Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Vote for Change

by Hugo
(Cape Town.)

Yesterday I once again saw how a political party disregards the law, by using blue lights and sirens in Hout Bay. The thought came to me why are they scared? They act like gangsters using public funds to impress who? who they blind to think they are the boys!!. I do not think any body from any other party would be so stupid to gun or knife one of them. So the only people that they can be scared off is there own people.

You can differ from me but my eyes opened 3 years ago when a minister openly lied to me in my face. I am glad I am not as Stupid as a puppy any more who's eyes only open at 8th day.
Thanks for the chance to deal with the seening people.

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May 17, 2011
Law of Attraction.
by: Arjan Bogaers

Dear Hugo and other readers,

This is indeed a time during which one can easily be overcome by that phenomenon 'politics.' Without chosing to be ignorant or indifferent, one can however ask oneself: 'How much of my energy does it deserve?'
During my training with NIA, I am impressed with the one thing that runs as a thread through the entire course: the concept of self-empowerment.
In politics, and not only S.A. politics, we observe the opposite: efforts to disempower others by intimidation, false promises, taking your money and silencing the media.
But in this training we learn that one tool in particular for self-empowerment is to choose what you are going to focus on, and then do that 100%. This advice is based on the law of attraction that claims that whatever you focus on, is what you will receive. This law works in some very subtle ways, which we are only just beginning to discover.
In this time of chaos, frustration, desperation and unrest, decide what you are going to focus on. Is it aligned with your highest good and does it support your growth?
With greetings from Arjan.

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