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SIMPLY volunteer to help our trainee life coaches meet their certification requirements

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If you would like to take advantage of this offer, we respectfully ask that you read the information and guidelines provided on this page BEFORE you go ahead and post!

What's this all about?

Trainee life coaches with New Insights are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the requirements for their eventual certification. 

Trainees are required to find a number of volunteers to practice with. To assist them with this, we have created this page, which endeavours to help them get connected with members of the public who feel they may benefit from volunteering for one or more coaching sessions.

Am I eligible to post here?

To post or comment on this page, you need to be either:

  • a potential volunteer CLIENT (a member of the public who would like to receive free life coaching; or
  • a bona fide New Insights TRAINEE life coach (must be currently registered and in good standing with New Insights)

If neither of the above apply, we will not approve your post.

Is the coaching really free of charge?

Yes, our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances, some may request a nominal fee to cover any costs they may incur.


Firstly, it's important to bear in mind that you will be working with a trainee life coach.

Trainees are neither qualified, nor experienced coaches. If you want or need an experienced and certified coach, or if you are considering training with us and want to experience a session, we recommend that you visit our Life Coach Directory.

Secondly, coaching will be conducted in the trainee's personal capacity. Although the trainee coach may use the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is not in any way responsible for the nature and quality of coaching you will receive.

Thirdly, depending on your requirements and the availability of the trainee coach, you may choose to volunteer for:

  • The two initial life evaluation and goal setting sessions; or
  • A full transformative programme of 15 structured sessions; or
  • A single, less structured, free-form session.

Life coaching will, almost certainly, be conducted remotely, using Zoom or Skype or similar, although the face-to-face option can be negotiated with the trainee coach in the event that you happen to live close by.

How soon will I get a response?

We can not guarantee that you will receive a response if you post on this page and we cannot give you any guidelines about how long you will have to wait. Other than approving posts, we do not monitor the interactions between our trainees and members of the public.

From time to time we clean up posts on this page by deleting public posts that are older than 12 months, or posts by trainees who have already qualified as certified life coaches.

How DO I register my interest?

If you wish to respond to an existing post, simply post a comment to that post.

If you wish to create a new post for others to comment on, then, use the form below, and follow these guidelines:


In the field marked 'Title of post' below, enter the word "CLIENT:' along with your name and location. Note that Google may index these posts, so if you feel your post contains sensitive information, we recommend you use your first name only and a general location. For example:

CLIENT: Joe, Midrand, Gauteng

Once you have done that, please click on the link below the box to complete and submit your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form).

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy by clicking here.


In the field marked 'Title of post' below, enter the word TRAINEE: along with your name and location. For example:

TRAINEE: Freda Bloggs, Knysna, Western Cape.

Once you have done that, please click on the link below the box to complete the post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form).

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Post here:

Please enter the title of your post in the box below by referring to the instructions above. Then click on the link below the box to complete your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Current Posts:

Here is a listing of current posts from trainee coaches and volunteer practice clients: Please click on the post title to read it, and any responding comments in full.

TRAINEE: Monique Holloway, Cape Town 
Hi, I am a trainee Life Coach and I am offering YOU the opportunity to be Life Coached free of charge. Here is what I have to offer: - 1 Client to do …

CLIENT: Mary, Gauteng  
I have a full time Job that that makes me feel like i am drowning I have a registered business that i feel if i give it time abd effort it can be very …

Client: Emma, London 
Hi there, I'm looking for clarity to help with decisions. I'm at a complete crossroads with my life . In the space of 6 months both my parents got …

Client: Avi, Durban 
I would like be a volunteer to a life coach in practice. My area in life would be to build up my self confidence and establish an awareness of identity …

CLIENT: Jenny, Massachusetts 
I'm struggling with my confidence. I turned into a shy person when I'm in a meeting with more that 3 people. It didn't happen before. I would like a coach …

CLIENT: Pam, Boksburg, Gauteng  
Hello, my name is Pam, l am looking for a life coach to assist me with the challenges I am facing with my 14 year old son, please I would really appreciate …

TRAINEE: Bridget, Cape Town 
I am a trainee life coach and I am offering 15 coaching sessions free of charge. I am looking for two volunteer clients to do online coaching. Please …

Client: Chanel, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am also traumatized from a previous work experience and need help to get out of the rut I am in. I am struggling …

TRAINEE: Pip Burns, Oxfordshire, UK 
Hi there! I'm a New Insights Trainee Coach and I'm looking for two volunteers to do the whole New Insights Programme with :) It's primarily 15 sessions …

TRAINEE: Zolekile Pafa, Mthatha, Eastern Cape 
I am trainee Life Coach who is interested to have clients to assist me to finish the practical requirement of my training. I am passionate about leadership …

CLIENT: Magdel, Klerksdorp 
Assistance needed for Career, to live Purposeful driven life Regaining focus and motivation.

CLIENT: Blanche, Cape Town 
I have the vision and drive but execution is a battle. Likely need assistance with regaining perspective and inspiration and pointers towards planning, …

Client: Jessica, Johannesburg. 
Client: Any life coach who can assist me in getting my life together, choosing a career, dealing with addiction.

