ICF accreditation

by Essie van Zyl
(Somerset West)

Is it possible to get ICF accreditation after completion of this course? I know you are not ICF accredited, but can I go through a process to gain ICF accreditation afterwards? I am willing to pay extra for that. We are on the brink of immigration to Canada. Will I be able to practise life coaching there with this qualification?
Thank you
Essie van Zyl

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Mar 27, 2015
Life coaching in Canada
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Essie

You'll most certainly be able to practice life coaching anywhere in the world with New Insights certification. We have coaches and trainees all over the world using our system very successfully.

You may have noticed that we chose to pursue accreditation through the international CPD Standards Office. This is your guarantee of high quality training.

With regards to ICF accreditation after completing our certification, I see no reason why this should not be possible but this is something you would need to take up with them.

My advice here is that if you are going to specialise in life coaching where your success in getting clients will be very much driven by word of mouth and the ability to deliver great results for your clients, then accreditations like ICF are not all that helpful. However, if you are going to be targeting corporates or you are thinking of business or executive coaching then such accreditation is more useful to have.

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