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Interested from Namibia  
How do I join the mail list? I want to know more about the programme while I am putting together funds. Or Do you have any grand/financial assistance …

With this course (both classic and/or PRO) is there a practical element to having complete the certification? Will I get an opportunity to practice …

Accreditation Details 
Hi, I am interested in both Classic and Professional Certificates. Could you kindly clarify the details of the accreditations e.g. how many credits …

Duration of training 
How many months?

HPCSA Registration 
Hi Will I be able to register with the HPCSA as a Life Coach after completion? Thank you

Hi,Bill, am studying Life Coach with AOY, want to know how much is COMENSA subscription please.

South African ID  
I am An Industrial Organisational Psychologist - registered under the Health Professions Council of SA. I live in South Africa however I originate from …

Trainees in Port Shepstone 
Hi do you have any trainees in the Port Shepstone area?

Registered at COMENSA 
Are you a registered as a training provider at COMENSA

Motivational Speaking 
I am in the field already doing Motivational speaking. so now I want to know how do I improve or get the certificate. #MohaleTheMotivator you can get …

Hello I just wanna ask after the course do u get a Certificate?

Is it worth being a life coach? Do you make a reasonable living? 
Is there money in life coaching? Is it worth it. Loving it but is there a market for it. Please help?

Upgrade to PRO 
Can I start on the Classic and decide to upgrade to the Pro option later?

Minimum Educational Requirement 
Can I do the 101 course without matric?

Dear Bill If I register to pay using one of the monthly payment options, can I change this down the line should I find I have the ability to pay the …

Can I be a life coach and hold down a full time job? 
I'm passionate about people, in particular guiding your people in the life (education, careers, financial responsibility and life in general). Can I be …

Life Coach needed 
Do you have live coaches in Hillcrest Durban

Grade requirements  
What are the Grade requirements in order to apply for this course, I am a graduate of grade 11 currently doing the IB diploma program in Tanzania

How much does each course cost?

Duration of programme 
hi i would like to know if i can start registering, and when can i start studying. Is it a year semester course and how many years does it takes for me …

Course materials 
If we fail the course, do we have to send the course materials back?

correspondence or attendance 
Hi Bill, I am a 51 year old man from Lesotho and I wanted to know if there's any way of corresponding with you guys and where is your school?

I am a Registered Councellor and employed by the department of education in South africa as a Education Psychologist (Grade 2). i am very much interested …

Can I coach specifically in groups?  
I have a passion to work with groups (schools, corporate, churches etc) especially on the topics of self-image, leaderships skills etc. Will this course …

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Hi Bill If I enroll for and start the training, can I start a coaching practice in the meantime and if so, what support can I expect in setting up a …

Are there any exams or assignments? 
As part of your accreditation, are there any exams or assignments? If so what format do they take?

Becoming a motivational speaker 
Which subjects are required to be a successful motivational speaker?

Practical Work 
Do you offer, in addition to the home based work, any practical work to assist with how to use the information already obtained?

Hi Bill Are your courses recognized by SAQA? and what NQF level-creds can we achieve? Clint.

Previous learning Credits 
Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. I would love to know the following. 1. Prior learning : I have a Honours Degree in Counselling, …

Study duration 
Hi Bill how quickly can one complete the Classic course? Is it learner paced, is there a limited term of study? Thanks Peter

Would I be qualified after doing one of your course to provide a platform or coaching to woman in career guidance and consulting. I think there are lots …

Which is the most marketable and in demand coaching to pursue. Also there are so many accreditations and certifications I get confused. I am very new …

CPD accreditation 
How are points allocated re training courses and coaching and digital learning? Does the two courses CLASSIC and PRO offer different points? How long …

SARS obligations 
I am paid for my work done at a state hospital. Once I am a qualified and certified life coach, will payments received from clients be my own obligation …

ICF accreditation 
Is it possible to get ICF accreditation after completion of this course? I know you are not ICF accredited, but can I go through a process to gain ICF …

