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An online place FOR TRAINEES AND COACHES to learn, share and grow

get connected through the forum

The Forum is an online platform exclusively for New Insights trainee and certified coaches.

Use this facility to connect with others, learn from them, share your own views and experiences and grow as a trainee or certified life coach.

On The Forum you can:

  • Search for exisiting answers to questions you may have about the Programme.
  • Ask questions about parts of the Programme or seek advice or assistance.
  • Offer support and advice to others.
  • Share what works for you and what doesn't work for you in your study routine or in your coaching practice.
  • Provide hints and tips to other coaches or trainees.
  • Make requests of New Insights.
  • And much more...

There’s only one rule…

Please be constructive. Act in the spirit of promoting improved coaching and coaching standards in whatever you write. That's it!

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