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Finding practice clients

Am I able to gain my experience (as well as fulfill the required 50 hours) with 15 of my own contacts, or does New Insights provide the "practice clients"?

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Sep 05, 2012
Finding practice clients
by: Bil Burridge

Thanks for your question.

The onus would be on you, as the trainee life coach, to find 15 practice clients. Other than two of these who must be bona fide third party people, these can be friends, family members, colleagues, etc - so it shouldn't be too difficult for you.

To assist trainees, we offer a service through our website where we connect New Insights trainees who are looking for practice clients, with members of the public who are looking for free coaching (you'll see 'Free Life Coaching' in Free Resources on the menu bar on the left).

Kind Regards

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