Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


That's a wonderful aspiration to have!
The world badly needs people like you – who want to make a real difference – to step up and take action!

Here's some food for thought ...

have you considered life coaching AS A PART– OR FULL–TIME CAREER?

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If you are someone who passionately wants to help other people to realise their dreams and ambitions and thereby make a real and positive difference in this world, then it could well be that you are ideally suited to a career in life coaching!

Life coaching is a truly wonderful, inspiring and uplifting career for anyone who feels the need to help people in this troubled and demanding  21st century.

People are working harder and leading busier lives than at any other point in history. And yet most feel that they are doing not much more than surviving in a competitive world where there are so many external demands on our time and energy.

Well trained life coaches can make a genuine difference by helping people to take a step back, understand who they really are, what they really want from life and why they are struggling to feel properly fulfilled and rewarded.

With the help of a properly trained life coach people can reclaim their power, re-evaluate their priorities, overcome limiting beliefs and start to live meaningful purpose– and value–driven lives that bring them a greater sense of joy and fulfilment .

If you'd like to find out more about what life coaching is and what life coaches do to help people live their best lives, please click here.


A practising life coach fully qualified to help people life empowered lives, requires extensive training as there is much to learn and apply in the way of of theory, concepts, tools, techniques and ethics..

Reputable training providers such as New Insights will offer comprehensive training that is a balanced blend of theory and practice coaching, that will develop you in four key areas:


Our training is not overly academic in nature, being far more geared towards effective application in real life.

You'll find that training with New Insights to become a quality life coach will be life changing in its effect on you as it prepares you to help people find their purpose in life and transform the way they perceive of and go about living life.

New Insights training is super convenient and flexible as it is home study based. There is no compromise on quality as we offer an acclaimed and internationally accredited certification training programme with responsive and caring support throughout.

The duration of the training will depend on you but most of our trainees who study and practice in their own time and at their own pace complete within 9-18 months.

The programme is  also remarkably affordable for the amazing value that it represents

Find out more about our life coach certification training programme .

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Another great recommendation is that you request our two information-packed ebooks that we have specifically designed to answer all the questions you may have about life coaching and training with New insights to become a life coach.

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New Insights offers two complimentary and informative 30-page ebooks that aim to answer all your questions about life coaching and training to become a life coach so that you can pursue a rewarding career in which you help people. Click here to request them.

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