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More trainee life coaches is not only good for our business but it is good  for our mission of bringing greater Freedom, Confidence and Growth to
people from all walks of life.

If you love what we have to offer and are prepared to act as an advocate for us then we'd like to reward you with the opportunity to earn
generous advocacy fees.

Please familiarise yourself fully with the scheme before registering!

What is this scheme?

It's a simple way to reward people like yourself for encouraging others to enrol in the New Insights Africa Life Coach Training and Certification Programme.


Any New Insights trainee life coach or certified life coach who is in good standing with New Insights Africa and who holds a South African bank account.

Unfortunately, because of the cost and practicalities associated with international transfers, the scheme is only available to those with valid South African bank accounts.

What reward is on offer?

If you are deemed to have a significant influence on the decision of a third party to enrol for our Life Coach Certification Training Programme we will reward you with a cash amount of:


who will be the judge of what consitutes 'significant influence'?

We leave that decision to the person who enrols for our certification training programme.

In other words, our customer (the enrolling party) will be the sole arbiter.

This will help make things simple and prevent any confusion and possible  misunderstandings.

how will this work in practice?

It's pretty simple.

Prospective trainees are required to complete an online registration form as part of the process of enrolling for our certification training.

On that form, we include a Yes/No question in which we ask whether a New Insights trainee or certified coach played a significant role in – or had a significant influence on – the decision to enrol.

If the prospective trainee answers 'Yes', he or she is then asked to put forward the name and/or email address of the trainee or coach involved in advocating us.

If your name and/or email address is put forward – and providing that you had previously registered for our advocacy scheme, then you'll qualify for the reward!

If you register with the scheme only after the online registration form is submitted, then you will not qualify for a reward in respect of that new enrolment.

form extract

This is what the question looks like on the registration form

Does it make any difference whether the prospect enrols on the classic or pro option?

No, the fee is the same regardless of which option/track the prospect chooses.

when is payment of the fee made?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to trainees who register with us.

Therefore, we will wait for at least 30 days to pass after enrolment before paying out.

We'll make every effort to pay within two weeks after that period has passed.

how will payment of the fee be made?

We'll pay by Electronic Funds Transfer into the bank account that you provide us with details for.

What if the NEW TRAINEE registers and chooses to pay in instalments using AN Easy-Pay-Plan?

That won’t affect the referral fee payable :-)

Are there any Terms & Conditions?

Just a few simple ones (what would any scheme be without Ts & Cs?)

Basically, we want to keep things as simple as possible and free from any potential misunderstandings, misgivings, 'ifs', 'buts' and/or 'he said ... she said' debates. :-)

  • We think it goes without saying … but you should make no false claims or unethical interventions or approaches to anyone to entice them into enrolling for our certification training.  Encourage in good spirit and with good grace! ☺ ☺
  • You must hold a valid South African bank account
  • You must be a trainee or certified coach in good standing with New Insights to qualify to register for the scheme initially and then you must be in good standing to qualify for any advocacy fee payout (by 'good standing' we mean that your training fees and/or coach subscriptions are fully paid up, that you are not in dispute with new Insights and that you have not been 'blacklisted' for breaching our code of ethics).
  • Other than the above, your entitlement to the advocacy fee will depend solely on whether you had registered with this scheme prior to the prospect enrolling and whether the prospect listed your name and/or email address on the registration form as described above.
  • No prior registration – no qualification for the reward.
  • No customer endorsement of your efforts – no qualification for the reward.
  • No debate or discussion is to be entered into after the fact, either with New Insights or with the newly enrolled trainee.

Simple. Practical.

We hope you'll agree!


Just complete the form below (fields marked * must be completed).

Please note that from time to time we get requests from prospects to be connected with trainee or certified life coaches in order to get their objective views on our training and support.

We are considering – in the short-term future – listing the names, photographs and qualification dates of our top advocates on our website, together with a contact form which would allow us to route any genuine enquiries to advocates

In the form below, you can choose whether or not to allow us to list your profile on a 'Meet our Top Advocates' page on our website. Your email address and/or contact details will not be disclosed.

If you agree to this, your chances of qualifying for the advocacy fee are likely to increase through exposure to interested prospects.