What are the challenges of coaching in a third world country 
Coaching in a third world country (developing country) must have unique challenges. What is the realities of coaching within the South African context …


What are some of the core skills I'll learn? 
Hi Bill, I am very interested in helping people, LIVE. Before I got into Software Development, I started out studying Psychology through Unisa - I …

Signs to tell if I can coach 
What are the things that I can pick within me that could be a sign that I can be a successful life coach

Is it a paying career 
Howe much does coahes charges per hour or day? Are you members of comensa? Where are real opportunities for coaching and how to avoid or identify coaching …

Best course option to take? 

Course Cost  
How much do the course options cost me? Do I pay a complete course fee or in instalments?

Getting clients to coach as a new life coach? 
Hi Bill, I am really keen on exploring the life coach option. You have stated that the best form of advertising in ''word of mouth'', but how do you …

Cost of this course vs. other life coaching courses 
Hi Bill, I have been doing some online research relating to life coach courses. Some ''accredited'' providers are charging less for a course e.g. approx. …

Could previous experience fast-track the course? 
Hi Bill I qualified as a NLP Practitioner and Life Coach overseas 10 years ago. For a couple of years after qualifying, I had my own clients and also …

what courses do you offer and is it bible related 
What courses do you offer and is it bible related thank you

I need a life coach  
Hi I need a life coach, not right now. Will this course help me to "discover myself". I cannot help other people before I help myself. Will this course …

Educational requirements 
Do I need an honours degree in Psychology to do your course and then be able to register with the Medical and Dental Council?

Is your certificate SA Seta accredited, or does it have SAQA accreditation?

Difference between life coaching and corporate coaching... 
Hi there, Without sounding like I am asking the obvious, please tell me the difference between life coaching and corporate coaching? I look forward …

Life coach training outside SA 
Hi Bill, I reside in the country of Malawi. Can the coaching material be sent to me here. If not, can special arrangements be made - i was really interested …

Should you be life coached first before doing the training 
Would it be advisable to be coached first before training to be a Life Coach?

Difference between Classic and Pro 
Hi Bill It is not really clear to me the difference between Classic and Pro. Does it mean that if I register for a Pro I get registered with Comensa …

NLP Practitioner 
Hi Bill I would like to know how your offerings differ for NLP Practitioner courses that I have come across. Look forward to your response Thanks …

Finding practice clients 
Am I able to gain my experience (as well as fulfill the required 50 hours) with 15 of my own contacts, or does New Insights provide the "practice clients"? …

Hi! Bill can I get a bursary for life coaching?

Weight loss coach 
Hi Bill I am very interested in this course but want to make sure it is right for me, as i am more interested in dealing with weight loss coaching. …

How much does a life coach earn? 
I would like to find out how much money a life coach can earn? Thanks

How long does the course take?  
How long does this course take?

How much does a life coach earn? 
How much does a life coach earn?

How long does a life coach spend with a client? 
If I (after qualifying as a life coach) find a client (assume that we have a weekly session), how long does the course take to be completed?

International Credentialing 
Hi Bill I've been surfing quit a bit and looking at various training options. I see that New Insights is a member of COMENSA and CETASA, in my reading …

Time base of course 
Good Day Bill. Should i have time on my hands and want to complete the Whole course within 5-6 months, is that at all allowed regards Kobus

Advanced life coaching training courses 
Hi Bill, I am truly interested in completing the course and obtaining certification. I would like to know if you offer or will be offering advanced …

Hi Bill 
Can one be employed permanently at a school as a life coach?

