so that …

Client: Yonique Claassen, Location not given 
Hi I am a client and I need a life coach. I am married for 10 years with two boys but it seems lately everything is going wrong. Our marriage needs help …

Client: Lunga, Alexandria 
Hi am am a client who needs a life coach ,need to regain my confidence and let of the past

Client: Name and location withheld 
Hi am am a client who needs a life coach ,need to regain my confidence and let of the past

Client: Lebxus, Benoni 
Hy I am Lebxus from gauteng benoni I really need a free life coach sessions in order to regain my self and build my self esteem please contact me at moiloa.lebohang15@gma …

Client: Lauren, Cape Town 
Hi there, I recently went through a divorce and I am battling to find motivation to get back in the ring and carry on with the day-to-day tasks my …

Client: Hydi Rouwenhorst, Bloemfontein 
Hi, I'm a member of the public in dire need if some free coaching

Client: Kay, Linmeyer, Gauteng. 
I am at a crossroad in my life regarding work and life. I would like to request some guidance please.

Trainee: Cheryl Eley, Durban 
Greetings, I am looking for people who are interested in having a free life life coaching session, to help me get my certification. I come from a strong …

Trainee: Rochelle Skead, Barrydale, Western Cape 
I am looking for anyone who would be interested in some free coaching sessions, as part of my certification. Please contact me on 084 206 8011 or …

Client: Renelle, Durban 
Guidance in life choices and career

Client: Joe, Greenpoint 
I'm volunteering to experiencing some free life coaching ?

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Trainee: Teresa Guzman, Fourways, Gauteng 
I'm looking for people who are interested in having a free life coaching session with me, as part of my certification. If you are interested in a free …

Client: Liza, Pretoria East, Gauteng 
Self discovery and sorting out my life Growing a business and find myself again

Client: Teboho Mokhethea, Krugersdorp, Gauteng. 
I just finished writting my first Devotion and Motivational book it hasn't been published yet. I need a coach or mentor to guide me through the process …

Client: Stella Mafa, Irene, Gauteng 
Morning I am in need of a life coach. I need to start this year on a different foot, understanding where my potential and my weaknesses are so that …

Client: Ann, Centurion, Gauteng 
I am 36 years, need help to find out what my life plan is. I don't have any talents that I know of and would like to find out if I do, if possible. Want …

Client, Phindile Mkhwanazi, Elandspark, Gauteng 
I need personal transformational coaching and career coaching.

Client: Jorn2, Cape Town 
HI, I am Jörn-54 years old, quite successful yet never fully. I fell in love with a much young girl and found out that I cause her anxiety with my control …

Client: Noreen, Centurion 
Hi, I would like to recieve life coaching and coping mechanisms as well as mentorship as an entrepreneur.

Client: Moira le Roux, Cape Town 
I am soon to be a trainee. I am going to pay for the course tomorrow and it will still be a few days until I receive my books and get to look at them. …

Client: Jorn, Cape Town 
HI, I am Jörn-54 years old, quite successful yet never fully. I fell in love with a much young girl and found out that I cause her anxiety with my control …

Client: Melanie, Hillcrest, KZN 
I’m 51 and pretty burnt out . I’m at a major crossroad with work and life and would like to request some guidance from a volunteer .

Client: Gloria Fortuin, Ladismith, Western Cape 
I would like to volunteer for a full program of 13 sessions with a life coach. I am also interested in becoming a life coach but would like to grow more …

Client: Lizelle le Roux, Western Cape 
I am a volunteer client, happy to be coached by trainee over Skype or other platform. I am located outside Cape Town.

