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Free Life Coaching

SIMPLY volunteer to help our trainee life coaches meet their certification requirements

volunteer for free life coaching

Please BE SURE TO read before posting

What's this all about?

New Insights trainee life coaches are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the requirements for their certification. 

They are required to find a number of volunteers to practice with and to help them we have put together this page to link them with members of the public who may wish to volunteer for coaching sessions.

Am I eligible to post here?

Yes, as long as you are either:

  • a member of the public wanting free life coaching (a volunteer CLIENT); or
  • a bona fide TRAINEE life coach who is registered and in good standing with New Insights

If neither of the above apply to you we will not approve your post.

Is the coaching really free of charge?

Yes, our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances, some may request a nominal fee to cover any costs they may incur.

 What can I expect as a volunteer client?

Well, firstly, please bear in mind that these are trainee life coaches.

They are neither qualified, nor experienced coaches. If you want or need an experienced and certified coach please visit our Life Coach Directory. If you're thinking of training with us and want to try out a session we recommend this approach.

Secondly, coaching will be conducted in the trainee's personal capacity. Although the coach may use the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is not in any way responsible for the quality of coaching you will receive.

Thirdly, depending on your requirements and your negotiations with the trainee coach, you may volunteer for just the initial life evaluation and goal setting session(s) or a full transformative programme of 13-15 sessions.

Coaching is likely to be conducted using a VOIP technology like Skype/Zoom, although this can be negotiated with the trainee coach.

How soon will I get a response?

We do not guarantee that you will receive a response if you post on this page. It all depends on our trainees. Other than approving the posts made here, we do not monitor the page.

How can I register my interest?

In the form below, in the field marked 'Title of post', please enter your detail in the following format so it displays correctly:

If you are a volunteer client enter "Client:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g:

Client: Joe Soap, Midrand, Gauteng.

If you are a New Insights trainee coach please enter "Trainee:' along with your Name, Town and Province, e.g.:

Trainee: Freda Bloggs, Knysna, Eastern Cape.

Once you have done that please click on the link below the box to complete the post ((there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Post here:

Please enter the title of your post in the box below by referring to the instructions above. Then click on the link below the box to complete your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form):

Current Posts:

Here is a listing of current posts from trainee coaches and volunteer practice clients: Please click on the post title to read it, and any responding comments in full.

Client: Sisego, Orange Farm 
I'm 25 years old and I can't help but think I have more to offer and I know deep down I can achieve more.But due to some bad choices I have become easily …

Client: Anikie, Alexandra, Johannesburg  
I struggle a lot with confidence and I'm also not sure about the course I've choosen .easily demotivted .need help chposing the right career and getting …

Client: Melissa Bouwer, Newcastle, KZN. 
I am interested in the New Insights life coaching certification and would like some idea of what the practical side of the course entails. I would therefore …

Client: Musa Masango, location not stated 
Hey i need assistance with changing careers.i have been in my current career for more than two years

Trainee: Annette: Northriding, Gauteng 
I am at a place where I am ready and able to help you discover who you really are and what might be hindering you from being, doing and having what you …

Client: Shaquiel, Durban 
I am 17 and trying to start my business. I am looking for a life coach to set goal and get motivated. I'm based in Durban< Musgrave.

Client: Sympathy, Cosmo City, Gauteng 
I am 30 years of age, considering being a life coach but struggling to reach my goal. I would like assistance from someone to guide me in creating steps …

Client: Karabo Malatji, Polokwane, Limpopo 
Hi I’m a volunteer client, I would like to improve my public speaking and confidence. I stay in Polokwane, Turfloop Limpopo.

Client, Aleena, Bryanston, JHB 
Feel very stuck, not in control in all aspects of like from being myself, a wife, a mother and at work. My confidence and self esteem very low, i once …

Client: Melanie, Gauteng 
Hello, I am 17 and I am wanting to have a better relationship with food

Client: Kholeka, Pretoria, Gauteng  
Hi am in my 30ties and still running around in circles have dreams and goals that never take off. Recently left my job and back to where I started. Also …

Lynda Wright, Cape Town 
If you would love to discover the marvels of life coaching, I would love to offer you this opportunity. You will very likely find the experience life-changing, …

Client: Flavia, Nylstroom, Limpopo 
To receive free life coaching/transformational coaching. Mostly want to deal with limiting beliefs. Basically I want to become a life coach myself but …

Client: Gift, Durban, KwaZulu Natal  
I feel stuck in life. Instead of progressing I see a lot of regression in the past three years. I need a breakthrough as I am a student. I need goal setting, …

Client: Rosina, Mamelodi 
I am an educator by proffession and would like to train as a teen life coach to help teenagers in our society.