Hi Bill I truly have a passion for working with people. I am currently a Quality Assessor / Coach for a company within the Customer Service industry. …

When to start coaching practice sessions 
As a newly enrolled New Insights Africa trainee coach, how long do I have to wait before I start my practice sessions? Do I have to finish all the theory …

What qualifications are required? 
I am completing my BA (Hons) in psychology at Unisa and would like to move into this there a qualification needed? Does this qualification …

Change in career 
I would like to start my own business, not sure what to do and how to do it. Would a life coach be able to help? How many sessions should one have? Is …

Im a Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist, BTC/BMI Anaylsis plus. What coaching do you need? Ally

Life Coaching or Sports Coaching 
Hi Bill I have had a good go at Life Coaching and feel that I can be a good one. But, please explain the difference between specialising as a Life Coach …

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Enrolment and final country of study 
Hi Bill,I found your life coaching intresting and i am intrested. I am currently on vacation in London till Jan.2011 and hope to begin as soon as possible. …

Exam query 
Hi Bill, I often called to pray for people and with that comes counselling people on various aspects of emotional situations. I am very interested in …

Can this course allow me to do motivational speaking and executive coaching? 
Can this course allow me to do motivational speaking and executive coaching?

Is it difficult to find people that need life coaching? 
I was at the Fish Hoek branch of Woolworths and saw on the board outside an advertisement by a New Insights life coach who was looking for clients, she …

Financing and group learning 
Dear Bill What is the referral fee for potential life coaches? Would it increase if I recruit more than one? I hope to get a group together to become …

Hi Bill I have stopped working I am running the recruitment agency and I studying my Bcom in Industrial psychology true Unisa This is my first year …

Hi Bill! Can you please send me details, I would like to study lifecoaching, I am in the Johannesburg area (Krugersdorp)  
I love to work with people, I am a peoples person, and love to connect with people, mostly I like to work with one person at a time, not a large group …

Bursaries for study 
Is there bursaries or anything like that for the course or can i study and pay later when i work and i did recieve your free report.

Is this recognised by COMENSA? 
is this course accredited and if so through which professional body? and it it recognised by COMENSA?

what is the price of this course please? 
what price are we looking at?

i am worried since ever i failed metric cos there is nothing i can do since they said no classes for old syllabus student .i believe if someone fail is …

On the job training? 
Hi Bill. I am seriously looking at Life Coaching as a career and would love to do your training program. However I am in the process of a costly move …

I may have overlooked this but I don't see the cost of the course anywhere. Can two people living in the same home study together from the same course …

Taking the course vs consulting a coach 
Hello Bill, I am at a stage of my life where i am so demotivated to go to work but a small opportunity to speak with somebody to seek their life purpose …

Youth coaching info and costs 
Kindly supply me with the above info

I just want to make sure about the contents of the program. I searched on the internet and came across the Life Coaching Institute and their syllabus looks …

Finding employment after training 
Please advise where a person can find employment after the course has been completed.

I have already received a brochure from New Insights and I have read through it. I am certain that I want to become a life coach. I am working as a Finance …

Life Coach - Nelspruit 
Hi Bill, can you recommend a life coach in Nelspruit area please? Thanks! Martine

Afternoon Bill Thank you kindly for your weekly updates and your latest Special Message. I just wanted to let you know that i am still VERY interested, …

Question from Botswana 
Hello Bill! I am a Botswana citizen. I had the opportunity to tour most of the questions asked and answered. Truly, the program seems to have substance. …

Psychology vs Life Coaching 
Hi there I would just like to know... Does the Life Coach have much to do with psychology? Do you use psychology as a base?

Looking for a life coach 
Hi Bill, I am at a point in my life right now where I feel that having a life coach may be of great benefit to me. However, I have no idea what life …

I would like to know what international organisations new insights belongs to , the web page and promotional data I have received is too typical American …

Modular Payment Option 
Hi Bill Just wanted to find-out if the modular payment option still stands as previously advertised? 2)Will the discount of R1000.00 still apply …

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Could you please provide me with a list of certified coaches available in Bloemfontein. Thanks

If I do this programme, will my qualification be recognized? 
Hi Bill I have passion in working with people. I want to be a motivation speaker one day, but I would first like to start by being a coach/mentor. Will …

Qualifications required? 
Hi my name is Nomkhosi. I dont have a matric certificate and I work as a secretary and I'm interested in studing psychology, is it possible?

