Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


THE New Insights Life Coach Certification TRAINING Programme

Start your journey to successCongratulations! Your journey to become a successful, certified life coach starts right here!

You've made what could well be a life changing decision.

Just a few simple steps separate you from enrolling, and starting an enlightening and rewarding journey towards becoming a well trained, certified and successful life coach.

The New Insights enrolment process


Click the button below, only if you need to refresh your memory (page will open in a new window/tab). If you have already chosen your track please continue to the next step.

Certification Tracks


Click the button below, only if you need to refresh your memory (page will open in a new window/tab).
Then choose from the options listed below.

Fees & Payment Options

Option 1 Dark Blue and White


Benefit from a generous discount to secure our lowest fees.

Choose from two methods of payment, EFT/bank transfer OR Credit Card (Master/Visa only).

Within a day or two of you completing all steps in the relevant enrolment process, your full pack of training programme material will be dispatched by courier (The costs of delivery to destinations in South Africa and Africa are included in the programme fees advertised).

A receipted invoice will be included in your programme pack if you are taking delivery in SA. If we need to export the programme pack, your invoice will be emailed to you.

Please click on the green button below that represents your choice of payment method:

EFT / Bank Transfer

Click on the EFT payment button below. This will route you to a page with our banking details.

You can transfer the funds securely through your own Internet banking or mobile banking application.

Once this is done you should complete an online  registration form, (which will include delivery details for your programme material).

Pay Upfront by EFT

Credit Card payment is facilitated through a fully secure online payment gateway, managed by Adumo.

Click the button below to be routed to the payment page where you can process the payment.

Once that is successful, you should complete the online registration form (which will include delivery details for your programme material).

Pay Upfront by Credit Card

Option 2 Dark Blue and White


We offer you the option of five interest free Easy-Pay-Plans.

Each plan requires you to make upfront payment of a Registration Fee. This secures the delivery of your programme material pack so you can get started.

The balance of the Programme Fee is payable in monthly instalments, by debit order against either your bank account or a valid credit card (Master/Visa only). You can choose a period of either 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months.

Details of the minimum Registration Fee payable, and the amount of the subsequent monthly instalments can be found on the  Fees and Payment Options page of this website.

Easy-Pay-Plan step 1

Click on the button below to go to the E-P-P application form page, then complete and submit the application.

To approve your application we reserve the right to conduct a simple 'propensity-to-pay' credit check through the TransUnion credit bureau.

You should receive same day notification of approval. The process may take longer if your application is submitted late in the day, on a public holiday, or over a week-end.

Easy-Pay-Plan step 2

Once your application is approved we will send you a link to a special page on our website where you can pay the upfront registration fee.

Easy-Pay-Plan step 3

Upon approval we will also send you a partly pre-filled debit order mandate, which you will need to complete, sign and return to us.

More information is provided below.

Easy-Pay-Plan step 4

On the page that you access via the link we send you after approval (see Step 2) you will find an online registration form. You will need to complete and submit this to finalise your enrolment. (This is where you will provide  your delivery details).

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Apply for Easy-Pay-Plan


You can choose to have the debit order processed against a valid South African bank account OR a valid Master/Visa credit card (not debit card)

Our monthly debit orders are all processed on the first working day of each month.

As you will be required to pay the Registration Fee upfront, we offer you the flexibility to start paying the monthly instalments either in the month directly after you enrol, or the month following that.

For example, if you enrol and pay the Registration Fee in, say, mid October, you will have the choice to start the debit order instalments on either 1st November or 1st December.


If you are from a non African country, please visit the website for our sister company, New Insights UK, which handles all international enrolments, other than from the African continent.


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