Client: Salesh, Richard's Bay 
Goal setting, communication and getting past historical mind blocks

Client: Rashieda, Parklands, Western Cape 
I am a 52 year old female suffering with moving forward after disappointments in life. I feel frozen and unhappy and I just need to feel happy and positive …

Trainee: Deneera Singh, Lenasia, Gauteng 
Hi, I am a Trainee Life Coach. I've reached a stage in my training programme where I am willing and able to assist you in uncovering some new insights …

Client: Samke, Secunda, Mpumalana 
I have been unemployed for years with my certificate..i have been trying to think of another course to study but cant seem to have a breakthrough.please …

Trainee: Gwynneth Davids, Cape Town 
Im still busy with theory training but would like help as many people as possible with goal setting and discover your power within as I did for myself …

Client: Lee, Boksburg 
Career Guidance

Trainee: Thembela Gazi, East London, Eastern Cape 
I am training to be a Life Coach and I have now completed the Skills Training Theory part of the programme. I am looking for people to coach for my practical …

Trainee: Barbara Ikin, Cape Town 
I am looking for volunteers to fulfil the practical requirements for certification. I have over 30 years work experience, mostly at a management level. …

Client: Nosiviwe, Johannesburg  
I need coaching on self discovery,low self esteem and personal growth.

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Client: Lyn, Pretoria 
Would love yo learn about this profession

Trainee: Jaime Griffiths, East london, Eastern Cape. 
Hello! I am looking to help as many people as i can to set a goal and put actionable steps in to achieve that goal. I need to work with people to be …

Client: Kabelo, Randburg, Johannesburg 
How to deal with anxiety and personal growth.

Client - Jabulile, East Rand, Gauteng 
coaching on self love and self esteem self discovery goal setting

Client: Rudzani Ravhengani, Alberton, Gauteng 
I've carry around a lot of psychological scars, mostly from a bad childhood. With those scars comes a lot of hate and anger and fear an low self-confidence. …

Client: Kgomotso, Johannesburg 
Hi I need to find someone who can teach me how to start using my gift.Iv been asking God to show me my gift as everyone in this world has their own …

Client: Lorraine Mackie, East London 
Im am interested in life coaching but need to become aware of self discovery . I feel i may learn from your students by the prompting questions that they …

Client: Latoya Masango, Midrand, Gauteng 
I am looking for life coaching to assist advancing my career goals and also to help me establish a healthy work-life balance. I am specifically looking …

Client: Lisa, Knysna 
Need assistance with empty nest and growing older.

Client, Thembi, Nyanga, Western cape 
Educational coaching, life coaching

Client: Ronald, Cape Town 
Good day, My name is Ronald Simani and I am a prospective volunteer client who needs urgent assistance. My life is not progressing on various fronts …

Client: Alain, Johannesburg 
Hi there Im willing to accept free coaching sessions from trainees preferably telephonically, unless there is a very good reason to meet physically. I …

Client: Martin Nero, Lephalale, Limpopo 
Hi I'm needing coaching to get me more outgoing and build character. I've been working for 5 years and feel it is time I step up in a leadership position …

Trainee: Marcelle Opperman, Vryheid, Kwa-ZuluNatal 
Good day, I have loved, laughed, cried these last few years, BUT most of all, I have learned! The concept of Life Coaching does not fit everyone.... …

Client: Alex, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Retrenched from a thankless corporate job 2 years ago. Everything, incl. life's values, under review. Not sure what I'd like to do going forward. Thus, …

Client: Saaberah, Roodepoort 
I would like coaching on interviews and other job related goals

Client: Brandon Hattingh, Durban  
Just need an overal life coach to help me to j making better life choices and finding myself

Client: Gugu Nxele, Chesterville, Durban 
I don’t know how to heal the past and negative self-beliefs, even though a part deep inside of me is desperate to do so. I want to change my line of work …

Client: K. Nomala, King William's Town, Eastern Cape  
I would like to be assisted in aspectually expanding my life and assist any one else befitting my potential lines of study. I currently hold a National …

Client: Name and location withheld  
Young female entrepreneur looking for a life coach to help manage my time and give me business advice

Client: Khomotso, Midrand  
I am experience job dissatisfaction and am hesitant to make necessary changes. Need help in consolidating available resources to make my next career move. …

Client: K, North Riding, Gauteng 
Attorney. About to be retrenched. Never enjoyed working in the legal field. Not sure whether to use this as an opportunity to find another job doing something …

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Client: Aurora Hill, Alberton, Gauteng 
I would like to train as a life coach in the future.

Client: Johan, Alberton, Gauteng 
I am a 40 year old white south african male who wants to make sense of the current climate in south africa.

Client: Kgopotso, Johannesburg 
Hi I really need a life coach who will help me gain more self confidence and leadership skills.

Client: Bonga Ngcobo, Johannesburg  
I'm really interested in life coaching and looking to learn more about it.