Client: Joshua, Lansdowne 
Good day I am interested in life coaching for my 18 year old son. He struggled at school (ADD) and needs to get to know himself better in order to decide …

CLIENT: Pamela, Volksrust, Mpumalanga  
Life coaching on career path and decision making

Client: Geraldine, Piketberg 
I'd like to volunteer as a free client. I am in the process of trying to better my management skills and communication. I am a micro manager 41 years …

Client: Nicole, Blouberg, Western cape 
I am a 27 year old single mother, studying and working full time. I have huge goals set for myself but struggle to execute and manage my time and priorities. …

Client: Wesley, Blouberg, W. Cape 
I feel like I have a few sticking points with my future, I feel lost I want to form better relationships I want to feel more confident in myself …

Clien: Gabriel, Kuilsriver, Western Cape 
Hi I require goal setting Planning

Client: Cindi, Sherwood, PE 
Hi. I have a very traumatized background No nurturing or guidance. Need to set a way forward to be the real version of me

Client: Gina, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer for the full coaching of 15 sessions. Thanks

CLIENT: Flo, Parkmore, Gauteng 
I'd like to volunteer as a potential client for life coaching.

CLIENT: Mpumi, Johannesburg South 
Hi I am currently mentoring teens and I need help in learning to coach them effectively to help them not repeating the same mistakes that I have made and …

Client: Jane, Pretoria. 
Good day, I am looking for someone who is going to help me get me out of a slump. I've been feeling unmotivated for 3 months and I also think it might …

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CLIENT: Smiso, Durban 
Hi everyone. I am 31 and I need some guidance please, for example moneywise. It can be online.

Client Denay, Altadena, California  
I am looking for guidance on beginning a new and different life for myself. Being a former caregiver for a long period of time 24/7 has ended. My life …

CLIENT: Tanita Johannesburg South  
Hi looking for someone that I can talk through what I am going through and get some advice on how to manage and cope with everyday life.

Trainee: Gina, Cape Town 
Trainee Coach looking for practice clients in Cape Town, seesions will be free. Hi there, I have recently completed all my modules with New Insights …

Client: Colin McAuley, Merseyside 
My requirements are to get help with habit forming and changing lifestyle.

Client: Thandeka, South Joburg  
Clients-I have two teenage boys age 13 and 14, I would like them to get crouching and help with dealing with growing up challenges

CLIENT: Liza, Pretoria 
I am a 34 year old woman. I am interested in the either one of the volunteering offers. Currently I just started my own business, and I need a few …

Trainee: Terma, Centurion, Gauteng 
I am looking for a client who wants to do the full 15 sessions on-line with me. Please respond if you feel guided to do so

CLIENT: Letitia, Gezina Pretoria, Gauteng 
I am a single parent, I have done so much mental work on myself but seem to always seem to find myself going back to the things that takes me to my old …

CLIENT: Ash, Johannesburg 
Hello to all Life coaches, I am a 35 year old female psychologist based in JHB. I am feeling a bit stuck with respect to my life and what I what to …

Trainee: Bernadette Gasnodien, Cape Town 
Hi my name is Bernadette, I am a trainee coach and is looking for individuals that are in need of coaching to help them achieve their goals, live a more …

CLIENT: Robert, Texas  
Hi, I am at a breaking point to where my lack of ambition has cost me my marriage. I am trying to find my purpose and strive towards achieving that goal. …

CLIENT: Esther, Johannesburg 
I find myself in messy situations a lot. I usually postpone big decisions for later and make haste decisions that result in out of control situations that …

TRAINEE: Katrien Klopper, Johannesburg 
Hi I am a New Insightsw trainee coach looking for clients to be coached free of charge. If you are having problems to achieve your dreams and goals …

Client: Lizette, Centurion, Gauteng 
A full transformative programme of 15 structured sessions remotely after hours.

Client: Ana, Western Cape 
Im a single mom whose lost direction of a career and personal. I wish to build myself again and not just live for the day. I feel as if I have no purpose …

CLIENT: EJ, Midrand, Gauteng 
Life Coaching for depression

Client: Katlego, Arcadia, Pretoria 
Reworking my approach to life

Mankunyana, Midrand, Gauteng 
Looking for a coach to assist with focussing my efforts in the appropriate direction. And to help define the areas in my life that need attention in order …

Trainee: Nondulo, Hermanus 
Hey. I have an extreme passion for helping people and I'm currently training with New Insights . I would like to offer my free of charge 15 sessions to …

CLIENT: Monique, Mossel Bay, Western Cape 
I am looking for a coach to help me with the next phase of my life. I traveled Asia and upon my return I started studying. I have been through a series …

CLIENT: Jane, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal 
Im stuck and wish to move on. My life is about 2 steps forward and 10 back. Really need to move forward.

Hello, I need help in achieving my goals and help with my self esteem and decision making ability, so that I can get my life back on track.

CLIENT: Thandeka, Johannesburg 
I am looking for someone to help me achieve my goals and develop better habits.

CLIENT: Andy, East London 
Please help get my life back on track

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Client, Carmen Pratt, US 
Any type of coaching you're available to offer. I am missing mentorship and goal accountability for my future career and experiencing anxiety when needed …

CLIENT: Clemiran, Britstown, Northern Cape 
I know what i want but i struggle attaining my goals because of discipline

CLIENT: Lebohang Ngcobo; Jhb North 
I am currently a quialified accountant and a tax practioner as well as homeschooling mom. I have recently been involved in home schooling consultancy and …

Trainee: Chloe Park-Ross, Cape Town, Western Cape 
Hey! I would love to help you on your journey to rediscovering your wholeness and passion for life whether it be in your career, relationship or wellness. …

TRAINEE: Janine Herman, Somerset West, Western Cape 
I am a Trainee Coach with New Insights and would love to offer my services free of charge to anyone is on a journey of self discovery is want to reach …

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