Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


by Frans

Hi Bill,

What an exciting article, even if it sounds a bit cliched to the unbelievers.

I am a Quality Manager / Internal Auditor in the travel industry, so I have a lot to do with coaching & training. I have sent my wife a constant stream of your articles, and she got so excited about it to the extent that she has now finished the first phase of life coach training.

In conjunction with the training, she set as an experiment about goals: to find a dream career within a year. She figured if she was going to make a good Life coach, she would have to walk the talk, and show proof of being adept at setting, monitoring and achieving her goals.

After our initial one year planning and saving, she resigned from the job she had in the travel industry, and started focussing on interviews with airlines. She had a specific airline on the top of her list.

My wife is mature, and although she is well travelled and has a solid career grounded in the tourism industry, it remained a huge challenge to get a job or a career with an airline.

I am very proud to say that she started her first day at the airline on Monday 17 Janury 2011, two and a half months before the initial deadline for reaching her goal. The job that she got, is with the airline on top of her list.

She is now on the airline training program, but once settled, her idea is to to promote her Life coaching skills both within her industry, as well as to set up a private practise. Coaching had become a life style for her. The experiment with goal setting worked, and had changed our lives forever.

I thought it very important to let you know about the massive changes you are bringing about without knowing about it. This is just our lives, what about the thousands of other lives you have touched in a profound way, and don't know about? Try and picture them all Bill. It should be a glorious sight.

Keep on changing the world in the massive way you have been doing.

God bless, and kind regards.

Frans Jones

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