Client: Yusuf Motara, Benoni 
Require a coach as I am a recovering addict

Client, Middelburg Mpumalanga 
I need some guidance in learning how to deal with some issues that is holding me back at the moment. I need someone who is willing to work with me long …

Client: Name and location withheld 
In need of coach to assist me in setting up a plan for my life, career, family and finances are all areas I need to help with. I have been floundering, …

Client: Name and location withheld 
I need help in becoming a life coach. I have signed up for a course and need to stay focused. I need someone to help me stay on track as this is big for …

Client: Eunice Ng, Selangor, Malaysia 
Life coaching needed. I wan to be coached until i become successful. Email me at : I need to achieve my ultimate life goal.

Client: Vusi, Cape Town 
I need someone to coach me for free since he /she will be a trainee coach and i also wanted to start this course but currently financially unable

Client: Gugu Mtetwa, Durban 
I am in need of a Life Coach, I want to be able to achieve all my set goals by the end of 2018.

Client: Eileen Botes, Durban 
Good day, I require a coach to help in setting life goals and better defining my direction. I have been exploring my identity and spirituality over the …

Client: Taryn, Cape Town 
I left my job but am now struggling to find work. I received a lump sum but not sure if I should use it to study or hold on until I find work

Client: Minenhle, Northgate, Gauteng 
My life is in shambles. Anxiety is making my soul its playground. I need help gaining control and putting it all back together again. Please email …

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Client: Khan, Pretoria 
I have a need to fullfill my purpose in life. I feel like in order to do that I need to start with figuring out who I am before I can help others. I want …

Client: Annie, Sandton, Gauteng 
I need a life coach to help me I am really feeling stuck in my life please

Client: Roanne, Randburg 
Hi, You can e-mail me

Name not supplied: Bloemfontain 
I am a business woman in the telecommunications industry and I have a substance abuse problem. (I have been clean for months) but, now my apathy is getting …

Client: Lallita, Wynberg, Cape Town 
I would love to volunteer my time for a session or few I need a life coach in terms of spiritual growth and finding my purpose in life

Mpumi Nkosi, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
I need a life coach in personal growth.

Client: Sherelene Van Wyk, Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town.  
Im willing to offer up my time in order for a trainee to graduate in exchange for some good tipes on how to improve my social skills.

Client: Name not supplied, Sandton, Gauteng 
Hi id like to volanteer for a session maybe a few. I think this would be nice to include in my gym and industry as i somehow think incorporating it would …

Client: Gomolemo,I vory Park, Gauteng 
I am 31 years old with 7 year boy I am unemployed and could be starting HIV medication soon I need your help because I am addicted to heavy sleeping …

Client: Georgina, Johannesburg 
I need a free personal coach

Kelly Keletso, Klerksdorp, North west 
I'm a Sophisticated individual driven by passion an the love of Speaking. Looking forward to learn and to experience new challenges.

Client: Victor Maphanga, Orange Farm, Gautung 
i need to be helped particularly with pinpoiting my natural skills and using them to pave a career path for me,iam very fond of entrpreneurship iam looking …

Client: Itumeleng Mashiangako, Braamfontein, Gauteng 
I would like to grow me first so I can be able to relay my experiences in a professional manner, so I can be able to help others. This is a step closer …

Client: Goslen Njoloma. Cape Town 
I am passionate of becoming a life coach as it dual carries the capacity to become a motivation speaker. I would love to meet a trainer who can possibly …

Client: Mindi Hilliard, Billings, Montana 
I am in the process of trying to become a Life Coach. I am wanting to work with youth and at risk youth. There are so many homeless teens in our area …

Client: Thembi Sithole, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga  
I need help with effectively planning and progressing in my career...

Client: Maurizia January, Cape Town 
I would like to be more goal oriented, focus more on my growth. Like someone to help me push myself

Client: Kiri, Harare, Zimbabwe 
M looking for a life coach

Client: Penelope Myambo, Cosmo City, Johannesburg 
I am Penelope, I am looking for a Life Coach based in Johannesburg.

