Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

What are some of the core skills I'll learn?

by Jean

Hi Bill,

I am very interested in helping people, LIVE. Before I got into Software Development, I started out studying Psychology through Unisa - I quit that due to the fact that I just didn't see how the methods I was learning about could ever bring about real, positive change in a person's life. I was just wondering whether you could quicly touch on the skills one would aquire through this course - eg. Will I learn to 'guide' a person, NLP, Hypno Therapy, coping skills...


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Jan 29, 2015
Some of what's covered in our certification training
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Jean

Thanks for a great question!

Of course you will learn all the primary skills required to be a great life coach and help empower others to lead better, more inspired lives. In the process of doing that you will learn a lot about how people 'tick', what motivates them, what holds them back from being the best they can be and the tools and techniques available to deal with this. This is obviously excellent personal development for you too!

I can't cover too much in this brief reply but here is an idea of a few of the topics covered in the training:

⇒ Understanding the coach-client contract;
⇒ Building effective rapport;
⇒ Developing great questioning skills;
⇒ Learning the art of effective communication;
⇒ Setting inspiring and challenging, yet achievable goals;
⇒ Setting effective timelines, milestones and action steps;
⇒ Understanding the personal change process and effectively managing change within the client;
⇒ Setting the client up to win in life by uncovering and adapting the client's limiting beliefs, values, rules and needs;
⇒ Helping the client to identify his or her life purpose and set substantial and inspiring goals for the future;
⇒ Dealing with challenging clients;
⇒ Ending and/or extending the coaching relationship – when, why and how.

Our training does cover NLP although it goes far deeper than just NLP.

We do not cover hypnotherapy. In life coaching all sessions are conducted with fully conscious and aware clients. Life coaching is not a form of therapy.

In addition to the above you will learn how to conduct a professionally developed 15-session, seven month coaching programme that will literally transform the lives of your clients!

I trust this information is helpful to you and others :-)

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