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The wonderful resources that we have presented below all form part of – and can be found in – the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme.

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The ULTIMATE Marketing System for coaches and small businesses

This is one of the most favourite life coach resources we offer. We like it so much we include it with our life coach training home study course!

Alexi Neocleous presents An Incredible Formula That Will Double Your Profits In 180 Days Or Less!

Don't miss this powerhouse marketing system for coaches and small business owners.

Coach Resources: Kaizen Marketing System

A Website for Coaches that Really SELLS!

As a practising life coach you need a website that works hard for you.

You want a site that you can easily build, maintain and expand yourself. Maximum flexibility and maximum affordability.

We think we've found the perfect website for coaches. After all, why build just a website when you can build a web business?

Coach Resources

Is SALES just a four letter word to you?

It needn't be - and it shouldn't be.

We supply a comprehensive Sales Training Manual with our home study programme as part of our commitment to provide quality life coach resources. It incorporates many proven techniques for helping coaches dramatically grow their client base.

Call it 'The Art of Selling for Coaches'!

Coach Resources: Selling for Coaches

The ONLY five ways to grow your Coaching Business

Here are the five most important ways in which you can grow your Life Coaching practice.

Take action to grow each one and watch your business really take off!

Coach Resources

The secret to getting FREE PUBLICITY

Find out the ultimate insider secret to getting free publicity for your practice.

This is another of our power packed life coach resources offered in the hope of making your business a roaring success. It's a must read for life coaches and any other small business owners

Coach Resources

How to add VOLUME and TIME options to your coaching practice

Think that the only thing you do is Coach?

Think again!

Coach Resources

Host Beneficiary Relationships

This inexpensive but oh-so-effective marketing strategy has been the cornerstone of many Life Coach success stories!

Coach Resources: Host beneficiary relationships

How to compute the LIFE TIME VALUE of your clients

What's a client REALLY worth to you?

Once you understand this little known secret you’ll never look at a client the same way again!

Coach Resources

How to use TESTING to grow your business

Save thousands of Rands in your marketing!

Avoid wasting valuable marketing Rands with this sure-fire success tip!

Coach Resources: Testing for success

How to UPSELL your clients

“Would you like Fries with that?”

The six little words that added 15% to the McDonalds Business!

Learn how to increase your transaction values by RRR!

Coach Resources

Goal setting and INTENT

Use these Master Life Coach techniques to compel your clients towards their Goals.

Coach Resources

How to use the brain to create life long CHANGE for coaching clients

Using the brain's innate changing abilities.

This ex F.B.I. technique is so simple it will amaze you, but when you implement it into your Coaching Practice the results will speak for themselves.

Coach Resources

How to use SCARCITY to sell

Learn and use this MASTER selling strategy NOW!

But use these tactics with caution!

Coach Resources

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