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We are proud to offer two complimentary life coaching ebooks, which are essential reading for anyone considering a career in life coaching and wanting world-class training that is internationally accredited, convenient, highly effective and yet affordable.

DESIGNED TO answer all your questions

Our two life coaching ebooks have been specifically designed to provide honest answers to all the questions you may have about:

  • the life coaching training that we offer for those seeking to become successful and respected  professional life coaches.

In the more than 15 years we have been established, New Insights has trained people all over the world to become life coaches.

We've put our years of experience into these two bang up to date 30-page life coaching ebooks, written in Question & Answer format. These ebooks  are freely available to you, in exchange for joining our mailing list.

You can read more about the key contents of each ebook below:

life coaching ebooks

These two informative 30-page life coaching ebooks are yours to download free of charge when you join our mailing list (see below)

life coaching Ebook 1:
ALL about life coaching

In life coaching ebook 1, you'll find honest and comprehensive answers
to questions like these:

What is Life coaching all about?
What it is, how it differs from counselling, therapy, mentoring and other disciplines, and why it offers the prospects of  a unique and wonderful career,  either part- or full-time.

What does it take to become a great Life Coach?
The qualities you require and the type and nature of training that is needed.

How do you know if you are cut out to be a life coach?
Includes two questionnaires you can answer to help you decide.

Can you make a serious  career out of life coaching?
Includes discussion on the demand and supply for life coaching, how to specialise in certain niches, how to be sure of getting clients and what you can expect to earn.

Do you really have it within you to be a life coach?
Tackles the most common myths and limiting beliefs that people have about their ability to coach professionally.

life coaching ebook 2:

In life coaching ebook 2, you'll find honest and comprehensive answers
to questions like these:

Who or what exactly is New Insights?
All about our business, our principles, where we operate and our unique home study based training approach.

What makes New Insights training not only different but a cut above the rest?
Our philosophy, various points of uniqueness, accreditations, proprietary transformational coaching system and much more.

What does the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme involve?
The various elements of our world-class Programme, how you can  enrol when it suits you, the time and investment (fees) required, key topics covered, our means of assessment and much more.

What level of support and assistance do we offer both during and after certification?
How we go above and beyond the rest in supporting you and helping you to plan, promote and maintain a successful life coaching practice.

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At this stage, I am just curious to find out more about life coaching. What does it involve and what do life  coaches do?

I'm primarily looking for an awesome personal development programme that will help me grow, develop and take wings! If that opens up a new career opportunity in life coaching, then I see that as an added benefit.

I am looking for a small but potentially lucrative business opportunity that I can ideally run from home, and I want to find out whether life coaching, and New Insights life coaching in particular, meets my needs.

I am considering a new part– or full-time career in life coaching but need to address some uncertainties like:  Am I really cut out to be a life coach? What  does it takes to become a life coach? Can I make a decent living from life coaching?

I have done my research and have definitely decided that I want to become a life coach. I now need some help to decide why and whether I should choose to train with New Insights.

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