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Your personal mission

My mission in life is to make people be aware of their own unique treasures, all hidden within them and for them to live their lives authentically and true to themselves.

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Personal Mission

by Khanyisile

I have a mission in life that drives me and the reason I wake up every day to attend school. It may sound pretty cliched but it defines my personality. I am now able to open up to my mother about anything and therefore our relationship has grown and prospered. My aim in life is to take the children with nobody to talk to and give them a home of warmth, love and education so that they grow up and do the same to the others. I just need guidance to help me succeed. In the meantime I've discovered something very interesting about myself which will be the key towards my personal progression.

Don't forget to dream because without dreams we are dead. Live your life the way you want to, the life that you're proud of, without fears and distractions. And those are may be part of life, but you're the drive and force so there's nothing that come your way if you stay strong - and trust me perseverence is really the mother of success!

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by Andre' G Hartslief
(South Africa)

Hello Bill, Congratulations on reaching 3 years.

I suppose this heading looks completely out of wack, but seriously, do you have a YOU Brand or Life Image? Unless you do, no one and nothing will ever take you seriously about anything until you do.

You might be thinking about now, Is this guy serious or just crazy? Well, unless you start right now to ask yourself just this one question " Who am I"? and then whittling down your answer to just 3 simple words or components that define exactly who you are, "your ship is dead in the water" and in the process you have become invisible!

Not only do you have to select the 3 components which will define YOU, you have to own them, in other words brand them, believe them wholly and live them completely.

The first four seconds of any inter-personal dialogue is all you will ever have to project your personal brand. If you are even slightly unsure of who you actually are, you will have lost it for ever with that audience at least, and any attempt at correcting your image later will appear shallow and insincere to them.

Finally, I mention the word nothing in my opening, any animal trainer will confirm, that if you're even slightly unsure or hesitant about who you are in their presence, the training goes out the window, if you're lucky enough not to have chosen Lion Taming as a career.

Just how you master YOU BRANDING quickly and permanently is another exciting subject entirely .

Best Wishes and High Regards,

Andy Gee

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Mission Statement in response to newsletter received 28/07/10

by Grace Smith
(Cape Town, South Africa)

The Mission of Maintain your Brain is to create an interactive space where senior people can share their life-time learning and experience.

We aim to activate all the cognitive faculties of the participants with a view to enhancing their life-style and maximising the time they can live independently.

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