Client: Thabo Magwaza, Durban 
Iam a 19 year old boy lost damn and in need of help please contact me I just need some direction in life

Client: Buyiselwa, Durban 
Can anyone help me I'm in Durban I need a personal coach who can help me in different aspects of my life. The funds aren't on my side for the payments. …

Client: Zuriah Davis, Muizenberg, Cape Town 
I would like to work with a coach who can help me work through/identify some limiting beliefs and manage stressful situations in such a way that I don't …

Client: Candice Brakhoven, Fourways, Gauteng 
Looking for some guidance to set and achieve personal goals as well as family and business goals.

Client: Dawn, Durbanville, W Cape 
Hi First off I am sixty years old, suffer from nerve pain after having a tumour removed from my spinal cord a few years....I have suffered with depression …

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Client: Samu Gumbie, Randburg, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer so that i can also learn. I am helping stay home moms get out and be mompreneurs like me but I need to skill myself first. So …

Client: Wands, Pretoria 
Career and life coaching

Trainee: Richard Luyt, Windhoek, Namibia. 
I am a trainee looking for a Life Coach so that I may by able to go through a full session 1 together :-)

Client: Paula Sejake, Johannesburg 
Hi. My name is Paula from Johannesburg. I am currently looking for a life coach.I want to be one a your volunteers. Regards Paula

Client: Lesly Uys, East Rural, Cape Town 
I need direction getting my counselling practice up and running after a long absence due to health challenges.

Client: Jennifer Du Plessis, Rustenburg, North West 
I am looking to enrol in the life coach course and want to know what to expect from this course and the new career path I am going to persue

Client: Baganetsi Mmolawa, Gaborone, Botswana 
I would like to change careers to be come a life coach. i have been stuck in one position for the past 20year and seem to have reached a summit. I feel …

Client: Felicity Meintjies, Johannesburg South 
I would like to be a volunteer, as I want to venture into a career of being a Life coach.

Client: Brigit, Benoni, Gauteng 
I am looking for coaching that will assist me to heal and move forward from a traumatic past. I feel that I have mental / emotional blockages which are …

Client: Francine, Cape Town 
Hi there, My name is Francine, I am a 27 years old and I am looking for a life coach to assist me with my journey into manifesting the life that I deserve. …

Client: Maundy, Bloemfontein 
I would like to be a volunteer client to one of your trainee coaches

Client: Lorraine, Pretoria  
Thank you for offering such a great opportunity just at the right time. Kindly consider using me as your Life coaching volunteer, I understand that you …

Client: Sudhir Phagwara, India 
I am looking for life coach trainer. But first wann to go as client level requirements.

Client: Zizipho Madulini, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I'm in need of life coaching, and not living my life according to my own way,and entrepreneual journey.

Client: Anne Bendall Randburg Gauteng 
I am 37 years old and would like to get some guidance on my life, career, and my relationship.

Client: Pogisho Motlhabane, Bloemfontein Free State 
Good day I would like to be a volunteer as i also want to venture into coaching and would like to have first-hand experience of how to go about it.

Client: Nozipho Khumalo, Durban 
Hello there My Name is Ziphora FROM kZN Durban Founder of PWL: Which is a women's group .Would like to learn more about Life Couching to help those …

Client: Noelene Narainsamy, Boksburg  
Would like to volunteer to assist the trainees whilst also assisting me with some career direction.

Client: Khanyisa Masemola, Johannesburg 
I need help with direction and staying focused on long term goals. Im creative and and all over the place. There's so much I wanna do I dont know where …

Client: Lebo Ndwandwe, East London, Eastern Cape. 
I'd like professional guidance on how to direct my life in the most positive and self-fulfilling way.

Client: Genevieve, Tableview, W.Cape 
Hi there I would like to be coached on imptoving my sales skills/confidence as I'm a financial advisor. I would also like to become a life coach and …

Client: Audrey Masombuka, Pretoria 
Good day, I am looking for coaching that will help me to heal from my past. I feel that I am holding back and not living my life to he fullest, always …

Client: Adrienne Steyn, Pretoria, Gauteng 
General Life coaching with focus on stress and time management, relationship help, etc.