Client: Faith, Midrand, Gauteng 
Need someone to help me with my anxiety.

Trainee: Alida Brynard, Durbanville, W Cape 
Dear All, I am looking for volunteers to conduct Coaching Session 1 on Goal setting. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to meet and complete my …

Client: Amy Holden, Johannesburg 
I want to learn to deal with anxiety and stress using meditation and other alternative methods. I also want to gain more motivation and happiness through …

Client: Akhona, Gauteng 
I am an aspiring life coach, seeking experience on life coaching.

Client:Juanita Nell, Pretoria, Gauteng 
I am in the middle of a custody case, and also I would like to become a New Insights Life Coach.

Client: Haaniem, Cape Town 
Hi there, I would like to be a free volunteer client, where I am looking for a life coach for my child, who is in grade R. We live in Lotus Area, Cape …

Trainee: Debra Stevenson, Fourways, Gauteng 
Just joined the New Insights Life Coach Course, looking for eager and able clients who wish to journey the 14 weeks with me as your trainee. I have a strong …

Client: Lonza, Midrand 
I would like to be a volunteer, as I want to venture into a career of being a Life coach.

Client: Lucia, Midrand, Gauteng 
I am a trainee life coach with new insights and would like to receive life coaching. I want to get the feel of the course before I start practicing

Client: Pearl, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Since graduating I seem to have hit a brick wall and I am not sure where I should go in terms of my life and my career. The pursuit of the best version …

Client: Sarah, Kempton Park, Gauteng 
I would like help with personal development.

Trainee: Vaness Quinn, Boksburg, Gauteng 
If you are looking for direction and need help and guidance in any area of your life. Contact me for your free first session. …

Client: Tebogo, Johannesburg Central, Gauteng 
I would like to be guided on issues affecting my career and personal life. I am at a cross road and need to make some life changing decisions.

Client: Nashiyah, Cape Town 
I am 44 years old and a single mom of two. I have been single for 9 years and would really like to find love I came out of a bad relationship, could …

Client: Soul Center, Woodstock, Cape Town 
Soul Holistic Health & Healing Center in Woodstock is looking for a Trainee Life Coach who would like to gain practical experience by offering voluntary …

Client: Nana, Cape Town 
I am at a crossroads in my career and personal life and need some assistance.

Client: Helena, Noordhoek, Western Cape 
Hi there, I am interested in doing some life coaching around setting clear career intentions. I am working in the addiction field and I am finding myself …

Client: Lucky, Soweto 
im looking for a coach to help me to deal with my anger

Client: Chris Berriman, Ruimsig, Gauteng 
looking for a life coach to help get my life beliefs,mind set,habbits in order.

Client: Cindy, Jhb North, Gauteng  
Christian foundation life coach needed please

Client: Maverick, JHB South, Gauteng 
I have so many goals that I want to achieve however I find it difficult to find a balance. Hope that a life coach could help me direct my efforts to gain …

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Client: Jana, Durban 
No direction and a proscrastinator. Ininiate a program and never complete or follow up. Highly qualified in my field and get interviews however fail them …

Client: Suzan Herbert, White River, Mpumalanga 
I am hoping to do Life Coaching myself, and have made enquiries about the course. In 2018, there was a series of unforeseen events through which I returned …

Client: Danielle, Sandton, Gaiuteng 
I manage a team of 50 staff who are in the marketing and sales field and are agents who deal telephonic ally with the public. They are of all religions …

Client: Maria, Durbanville, Cape Town. 
I am interested in volunteering as a volunteer client. My ultimate goal is to help others but my life has been turned upside down and I'm struggling to …

Client: Tlhogi Rangaka, Vanderbijlpark 
My life feels stuck, I want to run my own company so bad, I have truckload of ideas and I need help to unlock them. I need to build my career, I need to …

Client: Kelly Gifford, Vredehoek, Cape Town 
I am 29 and in the process of starting my own company/considering being a life coach. I find myself excited to do new things, but struggle to keep momentum …

Client: Les Montana Pretoria 
Would love to clear/pave certain paths in my life and understand the type of person i am. Interested in the free 13 sessions

Client: Tshego Mosweu,klerksdorp,North west 
I am a qualified counselor and would love to run an npo and be self employed instead of working for the government, where do I begin

Client: Yonela, Centurion, Gauteng 
I need assist with finding my true career path,I'm currently depressed and unhappy with where I am and what I do. I have been changing jobs and still I …

Client: Spoki Nyati, Mdantsane, East London 
I need coaching to build up my self confidence and also for personal development

Client: Vesh, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I need coaching in all aspects of my life

Client: Presholin Govender, Roodepoort, Gauteng 
I would like to volunteer as a client

Trainee: Debbie McIntyre, Johannesburg, Gauteng 
Good day As a trainee life coach, my purpose is to assist others in achieving their dreams. Please contact me in order to make your dreams a reality. …

