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Are you passionate about human motivation and working with people to improve their lives? Counselling and life coaching are both careers that would likely appeal to you but they are very different.

At New Insights, we don't offer courses in counselling ... but we do provide world class training for what we believe is a truly exciting alternative.

have you considered A CAREER IN life coaching?

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If you are someone who is passionate about working with and helping other people to improve their lives, then read on. It could well be that you are ideally suited to a career in life coaching!

Both counselling and life coaching involve working closely with people to better themselves, so in that sense they are similar disciplines ... but that's where the similarity ends.

Here is a brief summary of the major differences between counselling and life coaching:


life coaching



Commonly refers to the people they help as 'patients'.

Commonly refers to the people they help as 'clients'.

Helps deal with issues affecting their mental health.

Helps mentally well people to accomplish more of what they want from life.

Generally helps patients resolve  issues or problems that relate to their past.

Generally helps clients to build brighter, better futures by grounding them in the present.

Offers advice, support  and therapy or therapeutic processes.

Helps clients to access their own inner power using various empowering tools and techniques.

Encourages patients to vent and discuss deeply held emotions and feelings.

Encourages clients to share their dreams and construct meaningful goals and action plans to achieve them.

Ultimate goal is to help a patient bring closure to a past trauma, addiction, or issue that is affecting them and their ability to lead a 'normal' life.

Ultimate goal is to help a client find his or her life purpose and live a life that is aligned with that purpose.

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WOULD YOU BE interested in exploring life coaching further?

Perhaps you have found this brief comparison between counselling and life coaching interesting and would like to learn more? If so, we have a recommendation ... but first let's summarise the key differences.

Hopefully you are getting the idea that whereas counselling is largely 'problem-resolution' orientated, life coaching is more 'personal-transformation' oriented.

Whereas counselling can often be difficult, mentally fatiguing and even emotionally distressing for the practitioner, life coaching is generally inspiring, uplifting and fulfilling.

Becoming a life coach – if you choose comprehensive and reputable training such as that offered by New Insights – will involve a journey of substantial personal growth and development.


We hope we have whetted your appetite for more information!

On this website you can read more about what life coaching is and what life coaches do .

Or you can find out more about our acclaimed and accredited life coach certification training programme .

Alternatively, why not request our two 30-page life coaching ebooks that aim to answer all your questions about life coaching, and training with New Insights to become a life coach,

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New Insights offers two complimentary and informative 30-page ebooks that aim to answer all your questions about life coaching and training to become a life coach. Click here to request them.

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