Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


Are you passionate about human motivation and working with people to improve their lives? Mentoring and Life Coaching are both disciplines that would likely appeal to you ... but they are very different.

At New Insights, we don't offer courses in mentoring ... but we do provide world class training for what we believe is a truly exciting alternative.

have you considered life coaching?

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If you are someone who is passionate about working with and helping other people, then read on. It could well be that you are ideally suited to a career in life coaching!

Both mentoring and life coaching involve working closely with people, so in that sense they are similar disciplines ... but that's where the similarity ends.

Here is a brief summary of the major differences between mentoring and life coaching:





Commonly refer to the people they take under their wings and mentor, as 'mentees'.

Mentor and mentee usually enjoy senior and junior standings within the mentoring relationship.

Mentor imparts greater wisdom and experience to improve the mentee's undestanding and competence in a chosen field or area of life.

Mentor seeks to transfer, to the mentee, knowledge and expertise gained through substantial time and experience in the field,

Generally acts as a sounding board and adviser, providing guidance in an area of life or a career.

Aims to improve the mentee's prospects for developing a successful life or career, by offering sound advice and food for thought where needed.

Ultimate goal is to help their mentees grow and develop their knowledge and capabilities in a chosen field or area of life.


life coaching

Commonly refer to the people they coach as 'clients' or, sometimes, 'coachees'

Coach and client (or coachee) always enjoy an equal standing in the coaching relationship.

Life coach uses a range of tools and techniques to help clients to develop their self awareness, then recognise and harness their own inner power and talents.

Coach seeks to introduce the client to various concepts, tools, techniques and insights to promote his or her self empowerment.

Generally acts as a facilitator, holding the client to account in achieving what he or she has set out to.

Aims to help clients to achieve their dreams by showing them how to construct effective, meaningful goals and action plans to achieve them.

Ultimate goal is to help their clients find their purposes in life and then live purpose-driven lives that are rewarding and fulfilling.


Hopefully, you are getting the idea that whereas mentoring is largely 'advice and guidance' oriented, life coaching is more 'personal-transformation' oriented.

Mentoring involves transference of knowledge and skill from outside, whereas life coaching involves growth and development from within.

Mentoring is often more informal in nature and offered voluntarily as a way of giving back to younger, less experienced or less advantaged people. Life coaching, on the other hand, generally involves a formal contractual relationship with market related fees being charged for coaching services.

WOULD YOU BE interested in exploring life coaching further?

We hope you have found this brief comparison between mentoring and life coaching interesting and that we have whetted your appetite for more information.

If, after your research you decide on becoming a life coach we strongly recommend you choose comprehensive and reputable training such as that offered by New Insights. This will involve a journey of substantial personal growth, development and exposure to powerful tools and techniques to get more from life.

On this website you can find out more about what life coaching is and what life coaches do .

Or you can find out more about our acclaimed and accredited life coach certification training programme.

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