The New Insights Africa
Referral Scheme

Sign up for our referral scheme and start earning some extra cash by introducing others to the benefits of life coach training with New Insights.

What is this scheme?

A simple means to reward existing New Insights trainees and coaches for introducing new trainees to us.

What’s the reason behind it?

New Insights spends a relatively substantial amount of money on marketing in order to attract new people to register for our training programme.

However, we know the most effective marketing takes the form of word of mouth endorsements from people like you who know us and what we have to offer.

So we believe it makes sense to channel some of our marketing spend in your direction!

What’s in it for me?

A referral fee in the form of a cash reward for introducing someone to New Insights, who later decides to register as a new trainee (i.e. someone who purchases the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme after being introduced by you).

What is the referral fee?

We’ve structured the fee into three levels (this gives a little added incentive for you to ‘climb the rungs’):

Trainee coach – R300

Certified Coach (Classic/Pro level) – R500

Certified Coach (Elite/VIP level) – R750

Does the referral fee differ depending on the course option the prospect registers for?

No, the fee is the same for both CLASSIC and PRO option registration.

How does the scheme work?

It’s very simple.

All we require you to do is to get your prospective trainee to request our comprehensive free report by completing our online request form (or you can do it for them provided you have his or her approval).

You then make sure you include your name and email address in the field that is marked ‘Please leave blank (for New Insights use)’.

The prospect will then automatically be entered on our database, with you flagged as the referring party - and if he or she goes on to register (purchase the training programme) within 12 months, we will pay you the referral fee!

Once you sign up for the scheme, we'll send you a link to download a document with the information provided on this page as well as detailed instructions on how to request free reports for your prospects.

What if I have my own coaching website?

Even better.

If you are a practising New Insights certified coach with your own website, you can also request us to provide you with the Report request form code (already hard coded with your name as the referring party).

That way you can promote our Free Report from your website and attract prospects automatically through your own site without lifting another finger!

Are there any Terms & Conditions?

Just a few simple ones (what would any scheme be without Ts & Cs?)

  • We think it goes without saying … but you should make no false claims or unethical approaches to anyone to entice them into requesting our free report against their will or best judgement ☺

  • The referral scheme will only apply when the above procedure has been followed. Introducing prospects to us via email or other means will not count.

  • If the prospect that you introduce already happens to be on our database at the time, then the referral scheme will not apply to you (prospects must be introduced for the first time, by you)

  • The referral fee will only be paid in respect of prospects who register within 12 months of your first introduction.

  • You will be paid the referral fee that is appropriate to your status at the time that you first introduce the prospect.

  • You must be a trainee or coach in good standing with New Insights to qualify for the scheme initially and then you must be in good standing to qualify for any referral fee payout (by good standing we mean that your training and/or subscriptions are fully paid up and you are not in dispute with new Insights)

  • We won’t entertain any claims for referral fees relating to prospects, trainees or coaches already on our database prior to the launch of this scheme.

When does the referral fee become payable?

At the end of the month following the month in which the prospect registers.

Why is it not paid immediately?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to trainees who register with us. We will only pay out the referral fee once the guarantee period has passed and provided that the new trainee is still registered with us then.

What if the prospect registers and chooses to pay in installments using the Easy-Pay-Plan?

That won’t affect your referral fee :-)

How do I sign up?

Just complete the form below (fields marked * must be completed):

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