Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


VIP life coach identifierOur Valued Independent Partner Coaches



Don't worry - none of our VIP Coaches have big egos!

VIP stands for Valued Independent Partner (not Very Important Person)! We coined the term to show  respect for their independence (they are not employees) and the value they offer to us as externally contracted partners.

Our VIPs are all very experienced coaches. They originally qualified at the PRO level and went on to receive advanced training in coaching and mentoring, using the New Insights Life Coaching System.

Our VIP coach appointments are made by personal invitation only. We choose only those coaches with an impeccable reputation, a passion for coaching and a deep understanding of New Insights, our Life Coaching System and our training methods.


As a trainee life coach, who has enrolled in the PRO certification track, you are encouraged to browse the summary profiles of our VIP Coaches  (shown in alphabetical order of surname below) and  submit to us a shortlist of your top three preferences.

If needs be, you can glean even more information on a specific coach by clicking through to a more detailed profile hosted on the public New Insights Life Coach Directory.

We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, subject to coach  availability and workload.

That said, please note that mentor coach appointments are made at the sole discretion of New Insights Africa.

Mats Abatzidis

Mats Abatzidis

Mats Abatzidis lives in Bramley, Gauteng.

Mats offers a caring, supportive and inspirational environment in which his  clients are able to heighten their awareness of who they really are.

Mats, who is also a qualified veterinary surgeon, aims to help his clients identify their passion(s) and develop it with the necessary action, growth, confidence and motivation.


Someone who is a self starter and motivated to help others.


None listed.

Read more about Mats on the Life Coach Directory

Nicky Attenborough

Nicky Attenborough

Nicky Attenborough lives in Noordhoek, Western Cape.

Nicky believes that viewing yourself through a more compassionate lens brings significant positive change; not a rose-tinted lens but a lens that knows you are worthy and deserving of the life you seek. 

Who or what is truly in control of your life, driving the decisions you make and the emotions you feel? 

You can create your own best answers and Nicky will support you in seeking options, defining relationships, exploring alternatives, helpful perspectives and developing your own strategies and solutions.

Tangible results, whilst important, are not the only measure of positive change and success. The feelings you experience during your day are equally important.


Someone who is truly committed to seeking meaningful change in their life and is willing to actively engage with and participate in their pursuit of this. Someone who is willing to examine their own behaviour and assumptions, experiment with fresh approaches and new ways of thinking, and be fully accountable for their progress and growth.


Coaches on weekdays only.

Read more about Nicky on the Life Coach Directory


Michelle Bloem

Michelle Bloem lives in Kirstenhof, Western Cape

Michelle is passionate about helping people find the tools within themselves to develop their potential and live their best lives. She has helped many people fast track their way to success and live a more pro-active and self- aware life.

Michelle believes that every person has a unique purpose and loves helping clients discover theirs in a caring and safe environment. Michelle is excited about what every person can contribute, using their special gift in this world and loves going through this process of finding this ultimate treasure in every client.


Michelle has years of experience in human resources and has run many successful businesses. She loves empowering other potential entrepreneurs but is more than happy to work with any trainee who craves personal growth and transformation.


Coaching preferably on week days but arrangements can be made to coach on weekends if and when necessary.

Read more about Michelle on the Life Coach Directory

Jenni Burridge

Jenni Burridge

Jenni Burridge lives near Simon's Town, Western Cape.

Jenni focuses on helping people achieve substantial personal growth and development by connecting with their true essence.

Jenni believes that with heightened awareness of who we really are, we can strive to live more consciously and begin to be in creative control of our own life experience.


Due to other important duties within New Insights Jenni's capacity for coaching and mentoring PRO trainees is currently limited. Jenni coaches during office hours and weekdays only.

Read more about Jenni on the Life Coach Directory

Alana Byrne

Alana Byrne

Alana Byrne lives in Fish Hoek, Western Cape.

Alana is an experienced business strategy coach with over a decade of experience.

Alana has helped over fifty businesses implement strategies and achieve growth. Her clients say she brings clarity and focus to the business while being insightful and challenging when needed.

Alana excels at strategic thinking, making her a perfect partner for freelancers looking to take their business to the next level!


Alana, is the head assessor for New Insights and due to the time consuming nature of her role, is currently unavailable for PRO trainee mentoring services.

Read more about Alana on the Life Coach Directory

Charmaine Gilmour

Charmaine Gilmour

Charmaine Gilmour lives in Claremont, Western Cape.

Charmaine admits to having had ‘a lot of baggage’ in the past. For years she tried to ‘leave it in lost property’ but it always got returned. After much research, she found a way to permanently lose the baggage, live a life of passion, freedom and empowerment and be financially independent!

