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THE New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme


Please - no speculative applications!

We ask you to proceed with this application only once you have made a firm decision to enrol with us and are ready, willing and able to complete the process within three working days of your application being approved.

Steps in enrolment when paying with Easy-Pay-Plan

INSTRUCTIONS for applying

On this page you will complete STEP 1 as listed in the diagram above.

Has another person has agreed to take responsibility for sponsoring payment on your behalf? If so, please request your sponsor to complete the application form that follows. 

Please note that you need to complete all four steps to trigger the courier delivery of your programme material so you can get started.


Before proceeding, both you (and your sponsor, if applicable) should read our  simple Terms & Conditions of registration and enrolment. You will be asked to agree to these on the online registration form that you will complete after approval of this application. 

Easy-pay-plan application form

You (or your sponsor, if applicable) should complete the application form that follows.

We will email you to let you know once your application has been approved. This normally takes just a few hours but may take up to two days, particularly if you apply outside of normal working hours.

Approval is valid for three working days (unless you agree other arrangements with us). Our approval email will contain further instructions on how to complete the three remaining steps in your enrolment, viz.:

  • STEP 2: Payment of the minimum upfront amount (registration fee).
  • STEP 3: Submission of a completed debit order mandate.
  • STEP 4: Completion of our online registration form.

Please complete this online form.