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In the personal coaching business prospective clients are, in our experience, far more interested in a coach's track record than the type of certificate or  or accreditation that the coach may hold, even though these may act as a feel good factor for the coach.

A client's decision to hire a life coach is primarily influenced by whether the life coach can demonstrate that he or she has achieved positive results for other clients. Authenitic testimonials and endorsements are therefore the primary driver of business in this industry.

For this reason, New Insights training prioritises the ability to consistently deliver really great results for clients. By doing so we ensure our trainees have the very best chance of sustaining successful practices.

With that truth having been expressed, we hold some pretty impressive endorsements and accreditations which we would like you to be aware of:

The cpd standards office


In May 2014, after a rigorous assessment process, New Insights was awarded formal accreditation by the CPD Standards Office, an international, independent accreditation board based in the UK, that accredits high quality training and learning courses and activities.

New Insights has maintained this sought after accreditation since then and is CPD  registered provider number 21078.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and the CPD Standards Office is overseen by an Expert Advisory Board comprising professional experts drawn from academia, employers and professional bodies and works with the support of an increasing number of professional bodies, universities and employers.

This is a prestigious award and bears testament to the comprehensive nature and high quality of the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme.

CPD accreditation is reviewed every two years.

You are welcome to verify New Insights' CPD status by clicking here.

International coaches register


ICR – an international coach representative body with a vibrant branch in South Africa – certifies professional coaches and their companies worldwide and is 100% independent

In May 2016, New Insights joined the International Coaches Register (ICR) and was awarded Accredited Agency status. As a result, New Insights certified coaches are readily accepted and welcomed as members of this dynamic and progressive international coaching body.

ICR Coach Register is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a subsidiary of Global Network Group and supervised by the ICC Council.

You can verify New Insights' status with the ICR by clicking here.

coaches and mentors association of South africa (COMENSA)

coach training provider - SILVER STATUS APPLICANT

The Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa is the pre-eminent  representative body for coaches, mentors and associated training institutes in southern Africa.

COMENSA's mission is to support professional practice and a learning culture in coaching and mentoring through standards and ethics.

New Insights has been a member of COMENSA since 2007 (just a year after it was founded) and is recognised as a coach training provider in good standing.

New Insights trainee coaches are welcomes as student members of COMENSA and certified coaches are welcome to apply for registered member status of the body.

Our programme has been designed to impart all of the COMENSA behavioural standards or competencies. As such, we are currently in the process of applying for Silver Level CTP status.

You can verify New Insights' membership of COMENSA by clicking here.



The ACCPH is the UK's professional body for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and clinical hypnotherapists.

ACCPH's accreditation involves a robust and rigorous quality audit by their inspectors to ensure the minimum quality is met at all times.

In February 2016 New Insights underwent a quality check to ensure that we, and the certification programme we offer, meets specific quality criteria as required by ACCPH.

We were awarded the prestigious Level 5 Diploma status and received great praise for the quality, breadth and depth of our programme.

Our certified coaches are entitled to join the ACCPH as accredited members.

You can verify our status with the ACCPH by visiting their Members Directory by clicking on the 'member' image below.

Alternatively,  scan the QR code below to be taken to our ACCPH directory listing:

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