Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


Through my life I have encountered many people with similar attitudes as Sue and Jared.
They have pre-empt ideas of life and of their life expectancies.

The most amazing thing that you can do for yourself is to sit down and ask yourself: What have I been doing in the past year that have contributed to my failure and feelings of unhappiness? Then, ask yourself the second question: What can I do to change that?

Make a list of the negative things that have happened in your life and try and pinpoint the reasons that led to the negative experience. What can you learn from that, and how can you change your attitude, your actions during an experience and your re-actions afterward. Analyse it with a clear and open mind and dont feel sorry for yourself.

Start looking at yourself through the eyes of Jesus who loved you so much that he willingly gave His life for you. Tell yourself that you must be someone special for someone to have paid such a special price for you.

Then carefully plan your new life and with a changed attitude of self worth you will be successful in anything that you take on, be it in your relationships, your profession or self esteem

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