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SARS obligations

I am paid for my work done at a state hospital. Once I am a qualified and certified life coach, will payments received from clients be my own obligation or what kind of regulations will apply in controlling payments due to SARS?

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Apr 07, 2015
Tax and other obligations
by: Bill Burridge

Once you become a life coach you will probably start your own private practice in which case any income you earn will be subject to income tax in accordance with the legal vehicle you set up for your practice (sole proprietorship, partnership or private company). You should speak with an accountant to get further detail on this.

In the event that your employer decides to utilise your services as a life coach within the organisation then your income earnt would attract PAYE in the same way as your current income. If this is the only way in which you choose to offer your services then in your case nothing would change.

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