Client: Caleb van Graan 
Goal setting, direction in life, conflict and anger management, social skills,dealing with past hurt and resentment.

Client Michelle, Potchestroom, North west 
Hi, my name is Michelle and I am interested in free life coaching. I am l. I have been struggling with my business and finances for many years and I feel …

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Client: Margaret Otukile, Ivory Coast 
I am looking for a coaching programme that will help me realise my passion for coaching that I have been doing as part of my job. I have the passion to …

Client, Natasha, Location not specified 
Hi, i require the assistance of a life coach as i have always been struggling with confidence and believing in myself. I want to do or change things …

Client: Carmen ,Durban 
I have just completed an Executive coaching course and would like to volunteer for free coaching sessions to assist those in training .

Client: Neil Cooke, Durban 
Wanting to see what value there is in engaging with a Life Coach. And am willing to assist your trainee's.

Client: Lehane Matthysen, Ladybrand, Free State 
I am volunteering to be a client and signing up for free coaching to help trainees forfill their hours. Im 34yrs old. Had my first baby in June 2017. …

Client: Annemarie Lindeque, Prince Albert, Western Cape 
Good day I am 54 years old and would like to participate in the Life Coaching program as a volunteer client to assist me on my life path in deciding to …

Client: Isabel Kuria, Nairobi, Kenya 
Looking for someone to walk with me as I start my own coaching business.

Client: Tshedi Motaung, Boksburg, Gauteng  
To get guidance on which career or business to be in

Client: Vimilla Naidoo, Sandton, Gauteng 
Hi I would like to volunteer my services to the trainees. I am interested in pursuing a career in life coaching an feel this would be invaluable experience …

Client: Sam Naidoo, Durban 
Coaching in business

Natanael, Windhoek, Namibia 
My name Is Natanael Amukoto, 32years of age.i want to engage in the field of life coaching,i choose this because i have a will of helping other to reach …

Client: Bruce, Johannesburg 
Its evident that lm a gifted trademan but l can't seem to be able to keep everything together sometimes l make poor decisions

Client: Lauren Boonzaier, Saldanha, Western Cape 
I'm a 28 year old lady, at a major crossroad in my life. I am struggling to make decisions and even when I make decisions to actually follow through on …

Client Johannesburg Gauteng  
Hi my name is Ntombifuthi Malatsi and i need help. I can't seem to get my life in order. Things fall apart everynow and again. I just want a permanent …

Client, Maggie, Uitenhage, EasternCape 
I need a life coach to redirect my life, help improve my relationships:work friends, partner.Help redirect my business focus and instill a sense of self …

Client: Tariro Tagar, Rooderport, Gauteng. 
I have soo many ideas on what I want to do with my life as well as be of service to others. However, I struggle with getting myself to take action.

Client: Senzekile, Buccleugh, Gauteng 
Good day, I would like to be a volunteer client for life coaching. Name - Senzekile Msomi Gender - Female Age - 33 Location - Johannesburg, Buccleuch …

Client: Mutali, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer for any trainees that are anywhere between Sandton and Joburg City.

Maureen Kleinhans, Mittchells Plain, Western Cape 
Maureen Kleinhans, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town I m leagally blind and would like to join and to be trained as a motivational speaker and life coaching …

Client: N Louw, Free State 
I am a positive person believing in the good of others, but with all the negativity ongoing these days, is there still hope in mankind? Kindly give advise …

Client: Rodney, Cape Town 
I'm in education. Staying in Parow, Cape Town. I am available should you require a client for your practical exam. Contact me on …

Client: Cindy Hoveni, Pretoria, Gauteng 
Interested in the life coaching field, however, need a helping hand to get both my life and business in sync before i dedicate my all in assisting others …

Client. Goslen Njoloma 
I look forward to learn the principles and fundamentals on becoming a motivational speaker/life couch

