Host Beneficiary Relationships
Your Partners In Profit!

How to use host beneficiary relationships to generate SEVEN times more clients than through conventional means ... Do you know of someone who offers a product or service that is complementary to yours? For example, if you are a practising life coach and someone you know runs a health and wellness centre, you could develop a successful host beneficiary relationship with them.

One of the most powerful ways to get extra clients is to form a host beneficiary relationship with a complementary service provider. It works like this:

This is Word of Mouth Advertising At It’s Best!

1. Approach a non-competitive company and offer them a special promotion to use their database of clients.

2. Tell them that you are a non-competitive industry and that together you could create a lot of extra profits for each other

3. Get the host to try your products for free to remove any pre-conceived fears

4. Show the host how great you are and show them the high level of customer service you will provide to his/her clients

Partner with Your Friends Or Clients

5. Create an offer that shows incredible value (I give 10% of the profit from each new client that the host helps me get, to the host)

6. Tell the host you will do all the work, and you will run all the letters by them for their final approval 7. Let the host control the money and pay them (trust them even if they don’t trust you)

8. If possible get the host to endorse your product.

It’s Simple To Do

9. Mail out a sales letter to the host's database of clients and slash your marketing costs in half!

I always project out into the future and say to the client "If my calculations are correct I should be handing you a cheque for Rands X in 6 months time. What could you buy with an extra Rands X?"

It also works in reverse as well. You become the host, they use your database to sell to your clients, and you get the windfall profits!

Now, who could you get into a Host Beneficiary relationship with?

The material above has been extracted from the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme ... the perfect way to train to become a Life Coach in your own time and at your own pace.


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