Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Change the World: Paradigm shift

by Allan Cameron

Hi Bill

This morning's newsletter abouit changing the world has come at a time that I have been asking that very question of myself. Strangely enough, I do believe the a single person can affect changes to their respective worlds and, yes, we CAN change the world.

I found myself asking the question: "Do I want to change the world?" My answer to myself is, "Yes!" - very emphatically

Over the last few weeks, i have started writing what will ultimately be available as an e-book. It is all about changing the thought paradigms that we all have been caught up with all our lives. Those paradigms that don't serve us have been passed down to us from various sources and we've just accepted them, rather than challenging them.

I am having so much fun writing this book. I hope to share it with you shortly.

Success and take care
Allan Cameron

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Feb 16, 2011
Change the World: I am proud...
by: Mikyd510

I am not good at correctly writing & sharing my motivations... However I am a strong believer that changes starts within & all individual good changes have a positive direct impact on the world... If we all live more positively we can accomplish so much more... My dream is to see our prisons become more libraries (good knowledge) instead of jail cells... God Bless!

Jan 21, 2011
Paradigm shifted.
by: Vaughan Proctor

This is a topic I love talking about, because I often hear people say things like 'how can I make a difference'.

In taking responsibilty for my life and understanding the power of manafestation in this world, I have realised that I have been making a difference since the day I was born(although not always a good one).

Everything that I have thought, said and done has been forming my life and effecting the world around me.
Everything that I have manafested, both positive or negative, has had a ripple effect on the world around me.
Everything that I do now and do tomorrow will keep effecting the world around me.

Armed with the knowledge of how powerfull I am as an individual in this world and realising the responsibility that goes with such power, the question I ask takes things a step further...

Instead of asking myself if I can make a difference, my questions are rather, 'Am I happy with the difference that I am making?', 'What difference am I making?' or 'What difference will I make?'

...and even as I write this I know that I am making a difference in the world that I am proud of and that will have a ripple effect that I cannot begin to imagine!

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