Client: Olorato Mothusi, Geelhout Park, Rustenburg  
I want to build my self confidence and self esteem, I tried doing it on my own but I would like to do it with someoneach, who motivates me through the …

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Client: Lwandle Fakazi, Johannesburg 
Simply looking to have a meaningful conversation on stumbling blocks and how use them as a springboard for continuous growth

Client: Grant Christie, Pretoria, Gauteng 
After completing and expedition to walk the entire coast of South Africa I have struggled with reintegrating into "normal life". I am attempting to write …

Client: Michael Valval, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape 
I wish to be trained by a life coach so I can self confidence because I wish to be a public speech presenter and enjoy life

Client: Magdeline Mokgabudi, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I need a life coach because I want to discover my true purpose in life.

Client: Name and location withheld 
I need advice or just a steer in the right direction please. I went through a terrible divorce in 2013 -2014 after years of emotional and mental abuse. …

Client: Phumla Ndlumbini, Cape Town 
To understand what is coaching all about.

Client: Dillon Joseph, Johannesburg, Gauteng. 
I am interested in becoming a motivational speaker. I have survived brain tumors and brain surgery and struggle to connect my story/stories to content. …

Client: Shereen Mustapha, Sea Point 
I would like to be coached, an do a life coaching course

Client: Veena Thirumalai, Durban 
I would love to be a volunteer, wanting free life coaching, thanks

Client: Imran, Mumbai, India 
I am going through mid career crisis. I don't know how to change my life and my life style. I need help changing the same.

Client: Chelsea Klein, Cape Town 
Looking for a coach to help with my lack of self esteem, my inability to assert myself or ask for what I want. I am just looking to grow and rid myself …

CLIENT: Desiree, Milnerton, Cape Town 
Need assistance in staying positive about life and understanding what is going on around me right now. I have intentions of starting a business but feel …

Client: Nozi, Cape Town 
I would like to know more about life coaching and establish it as a profession. A retired teacher and studied psychology up to honours level and dropped …

Client: Tracy, Hammanskraal, Gauteng 
I need coaching. I have been stagnant and I feel it's time to change

Client: Blanche, Cape Town 
need help with staying positive - i need to change the inner me as in a space of 4 years i have lost my mother and stepfather and about to loose my husband …

Client: Devin, Edenvale, Gauteng 
Devin. 23 years old. Live in Edenvale. Need life coaching as i have low self esteem. Contact 0846224747

Client: Michelle, Cape Town, Western Cape 
Hi, I am interested in the life coaching field and would like to learn more about it.

Client: Saddam, Jessore, Bangladesh 
I am 24 year old Computer Science graduate. Currently freelancing as Mamual QA assistant. I think I couldn't learn the basics of Computer Science in high …

Client: Neil, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town 
I am offering a trainee life coach in Cape Town the exciting opportunity to join me as I start a new journey in life and business. This person journey …

Client: Edward Whitehead, Randburg, Gauteng 
I am interested in getting a trainee life coach help me through some complex problems I am currently going through after break-up and massive financial …

Client: Vanessa Cloete. Upington. Northern Cape 

Client: Leo, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I'm interested in becoming a life coach because, it would be a means in which I can help people going through difficult times in their lives. I've been …

Client: Buti Motsamai, Vereeniging, Gauteng 
I would like to receive a training as a life coach, I would like to assist other people with life skills approaches but am clueless on how and where to …

Client: Clarissa, Stellenbosch, Western Cape 
I still struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. I have many goals and ideas and dreams, but I struggle to find the drive and motivation to start …

Client: Melany Collopen, Lenasia, Gauteng 
I am interested in the life coaching field. I also do require coaching, I feel my current life situation needs to be sorted out before I become a life …

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Client: Elaine Pillay, Durban 
Hi, I am interested in the coaching. I have been single for 5 years now and i know something is wrong i just dont know what to do or how to change …

