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Can I use your qualification in New Zealand?

by Barry Mackay
(PE, South Africa)

Hi Bill

A career as a life coach is a definite for me. I'm currently sourcing the funds to purchase your programme - it will happen early this year.

I, my wife and daughter want to emigrate to New Zealand at the end of 2010 or before. We do not have any degrees or recognised qualifications and I seriously want to pursue a career as a life coach (i.e. I don't want to study anything else).

How recognized is your qualification in New Zealand?

P.S. I still aim to pursue a career in life coaching, even if we are not successful with emigrating!

Kind Regards,

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Jan 06, 2008
Thanks Barry
by: Bill Burridge

Yes, we have trained a number of life coaches who are now living and coaching in New Zealand :-)

The principles, skills and techniques taught in the New Insights life coach training programme are universally applicable and will prepare you to be a good life coach anywhere in the world.

As far as I am aware, like SA and most parts of the world, there are no statutory regulations governing life coaching in New Zealand, thus you should encounter no obstacles setting up your practice there.

It is worth remembering that the New Insights programme includes not only the skills and knowledge one needs to offer life coaching services, but substantial information, knowledge, hints, tips and support (sales, marketing, business plan, etc.) on setting up a small business.

Good luck!

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