Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

The Art of Selling YOUR SERVICES for LIFE Coaches

Advanced Sales Strategies to Grow your Business Exponentially!

Sales strategies for life coaches

Is Sales a Four Letter Word to you?

Understanding the art of selling your services is essential for coaches who are serious about growing their practices.

When two people are new to a romantic relationship they tend to do lots of good stuff for each other; giving presents of flowers and chocolates, telling each other how much they love them, going to movies and candle lit dinners together, etc. etc..

Without even trying, they hit each others' hot buttons!

Now when we say HOT BUTTONS, we mean those specific things that let the partners know they are loved (think auditory, kinaesthetic, visual, etc.). In other words, they are meeting the rules that those partners have set for feeling loved.

An example of a rule for feeling loved is being told how much you are loved! (This is quite typical of auditory types who like to talk a lot!)

However, as time goes on and the romantic relationship matures, the partners slowly start to do a little less for each other until, finally, each partner starts to do for their counterpart what they like done to them (i.e. meeting their own rules for feeling loved, not their partner's rules).

The upshot is that each partner feels that they are no longer loved as much by the other - and the “spark” is gone! ('Spark' being that particular thing that makes them feel loved!)

Creating a sales relationship is the same. (No, we're not suggesting you flirt with your clients!)

You have to hit all the buttons there are, until you find the one that works for your potential new client; (not the one you think is right for him or her but the one that makes him or her want to do business with you .

Once you've found the hot button, keep hitting it!…

Simple, really!

So how do you find your client's HOT BUTTONS ...

 ... and harness the power of Rapport Building to get your prospects to open up to you and begin to reveal the real them?

Hot Buttons, Rapport Building - it's all part of the Art of Selling your Services ...

...and the Art of Selling your Services is just one of the many things you will learn in the acclaimed New Insights Life Coach Training & Certification Programme.

The Programme includes an entire manual called Selling Your Services. This is, in effect, a comprehensive sales training manual, specifically for life coaches. The material above has been extracted from that manual.

Information extracted from the Life Coaching Business Practice Support material included in the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme

Life coaching business practice support material

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