Life Coaching in Botswana 

Do I meet customers in person? 
Hi Bill Is the coaching program only designed to be offered online or do I get to meet the clients in person? Will I also get to meet you guys as …

How can I become a life coach? 
Hi I have experience in coaching and mentoring through the jobs that I have done, however I don't know if I am on the right track. I need to know more …

What kind of certification do i get after traing with you? 
Hi Bill I have been reading good stuff on your website and it is just what i want. Now i want to find out, what kind of certificates do you give after …

Fee Sponsors or Bursaries 
Hi Bill! Are there any sponsors or bursaries that can help fund my studies? I am willing to make part payment but I would appreciate assistance for I …

Membership Age 
Hi,Bill. I am asking from which age should i join New Insights, because I am 19 years old and I want to learn more about life coaching skills training …

Life Coaching Workshops in Durban? 
Hi Bill, Do you run Life Coaching Workshops in the Durban, KwaZulu Natal area? Regards, Laurinda

Dear Bill I am extremely desperate to make money. I do not want to be rich instantly, I just want enough to live comfortably. I have a 5 year old son …

Duration of course 
Hi Bill How long does the course normally take one to complete if it is done part time - say 5 hours a week. Thanks Taryn

Is New Insights affiliated with the International Coach Federation?

Selection criteria / credibility /client retention 
Hi Bill, I am very excited and interested in doing your course. I have always been interested in self-growth and development and have been searching …

What does it take? 
Bill, what would it take for a person to partake on such a journey in their life in assisting people with all the tools that you have to offer?

Income earning potential 
Do any of your Life Coaches earn in excess of R40,000 per month gross? If I apply myself, does the business have the potential to provide this kind of …

Buddy system/cross coaching 
Hi Bill, Thanks for the link and I cant wait to return to SA to start my course. After extensive research into coaching courses within the UK and on-line, …

Do you accept Diners Club? 
Hi Bill, Do you accept Diners Club Cards? Regards Di

Payment Plans? 
Hi Bill I've received all the information, the CD and I am enormously interested in becoming a life coach: I believe that this route is my calling. …

Coach success rate in UK and Europe? 
Hi I am currently living in Port Elizabeth South Africa. I am seriously considering moving to the UK permanently. What is the success rate for life …

How difficult is it to get clients? 
Good Day, I did go through your website with great interest. This is exactly what I would like to do, helping people to get further in life. For years …

COMENSA Accreditation? 
After succesfully completing your course, will I receive automatic COMENSA and/or any other local or international coaching body accreditation?

Do you provide a certificate of completion? 
Hi, Perhaps I have over looked the answer on your website as I was scanning through it now. Do you give a certificate after we have completed the programme? …

Would a senior citizen be at a disadvantage as a coach? 
Hi Bill, I have studied and re-read your report several times and it sounds very exciting but... I am 69 years old according to my ID. I was forced to …

networking with other trainees 
Bill I need to use the Coach Forum for connecting with other coaches around the country, other than just for online connection. I would like to know …

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Can I use your qualification in New Zealand? 
Hi Bill A career as a life coach is a definite for me. I'm currently sourcing the funds to purchase your programme - it will happen early this year. …

How can you be sure you have a worthy life coach with out meeting them ? 
I feel like I have found my calling when coming across this programme as I love life and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. I love …

Payment by debit order? 
Please say that this is possible. I have been waiting a lifetime to do a course like this. Regards Sharon

Can I pay the course fee in instalments? 
Hi, I am at a time in my life where I am desperately seeking personal development but also a career that I love. I feel I would be very suited to working …

What Certification does your programme have in SA?

Cost of the Programme? 
How much does the course cost? Can it be paid monthly? Please let me know.

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