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test for success

Testing, Testing: One, Two, Free!

Why is it so important to 'test for success'?

Well, a significant business transaction could be regarded as one of the largest social psychology experiment known to man!

The myriad of emotions that are brought to the fore when you make that unconscious decision to buy, are enough to have Freud writhing in pleasure as his Oedipus theory is washed and left to dry right next to Jung’s archetypes…

You have in your power, the ability to test every single aspect of your business appeal ... from what your clients think as they walk in your door or call your office, to the look and feel of your website.

And guess what, it all matters!!

That’s right. It all makes a difference to how your client ultimately feels about you and your practice.

Think about this ...

Making a single word change to a promotional headline can make a difference that is nothing short of dramatic when it comes to your ability to attract clients. That's why we say TEST FOR SUCCESS!

Here's an example from the insurance industry.

Sales generated from an advert with this title:

“Auto insurance at lower rates if you are a careful driver”

significantly outperformed the sales generated by this one:

”How to turn your careful driving into money” ...

... to the tune of a massive 1200%!

In other words, the second advert received twelve times as many responses as the first! And remember, both adverts cost the same amount of money to design and run.

So, quite clearly, if you're not testing the pulling power of your promotions, you sure as heck should be!

But what exactly should you test for success?

Here are some of the aspects of your offer and promotions that you can consider testing:

• Guarantees

• Sales pitch

• Advert headlines

• Website colours

• Fees

• Product and service packaging (or tailoring)

• Mailing lists

Test, test, test FOR SUCCESS!

Are you really willing to forego the opportunity to get more clients simply because you didn’t test something different?

The best way to test for success is to establish a control and then test different versions against that control.

For example, if you have compiled a mailshot, test different versions against your original mailshot (or control).

Only test one change (e.g. title, colouring, format) at a time, otherwise you risk not knowing what made the difference when a new version outperforms the control.

Always test on a small scale. If you are doing a mailing to 3,000 people, then test four lots of 250 names first. Then run the best one on the remainder of the list. At least that way you can be sure that what is going out is currently the highest performing version.

Or test one scripted presentation against another. After all, if one presentation will close more sales than another, wouldn’t you want to know?

Oh, and whatever you feel is your optimum fee, probably isn’t! You will never know unless you test it and see! Small, inexpensive tests will result in valuable information that will lead to increased income.

When you begin to test every aspect of your business offering, you’ll be amazed at the additional income and profit just waiting to be discovered.

What could you test for success in your life coaching practice?

Information extracted from the Life Coaching Business Practice Support material included in the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme

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