Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Votye for Change: Elections?

by faheem

However, our country is in the state it is because of our economic policies and methods.
Elections only appoint the officials who are the agents of the global banking elite, to manage national debt and to oversee the recovery of funds from the population.
All the governments, we can currently vote for, will act like despots because it is the nature of the beast.

Public disarmament in the face of crime. Our being tagged and branded with RICA, FICA and being snooped on by the ECT... I am sorry but this time, I do not agree with you. We had the right attitude in 1989. It got destroyed when the foreign nationals came and usurped our country. Am I supposed to vote DA? Like the shareholders in most of our banks and give all my money to those that own the army and police? Or vote ANC, where incompetence will rule instead of malignant slavery?

I prefer to not participate in this "live supersport" exercise and watching people's favourite teams play off..

I shall vote for a party who offere a clear coherent schedule for the alleviation of known and identified issues and hold proper public referendums when a crucial law is to be passed. And for that be need the political education to eradicate the mentality of slavery.

to quote Ahmad Mansoor, "...The mentality of slavery is what allows ordinary people to become despots when they are given access to power.."

Robert Mugable tried to nationalise and reclaim his country's wealth from the Rhodes and his Anglo American legacy/. And the international bankers laid waste to the econnomic value of his people. THAT is the power we give to the foreign slavers when we vote for anyone subscribed to their "foreign investment' shackles.

The only way to true freedom and living privilege in south africa is to make government irrelevant, reclaim our mines and have a currency backed by what we produce physically.

Real wealth and comfort is what I want to see for my people. Not debit and credit and ownership by foreign nationals.

Until then I am a free person living in a hostile economic and political atmosphere. The consequences of my every endeavour is my own. The worst that can happen to me is that I may suffer the hostility of those who cannot tolerate freedom. And that will be mostly due to my own oversight at those specific events. I'll let my neighbours mistake privileges for freedom, while I live my free life under as system of tyranny which is laughable and ridiculous to the point of entertainment..

I may vote for the party who promises to place a limit on housing loans and profits.
I may vote for the party who asks the people if they want to pay taxes to an international "Green government"
I may vote for a party who doesn't just sign accords internationally without asking the opinion of the people
I may vote for a party, whose members do not see their jobs as tokens of social merit
I may vote for a party who doesn't spend my taxes on buying internationally sold weapons and thereby keeping our nation in debt.

Voting for any party wil not solve any issues.
What we need to do is, not tolerate anything but our mandate being carried out by whoever is in government.
We need to be able to impose our national will on whatever party is in power.

Lets shed the sports TV indoctrination. And actually do something towards contributing to a mindset among people where our country runs without trauma, no matter which party is in power...

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