Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Finding a niche market

by Charlotte

Would I be qualified after doing one of your course to provide a platform or coaching to woman in career guidance and consulting. I think there are lots of woman at my age who have been stay at home moms and want to enter the job market but feel quite lost. The job landscape has changed vastly.

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Aug 13, 2015
Coaching women
by: Bill Burridge

Hi again Charlotte,

Our programme will prepare you to be a fully trained, professional life coach. You will then need to decide which market niche you want to target.

Stay at home mothers is an excellent niche. But please be advised that coaching is not a form of consulting. Coaches are not advisers, they are there to assist their clients to come to their own realisations, solve their own problems and overcome their own obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their dreams and aspirations.

If you have any confusion about what life coaching really entails and want to clear that up before embarking on certification training, I would commend our Introductory course, New Insights Life Coaching 101 to you.

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