Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

2010 - A Year To...?

by JM Groenewald
(Nelspruit, almost Mossel Bay)

2010 - A year to be proud of.

2010 was by far the most fearful, challenging, nail biting, hard working, exiting, goal bashing, victorious year in the last... well, since I was born.

I achieved in the last 6 months more than in my whole life. This all was achieved by being constantly reminded by extremely cool things like New Insights programs and news letters and inspirational briefs and motivational material, famous quotes and a personal change and constant reminder, to my self, that the "me" comes first and all the other staff comes 1.5st, not second but almost 1st, and to spiritually manifest what you need, desire and deserve, but only if you worked for it, and it all just fell in to place.

The last most important thing I learned this year is that everything that happens is not aimed at you, it is just an event... what you do with it is the live enhanced changing or destroying effect you put on your self and others. I love my wife, my kids, my neighbours my friends my foes and the most important, I LOVE MY SELF.

Hope you have a prosperous, hard working, exciting, nail biting, love filled, edge driving, joyful, dust biting, fabulous new year.

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2010 - A Year to... learn from

by Greg Schuurman
(Cape Town)

2010 held numerous revelations for my personal & professional life. It was a roller-coaster ride that saw big highs & painful lows as I reflect on the the goals I had set out for myself. The following may seem trivial & humorous to most but gave me the big kick in the rear I needed for a successful future.

What I learnt:

- Value & maintain your relationships.
I suffered an underhanded sabotage from subordinates who were hell bent on exposing my apparent lack of management ability. I had to rebuild their trust in me which took months but could have been avoided.

- Cherish your loved ones.
Through inaction I almost lost complete touch with my family. These are the people who took care of me through almost every adversity.

- Respect the expectations of your spouse.
I have let her down too many times which could have ended our marriage. I realized that I had taken her commitment for granted.

- Live your own life, not others'.
I have been pining over 12 brilliant business ideas for more than 6 years which I still have not put into action. I had to decide between pleasing those around me or getting on with my dream life.

- Listen to your own advise
While I shared pearls of wisdom with others freely I finally decided to practice what I preached.

- Act Now!
I got too busy doing the things that were not serving me in reaching my full potential & my goals.

All of the above were the most threatening learnings I have made this year. As we are launched into another silly season this one feels very different to the previous 35 I have been through. This one feels good. It's the one where I know where I am going & what I need to do, despite being scared out of my mind for the upcoming change. I can't wait!!

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2010 - A Year To...

by Monique

Very thought provoking, I have had a particularly 'hard' year and have worked hard on not picking up a 'Victim' attitude. 2011 is already looking good!!!

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2010: For me a year to remember


Hi Bill, for years I have tried to figure out what kind of a career I can follow with my passion to help people to improve their lives, and in December I discovered your website, and I just know this is what I want to do. So I will remember 2010 as the year that started a new career for me.

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