Client: Refilwe, Kempton Park 
I want a life coach to help me with my personality... I really want to learn how I can develop a strong personality and to not be so overly sensitive. …

Client, Thomas Matlakala, Polokwane, Limpopo 
Hi, I'm available for all 13 sessions. I can be contacted on 0729025783 or

Client: KB, Somerset West, W. Cape 
Hey I am a professional, but have so many passions. But currently I am in some kind of whole where I lost my will and passion to follow up on anything. …

Client: Nasy, Johannesburg 

Client: Prince, Johannesburg 
About 3 years ago I was addicted to crack Cocain for 14 years, I even lost my home. I got into depression and stayed on the streets cause I couldn’t face …

Client: Cheryl, Johannesburg 
Personal development coaching

Client: Reshni, Johannesburg 

Client: Gregory, Cape Town 
I am looking for a life coach to guide me through some life altering decisions that I need to make and in so doing hold me accountable to the change I …

Client: Emily, Orkney 
39year old married female in need of emotional intelligence training and communication skills

Client:Vongani Machimana, Kempton park, Gauteng 
I would like to participate on the Free coaching program, I am very eager with so many programs regarding women and youth empowerment and will use a push …

Client: Bernie, Randburg, Johannesburg 
Hi there I am looking for a coach that can assist me on building my confidence and learning to speak up at work. I am a young training manager and alot …

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Client: Lily, Claremont, W. Cape 
I'm a 27 year old woman looking for guidance with improving my focus in life. I'm a confident go-getter and have done many of the things I've wanted to …

Client: Salomia, Randburg, Gauteng 
Feeling stuck in life. Used to have goals and ambitions and always achieved those. However now I feel like I am shrinking and want to get back to being …

Client: Kentse Segwana, Bloemfontein, Free State 
I need to be a coached on how to kick start career in Coaching as I have done most of the basics and even marketing but fails just to start.

Client: Natasha Davis. Newclare, Johannesburg 
Good Day, I have always been very interested in life and relationship coaching. I truly believe that we are all placed here on earth to serve and assist …

Client: Timmy Cloete, Wellington, Western Cape 
I always wanted to become a life coach myself, but unfortunately financial position not so good.Have a full-time job but believe with life coaching I would …

Client: Mandie, Kempton Park 
I am a single mom with two boys. They fight all the time, does not listen and have no respect for me or my family

Sarah, KwaZulu-Natal 
Hi there, I have been considering training as a life coach with New Insights for a while now. I am passionate about helping people and have always wanted …

Client: Kaya Mangena, Roodepoort  
I need coaching on how to approach life. I'm 19 years old and I'm angry towards everyone. I'm going through a lot and blaming everyone.

Client: Kelly van der Westhuijzen, Sandton, Gauteng 
I have been retrenched and not wanting to work for someone but instead start my own thing that can hopefully employ others and feel a little stuck how …

Client: Japhtaline, Pretoria 
I'm offering my time and commitment. I'm japhtaline from Pretoria I'm 21 years old. I'm overweight and I'm looking to volunteer so that I can help myself …

Client: Nadia, Cape Town 
Hi, My name is Nadia, I am currently working in IT, however, I'm not sure if this is what I want to pursue. I enjoy working with people and I am really …

Client: Piyush Bansod, Mumbai, India 
I need to find a career meant for me. If you can help please message me :) thanks

Client: Bianca, Johannesburg 
Hi All I'm stuck in my life, in my career with a lack of self belief. I would really appreciate assistance. I'm very happy with a skype session, it …

Client: Laela, Khayelitsha 
I need to find a career meant for me. I would like to receive free coaching.

Client: Nikki, Location unknown 
I have been through life’s ups and downs I have been depressed and I have a lot of self doubt an I need a life coach I dnt no where to start putting my …

Clien: Khuli, Johannesburg 
Good day I like to have a free life coach. Let me know what you would need and how we can work it out Thank you

Client: Jane, Durban 
Warm Greetings I have bought a sub franchisee with INTESOL (Offer training to students to become teachers of English to speakers of other languages. …

Client: Lucia Bredenkamp, Cape Town 
I need assistance with career coaching. I have an eclectic academic background and more than 20 years working experience in an education setting. I need …

Client: Siphokazi, Somerset West 
I am Siphokazi and I based in Somerset-West. I am looking for a life coach and would love to avail myself for free coaching.

Trainee: Andre du Plessis, Boksburg, Gauteng 
I made the choice to become life coach as I do believe in second chances. Please join me on my journey to become a life couch. Let's find the real you …

Trainee: Moira le Roux, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. 
Hi My name is Moira and I have been studying for a few months. I am ready to give free life coaching (Especially for session 1 - which is the important …

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