Client: Vusi Sithole, Benoni, Gauteng  
I want to learn how do presentation

Client: Toni, Table View, Western Cape 
I am interested in the life coaching field. I also do require coaching, I feel my current life situation is out of wack. I want to sort that out before …

Client: Tshepiso, Location not stated 
29yrs old I think I'm having anger issues cz m always stressed cry every time i get hurt i always argue with my boyfriend i get angry with when he doesn't …

Trainee: Karen Greaves, Banchory, Scotland, UK 
Hi, I am a UK based New Insights Trainee. I live in a town called Banchory in Royal Deeside, just outside of Aberdeen, Scotland. Helping people …

Client: Rhia, Durban 
Hello :) My name is Rhia I have ALWAYS wanted a life coach!!! I'm a creative with lots of hopes and dreams who loves to dance,write,(can't sing)but …

Client: Siphosethu Mankahla, Durban 
Hi There I would please like to be a part of the volunteers for the trainees. I am available on Mon- Fri 5:00pm - 7:00pm via telephone or face …

Client: Cara, Durban, Kwazulu Natal 
Hi there. I would love some advice and insights regarding my next career move and self esteem after I was recently retrenched.

Client: Nokukhanya, Port Elizabeth 
Thank you for this amazing opportunity that will assist us to advance our love for the development of people at large. I am a lady in her thirties with …

Client: No name provided, Rustenburg 
I do HIV motivational talk need to expand beyond that

Client: Patience , Midrand, Gauteng 
I need help personal growth and to find my true purpose.

Client, Tasneen Amos, Cape Town 
Hi,i completed a life coaching course a while back and have not been putting into to practise.I would really want to get into contact with like minded …

Client: Bongani Mlangeni, Germiston 
How to find my feet in life and getting over a loss of a child.

Client: Belinda, Milnerton, Western Cape 
Ive need to restructure my life.and I need someone to help me put together my basic schedule and plans.ive recently been through some difficult things …

Client: Janine, Cape Town 
Hi I am a business and struggling with balance for personal and professional help.Looking for volunteer advice on the way forward.

Client: Name not supplied, Ballito, KZN 
I am looking for life coaching but am not sure what it entails. I do however need some life coaching. Stuck in a below normal marriage. Four of my own …

Client: Charlene Quinn, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Coaching for my teenage son and life coaching for myself

Client: Siphiwe, Cape Town 
Hi. I am Siphiwe and I am in need of a career coach.

Client: Andiswa, Midrand, Gauteng  
Hi, I am Andiswa, I was initially searching for a Life coach to help me with career choices, goals, personal growth and to find my true purpose etc.

Client: Salome Willis, Northcliff, Gauteng. 
The reason why I have the need for a life coach, is because I'm already turning 40 this year; and honestly have no idea what I'm doing in this thing …

Client: Lucia Nteke, Somerset West, Western Cape 
Hi, I am interested to see how Life coaching works. I am a founder of a non profit organization and I want to help the youth achieve their goals.

Client: Theesan Ananda, Randburg, Gauteng 
Hi, I wish to volunteer to be life coached. I travel between cities for work purposes and will be more permanent in Gauteng as of 2018. I suffer bouts …

Client, Rinky Moshou, Kibler park, Gauteng 
Hi there, I'm a parent to 3 kids eldest is 16, i'm 35. My teens daughter has a problem of identifying herself which makes her to fall for peer pressure, …

Client: Zevah Mntambo, Centurion, Gauteng 
Career & Life-coaching required. Currently stagnant in my career. Need to find ways to achieve a breakthrough. Years of experience being a jack of all …

Client: Stephanie Jegels, East London, Eastern Cape. 
Hi, I am Stephanie, I was initially searching for a Life coach to help me with career choices, goals, personal growth and to find my true purpose etc. …

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Client: Joshna, Cape Town 
Career advice/ guidance Hello. I am in my late 30's and currently employed on a full time basis as a sales coordinator. I work 6 days a week and …

