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customer satisfaction ratings

No matter what we may think, our company and our training is only as good as our trainees and certified coaches say it is!

So we request their feedback and satisfaction ratings at various points during their experience with us. Our surveys are voluntary and there are no incentives or disincentives offered.

The aggregated results of these surveys are updated roughly every six months.



Our trainee life coaches are asked to provide their initial impressions on various aspects of their early experience, through a questionnaire sent to them approximately six weeks after enrolling.

Trainees are given three options to choose from, viz.: 'Exceeded", 'Met' or 'Fell Short' of my expectations.

The chart below shows the percentage of trainees who rated us in each of these three categories (Exceeded = dark green; Met = light green; Fell short = red)

We are proud that so far we have not fallen short of any of their expectations!

satisfaction ratings 1


On completing each of the seven skills training theory modules, our trainees are requested to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of the Module, including its content, its presentation and how useful/educational they found it. Trainees are also asked to rate their overall satisfaction with New Insights.

The following 1-10 rating scale applies, where:

1 = 'Awful', 5 = 'Average' and 10 = 'Awesome'.

The chart below shows the average rating out of 10 that trainees give after completion of each of the seven modules.

We're proud to say that satisfaction levels are consistently above 9 out of 10. Satisfaction with New Insights shows a steady progression off a very high initial base.

satisfaction ratings 2


1. Detailed feedback

Our certified coaches are asked to rate their experience of different aspects of our Programme, by choosing from: 'Excellent', Good, 'Acceptable', 'Somewhat Inadequate' and 'Poor'.

The chart below shows the percentage of coaches who rated us in each of these five categories (Dark green = 'Excellent', Light Green = 'Good', Grey = 'Acceptable'):

satisfaction ratings 3

2. overall feedback

Certified coaches were asked to rate three attributes of our service and support on a five-point scale from 'Absolutely delighted' (Dark green) to 'Very disappointed' (Dark red)

satisfaction ratings 4

Certified coaches were also asked to rate our training programme in terms of the following six attributes, on a scale from 0-100, where:

0 = 'Awful', 50 = 'Average' and 100 = 'Awesome'.

To date we are very proud to have been rated well above 90 on each and every attribute!

satisfaction ratings 5

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