Charmaine now works to share the tools and processes with her clients so they may start living life to the full.


Preference for female trainees but very happy to take on male trainees if there is a good fit.


Coaching only after hours with a preference for 6.30pm on weekdays.

Read more about Charmaine on the Life Coach Directory


Timothy King

Timothy King lives in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Timothy provides a challenging, supportive and empowering environment within which to achieve your personal and professional growth.
Timothy’s passion is personal and professional development and change facilitation within the coaching context. He does this by helping his clients to create awareness, promote insight and effect change.
Timothy is a life coach who has truly built himself from the bottom up and understands what it takes to effect lasting and sustainable change in one’s life.

Someone who Is serious about developing their skills as a New Insights certified life coach and is dedicated to seeing the process of training through to the end.


Coaches only during weekdays.

Read more about Timothy on the Life Coach Directory


Mashilo Makola

Mashilo Makola lives in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng.

Mashilo’s mantra is “Growing People”, which speaks to the purpose and objective of his coaching business.

Mashilo believes in overall client growth and transformation based on one's total commitment to taking action. His conviction is that transformation happens when you consistently take small impact action steps towards the achievement of your goals and overall growth and transformation.

Mashilo regards himself as a servant to his clients. He is here to ensure that their personal desires are met, leading to total fulfilment. Coaching is a journey worth travelling with Mashilo by your side to help you navigate this exciting and inspiring path and reach your destination.


People from all walks of life who are fully committed to taking and maintaining small impact actions. Ideally someone who is passionate about people, gets fulfilled and energised from helping people, and desires to be the best PRO Life Coach they can be.


Coaching after working hours on week days, preferably between 5pm-6:30pm. Fridays from 15.00-18.00. Arrangements can be made for sessions on Saturdays if needs be.

Read more about Mashilo on the Life Coach Directory


Neo Menwe

Neo Menwe lives in Sandown, Gauteng.

Neo is passionate about assisting people to discover their sweet spot (or true north), follow the flow and thrive by unleashing their greatness from within. She assists her clients to achieve their deepest heart desires along with personal growth and transformation.

Neo believes she was born to serve, inspire and encourage others, to live purposefully and experience a fulfilling life, to embrace life and face life challenges with a positive mind-set. She helps her clients  realise that change is inevitable and can brings great opportunities depending on how life is viewed.


Someone who is passionate about people, gets fulfilled and energised from helping people, and desires to be the best PRO Life Coach they can be.


Coaching after working hours on week days, preferably between 5pm-6:30pm. Arrangements can be made for sessions on Saturdays if needs be.

Extended Life Coach Directory profile coming soon

Mohammed Motara

Mohammed Motara

Mohammed Motara lives in Claremont, Western Cape.

Mohammed is a dynamic life coach whose unique style and approach to coaching makes him stand out from the rest.

Mohammed pays a great deal of attention to each client’s uniqueness and individual talents in order to develop them into real strengths. In his practice he specialises in working with young adults embarking on a career and others who feel trapped in the wrong career path.


Someone who is spiritually inclined, self aware, and open to change and exploring new ways if thinking.


Needs to manage coaching and mentoring along with other business commitments, so open to discussion with prospective trainees on timing of sessions.

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Rozanne Raath

Rozanne Raath

Rozanne Raath lives in Bloemfontein, Free State.

Rozanne is passionate about being a teacher and mentor to people who want to be happy, live fully and who are willing to take risks.

Rozanne specialises in helping people make everlasting positive change.


Someone who has a background in psychology or theology, although this is a preference, not a requirement.


Available between 7am and 12.30am on weekdays only.

Read more about Rozanne on the Life Coach Directory

Tobo Thabede

Tobo Thabede

Tobo Thabede lives in Mthatha, Eastern Cape.

Tobo is certainly passionate about people!

With Success (Nompumelelo) being her middle name, Tobo goes the extra mile when coaching as her clients’ success is her success.

As a wife, mother of five, grandmother and energetic business woman she coaches young people who grow, into responsible, focused, proactive adults whose intentions are to achieve their goals, experience transformation that will ensure they live a life of purpose.

Tobo is studying Pastoral Thanatology, adding value to coaching bereaved, grieving and dying clients.

Tobo will journey with you as you go through the life changing experience of training to become a life coach.


Someone who is willing and ready to open up their mind to a new approach to achieving the success they’ve always dreamed of.


Coaches from 8am to 8pm on weekdays
Coaches on Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. Does not coach on Sunday.
Coaches using Zoom, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp and phone calls for those with free minutes.

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