Trainee: Illse de Beer, Centurion, Gauteng 
Hi! I am a trainee coach with New Insights. I would love to work with you on setting goals for your life. I will help you to get motivated and focused …

Client: Lee Nicole, Durban, KZN 
Hi, I am at a cross-road in my life-path. I have been teaching for 25 years, which for the most part has been extremely fulfilling, and I am an artist.The …

Trainee: Jardine (Herman) Louw, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I believe that is within the reach of everyone to have a fulfilled and meaningful life, to live your dream, to find your unique purpose in life and live …

Client: Heidi, Cape Town 
I am in my late 30's. I am happily married, with children I adore, and I just found work again after more than a year of unemployment, which I am so grateful …

Client: Pearl Tongy, Sunnighill, Johannesburg 
Hi, Im interested in being a coach myself and would like to see if its the right thing for me and try out your way of coaching.

Client: Adele Chmurkowski, Henley on Klip, Gauteng 
I am unhappy in my current occupation. I love the work that I do, but I do not like the company I am working for anymore. I have been with them for almost …

Client: Simon, Tembisa, Gauteng 
Hi, I am interested in becoming the Life Couching. Many people dont have direction in their lives.please I need training.

Client : Penny, Durban,  
I would like to be coached with my life and career skills. Everthing that I embark on seems to crumble in front of my face. My life has no direction. I …

Client: Carolyn, Rosebank, Gauteng 
Hello, I have been quite high achieving and ambitious in the past, but seem to have lost all motivation to do anything except travel and garden. I've recently …

Client: Storm Box, Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal 
Hello, I'm hoping to have some coaching on the direction my life should take, and guidance to help me find patience and perseverance.

Client: Leigh, Cape Town 
Hi there, I'm interested in receiving assistance with career and life goals (I'm in my 40's) and often drift between feeling either overwhelmed or unmotivated. …

Client: Kath Forssman. Kyalami. Gauteng 
I am a post-graduate biology student looking for guidance regarding balancing studies, work and family. I feel I need help finding a clear path that fulfil …

Client: Veronica Schmidt, Yellowwood Park, Durban 
I desperately need to loose weight. I will be 58 years old in August and need to make a goal to loose weight by that time. I have tried so many diets …

Client: Annie, Johnnesburg 
I have recently lost my job, through an unfair dismissal. This has severely impacted on my self confidence and caused doubt in my career and what I want.I …

Client: Yolanda Huri, Durban 
Hi I would like to become a certified life coach and I'm interested in being a volunteer client so from watching another trainee,it will assist me with …

Client: RT Morris, location not stated 
I have done a personal trainer course through another training institute but has not started the process as yet. I feel that I need more training and mentoring. …

Client: Vivian Sutherland, Hermanus, Western Cape 
I would like to be a volunteer client as I am considering enrolling as a life coach, and the 13 session will assist me to make a decision. By doing these …

Client: Annie Jhb, Gauteng 
I have recently lost my job, through an unfair dismissal. This has severely impacted on my self confidence and caused doubt in my career and what I want.I …

Trainee, Marcellus McNamara, Edenvale, Gauteng 
I am a trainee coach with New Insights and I am looking for volunteers. I am offering free coaching to willing clients who are interested in going through …

Client: Ncebakazi Gcelu, Mthatha, Eastern Cape 
Hi i would like to be coached for my own personal development and also to be able to be confident and for my emotional intelegence. i dont have any …

Client: Dani, Johannesburg 
I felt like I had a purpose 3 years ago when I was well. I was working in aviation and its demanding environment. 3years of illness have drained my faith …

Trainee, Fatima, Pretoria, Gauteng 
Hello,I am offering life coaching session 1 for free. From session 2 I do charge a small fee you can't contact me on 084 623 4426 Thank Fatima Tayob …

Trainee: Warren Rother, East Rand, Gauteng 
Dear Volunteer Client, Your first session will be free. Should you decide that continuing with me as your dedicated coach is a good match and will help …

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