Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Cost of this course vs. other life coaching courses

by Andre

Hi Bill,

I have been doing some online research relating to life coach courses. Some ''accredited'' providers are charging less for a course e.g. approx. R 4,500 for a basic course. I watched the ''how to become a life coach'' and you did state that this is a comprehensive course. But my question is:
What additional value do I get from the course given that the cost is more than other established and accredited providers?
I need to be confident that this course gives me the best return for my money?

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Jun 25, 2014
Money well spent
by: Carmen Jones

Hi Andre

I read your question and Bill's reply, but perhaps you need to hear it from a "trainee". This is the best value for money course you will find. The training is comprehensive, but more than that. You are never 'alone' studying this material. The support is phenomenal. I have never encountered a training provider that are literally with you every step of the way. New Insights are never too busy to help you with anything. Questions you may have are answered honestly and quickly. The level of personal attention is astounding. The course is interactive and there are forums where you can post your questions and if you get stuck with a particular client and are not quite sure of how you can help, then the professionals are on hand in an instant to clarify it for you. You get to talk with other certified coaches and trainees who might have experienced exactly the same issue who could assist you. As far as I am aware, there are no other training institutes that offer this kind of service. I highly recommend that you sign up here. It's worth every penny!

Jun 23, 2014
Value for your money
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Andre

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the market there are a variety of courses of very varying quality on offer, some as you say seem ridiculously cheap and some eye-wateringly expensive!

At New Insights we try to offer the best possible training and experience at a fee that, while certainly not 'cheap' still represents great value for money.

Here are ten reasons why I believe you should consider New Insights above other offerings:

(1) We've been established since 2003 internationally and since 2007 in South Africa. We've been around, we've produced great results and we're here to stay!

(2) We focus solely on life coaching and life coach training. Nothing else. It's our passion and we believe we're good at it!

(3) Our home based training Programme is built around you. We designed and refined the programme to suit people who already lead busy lives. There's no need to travel or attend any workshops or seminars. Study and practice in your own time and set your own agenda.

(4) Our training Programme is amongst the best in the business. It's comprehensive and rigorous, yet easy to understand and apply. Yet it remains relatively very affordable.

(5) Our Programme is internationally and independently accredited – the mark of high quality training.

(6) We provide you with substantial support to plan, establish and market your practice through a series of excellent business support manuals.

(7) You receive extensive programme material – in both written and electronic format – that remains yours to keep as an excellent ongoing reference source both during and after certification.

(8) We offer optional access, under license, to a proven, structured, 15-session life coaching system with extensive coaching and client notes and a step-by-step guide. This will ensure that you ‘hit the ground running’ and have immediate competitive advantage when you start coaching.

(9) Consider everything we offer and you’ll see that it is much more than another course. It represents one of the best home based business opportunities, with an outstanding potential return on your investment.

(10) We love people and we'll provide you with loyal support for as long as you are associated with us!

With my best wishes,


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