Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Certification Process

For the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme

New Insights life coach certification aims to impart and encourage a level of Awareness, Knowledge, Skill and Experience, sufficient to ensure trainees are equipped to act as sound, reliable and effective life coaches.

The certification process is designed to produce quality life coaches confident and capable of helping New Insights deliver on its mission of bringing Freedom, Confidence and Growth to people from all walks of life.

Our CLASSIC coach certification process consists of three primary elements.

Our PRO coach certification adds a further two elements.

The Code of Ethics

Trainees are required to read, familiarise themselves with and then sign a declaration binding them to adhere to a code of ethics in their practice of the New Insights life coaching system.

This code is based on the code of ethics set out by the Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa (COMENSA) but has been specifically adapted for the purposes of life coaching.

Skills Training Theory

Trainees are required to demonstrate that they have a sound understanding of the theory that is imparted in the skills training programme. This is tested in two ways:


Upon completion of each of the seven skills training modules, the trainee is required to complete and submit a self-test assignment which is then reviewed for thoroughness by New Insights before model answers are issued.


The exam is constructed in two parts and covers all seven skills training modules. The first part is an online mutiple choice type exam and the second is an open question style exam. Together these take up to four hours to complete.

The exam may be written at any time after completion of the seven self tests, the code of ethics declaration and a small number of practice coaching sessions.

The pass mark is 70%.

In the event of the trainee failing the exam, it may be re-written after a further two month revision period has elapsed. A maximum of two re-writes are allowed.

Practice Coaching

Practice coaching is an important part of the certification process as this is where the trainee gets to practice the skills that he or she has learnt – and gets to develop familiarity with the New Insights Life Coaching System.

Sessions One and Two of the New Insights coaching programme (Introduction and goal setting) are, arguably, the ones the trainee needs to be most skilled at at the outset of his/her coaching practice as it will determine whether the client signs on for the full programme of coaching. For this reason these sessions are given greater emphasis.

There are two parts to the Practice coaching:

(a) Session One/TWO

The trainee is required to complete five separate Session One/Twos with five different practice clients. Each dual session needs to be substantiated by an electronic feedback form sent in by the client.

These forms are reviewed by New Insights and passed back to the trainee. Any points of consistent weakness or areas needing improvement may need to be addressed before continuing.

(b) Full Programme

The trainee is required to find two coaching clients who will volunteer to complete the full fifteen session New Insights coaching programme. Close family members and/or other trainee coaches or coaches cannot be selected for this purpose.

Practice clients are required to submit electronic feedback forms after Session One/Two, in mid-programme and again at the completion of the programme.


The trainees is required to complete one free-form session (unstructured and without the use of the New Insights System) with one client who is then required to submit feedback to New Insights.


Each trainee life coach is required to complete and submit a self reflection questionnaire on completion of all other requirements.

Coaching Competency Assessment (PRO option only)

Trainees are required to make and submit a recording of a dual Session One/Two  to New Insights for review and assessment.

New Insights reserves the right to request the recording of an additional session or sessions should the trainee be unable to demonstrate the required competencies from the evidence already provided.

Undergoing full programme coaching as a coachee (PRO option only)

Trainees are required to complete the full fifteen-session New Insights coaching programme (as coachees) with their assigned mentor coaches and submit proof of completion to New Insights.

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