Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


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Fields of study 
I have noticed that other Life Coaching companies offer a chosen field of study example health and wellness, relationships or small business. Do you also …

Specialisation in one specific field  
Does life coaching allow you to specialise in one particular field or is it a general course?

Your Accreditation  
Please advise with whom are you accredited?

Require a Life Coach  
Hi I'm hereby seeking a life coach to assist me moving forward and finding direction in my life. Regards Kim

Dear Bill I qualified a number of years ago (2013?) and wonder whether my certificate will also be accredited under all the current impressive Accreditations …

Career Change 
I am a 43 year old female who has been working in the safety and health industry for a most of my life. I am currently embarking on obtaining certification …

Annual license fee 
Dear Bill What is the annual fee required to attain a license from New insights on qualifying and completion of the Pro Life Coach program option? …

Kids life coaching  
Hello, I would like to find out if you offer a specific course on kids coaching as it seems your course is generalised for adult coaching mainly?

Classic and Premium  
Good day, What is the difference between the Classic and Premium training? Regards

Differences between CLASSIC and PRO 
What is the difference between Classic and Pro? Saw there is a difference in fees.

Course Duration: How flexible? 
Is it possible to finish course within a year or less??

Interested from Namibia  
How do I join the mail list? I want to know more about the programme while I am putting together funds. Or Do you have any grand/financial assistance …

Practical element to training? 
With this course (both classic and/or PRO) is there a practical element to having complete the certification? Will I get an opportunity to practice …

Duration of training 
How many months?

HPCSA Registration 
Hi Will I be able to register with the HPCSA as a Life Coach after completion? Thank you

Registered with COMENSA? 
Are you a registered as a training provider at COMENSA

Motivational Speaking 
I am in the field already doing Motivational speaking. so now I want to know how do I improve or get the certificate. #MohaleTheMotivator you can get …

Do you get a certificate? 
Hello I just wanna ask after the course do u get a Certificate?

Can one make a reasonable living from life coaching? 
Is there money in life coaching? Is it worth it. Loving it but is there a market for it. Please help?

Can I upgrade to PRO? 
Can I start on the CLASSIC and decide to upgrade to the PRO option later?

Is there a minimum educational requirement? 
Can I do the 101 course without matric?

Easy-Pay-Plan early settlement 
Dear Bill If I register to pay using one of the monthly payment options, can I change this down the line should I find I have the ability to pay the …

Can I be a life coach and hold down a full time job? 
I'm passionate about people, in particular guiding your people in the life (education, careers, financial responsibility and life in general). Can I be …

Life Coach needed 
Do you have live coaches in Hillcrest Durban

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What are the fees? 
How much does each course cost?

Start time and duration of programme 
hi i would like to know if i can start registering, and when can i start studying. Is it a year semester course and how many years does it takes for me …

Can we keep the course materials? 
If we fail the course, do we have to send the course materials back?

Can I do this programme by correspondence? 
Hi Bill, I am a 51 year old man from Lesotho and I wanted to know if there's any way of corresponding with you guys and where is your school?

Where to get work afterwards? 
I am a Registered Councellor and employed by the department of education in South africa as a Education Psychologist (Grade 2). I am very much interested …

Can I coach people in groups?  
I have a passion to work with groups (schools, corporate, churches etc) especially on the topics of self-image, leaderships skills etc. Will this course …

Can I coach for money while in training? 
Hi Bill If I enrol for and start the training, can I start a coaching practice in the meantime and if so, what support can I expect in setting up a …

Are there any exams or assignments? 
As part of your accreditation, are there any exams or assignments? If so what format do they take?

Becoming a motivational speaker 
Which subjects are required to be a successful motivational speaker?

Practical work included? 
Do you offer, in addition to the home based work, any practical work to assist with how to use the information already obtained?

Hi Bill Are your courses recognized by SAQA? and what NQF level-creds can we achieve? Clint.

Credit for prior learning? 
Hello, Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. I would love to know the following. 1. Prior learning : I have a Honours Degree in Counselling, …

How quickly can I complete the programme? 
Hi Bill how quickly can one complete the CLASSIC track? Is it learner paced and is there a limited term of study? Thanks Peter

Finding a niche market 
Would I be qualified after doing one of your course to provide a platform or coaching to woman in career guidance and consulting. I think there are lots …

Type of coaching in most demand 
Which is the most marketable and in demand coaching to pursue. Also there are so many accreditations and certifications I get confused. I am very new …

CPD accreditation 
How are points allocated re training courses and coaching and digital learning? Does the two courses CLASSIC and PRO offer different points? How long …

SARS obligations 
I am paid for my work done at a state hospital. Once I am a qualified and certified life coach, will payments received from clients be my own obligation …

ICF accreditation 
Is it possible to get ICF accreditation after completion of this course? I know you are not ICF accredited, but can I go through a process to gain ICF …

What are the challenges of coaching in a third world country 
Coaching in a third world country (developing country) must have unique challenges. What is the realities of coaching within the South African context …

What are some of the core skills I'll learn? 
Hi Bill, I am very interested in helping people, LIVE. Before I got into Software Development, I started out studying Psychology through Unisa - I …

Attributes required to be a life coach 
What are the things that I can pick within me that could be a sign that I can be a successful life coach

How to choose between CLASSIC and PRO tracks? 

How to get clients as a new life coach 
Hi Bill, I am really keen on exploring the life coach option. You have stated that the best form of advertising is 'word of mouth'but how do you get …

Cost of this course vs. other life coaching courses 
Hi Bill, I have been doing some online research relating to life coach courses. Some ''accredited'' providers are charging less for a course e.g. approx. …

Difference between life coaching and corporate coaching... 
Hi there, Without sounding like I am asking the obvious, please tell me the difference between life coaching and corporate coaching? I look forward …

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What if I reside outside South Africa? 
Hi Bill, I reside in the country of Malawi. Can the coaching material be sent to me here. If not, can special arrangements be made - i was really interested …

Is it advisable to be coached before doing the training? 
Would it be advisable to be coached first before training to be a Life Coach?

Finding practice clients 
Will I be responsible for finding my own practice clients for the practicals or does New Insights arrange this?

Hi! Bill can I get a bursary for life coaching?

Will your training help me become a weight loss coach? 
Hi Bill I am very interested in this course but want to make sure it is right for me, as i am more interested in dealing with weight loss coaching. …

How much does a life coach earn? 
How much does a life coach earn?

What does USP stand for? 
I see the USP abbreviation used on your Life Coach Directory site. What does USP stand for?

Psychology vs Life Coaching 
Hi there I would just like to know... Does the Life Coach have much to do with psychology? Do you use psychology as a base?

Would a senior citizen be at a disadvantage as a coach? 
Hi Bill, I have studied and re-read your report several times and it sounds very exciting but... I am 69 years old according to my ID. I was forced to …

Can I use your qualification in New Zealand? 
Hi Bill A career as a life coach is a definite for me. I'm currently sourcing the funds to purchase your programme - it will happen early this year. …

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